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Session 1: Shore Leave (Date Run)


Cast of Characters

(All are first appearances)

Edited Log

Raw Log

The sun sets on the western horizon, sending red rays over this beach, perhaps thirty miles south of the city of Lookshy. Its crimson light mixes eerily with the flames from the hulk burning in the surf -- your ship until today. You and your crewmates stand on a pile of treasure and hastily salvaged material, watching it burn and listening to the crash of surf.

Monkey looks at the Captain, watching how he'll act this time.

She has borne you bravely these last few hours from your raid within sight of the Blessed Isle, where you tweaked the pride of the Realm and its corrupt overlords, stealing precious cargo from House V'neef. Your victory was costly, though, and your ship has paid the price. Now, you must find a way to evade the inevitable pursuit, retain your new wealth, and get a new ship -- or fleet.

Captain Kaizoku steps up onto a rock and speaks above the crashing of the surf. Calling to the crew, he says "Listen up, you men! Today we have struck the greatest blow in the history of this Realm! No one has ever done what we have before! Our ship gone, but it is the sun! And the sun always rises again! We will rise again!" He pulls his sword and waves it above his head for emphasis.

The Storyteller . o O ( any charms? )

The Storyteller . o O ( if not, roll Charisma + Presence )

Monkey grins. "Three cheers for the Captain!"

You rolled 6 dice on Cha + Pre >>> {5, 7, 6, 8, 4, 9}.

The crew cheers -- not wildly, for they're too tired for that, but wholeheartedly. They _believe_ in you, Captain Kaizoku, and in your cause -- and you _have_ struck a great blow today!

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Excuse me a moment while I look at an online map to figure out where exactly is Lookshy.

Captain Kaizoku waves his sword for attention once the cheers start to die down. "Now, the purser will mete out shares of your booty! I want you to take it and scatter like seeds on the wind! Be in Lookshy in a month's time and we will rise again, and burn away more of the Realm's fleet!"

Apollonian [to TonyC]: It's at the mouth of that big damn river that runs through the Scavenger Lands.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Got it.

Captain Kaizoku motions his key officers closer after that, as they are to stay close by as he puts his plan in motion.

Apollonian [to jetman]: Are you sure you want them to meet in Lookshy? You _are_ pirates.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Quiet! The Captain has a plan. :)

jetman [to Apollonian]: Well, I wasn't sure where a better spot would be...

jetman [to Apollonian]: Nexus?

TonyC [to jetman]: OOC: Lookshy's fine.

Apollonian [to jetman]: Probably. Umm... hang on a second.

jetman [to TonyC]: Nexus is a more open place for people to gather, as long as they don't make a mess...

TonyC [to Apollonian]: IMO, there are enough traffic in Lookshy that the crew can probably blend in and disappear. Now, Monkey and Kaizoku are Wanted, so we'll have trouble, but the crew....

Apollonian [to jetman]: Lookshy would work as long as you didn't draw any attention to yourself -- as you are Wanted. Agh, too slow...

Apollonian [to jetman]: Well, what's your plan?

Monkey says, "So, what's the plan?"

jetman [to Apollonian]: OK, stay with Lookshy then. And get a new ship or ships and then meet the crew there

The Storyteller says, "All right. Now, as to the treasure..."

Monkey says, "Steal one of Lookshy's ship out under their noses?"

jetman says, "First, we sink the ship as completely as we can, and spread rumors of it being sighted in various places. This will get the Navy out looking for it... with big, powerful ships."

The Storyteller says, "Ship's well on its way to sinking -- it caught on a sandbar. Once it's done burning, the surf will pound it to pieces in a few weeks."

Monkey nods several times in agreement.

jetman says, "They'll be coming to dock at Lookshy as they search... that's what we'll take"

Monkey looks at the wreck. "We'll have to give her a proper send-off then. Can't have them finding the hulk if we're to spread rumors."

The Storyteller says, "The treasure is going to be the hard part. I'm assuming you parcel out the shares to the men with the easy stuff -- the jade, cloth, spices, etc. Essentially, it boosts everyone's Resources by 1 for about a month. Less, if you spend it on a big-ticket item, but then it boosts your resources by 2."

The Storyteller says, "And then there are the relics. You will have to look hard to find a good buyer for those, but they're worth a lot -- Resources 5 _at least_."

Captain Kaizoku motions in the officers and sub-officers to set up an axe detail to break down the largest parts of the hulk, and instructions them on locations to say the Unconqered Sun has been spotted. It's dark now, the beach lit only in by the fire from the hulk. The axe detail is working on the least-dangerous parts of the ship, and making decent progress -- they can't break it all the way down, but they can make the surf's work much faster by taking out and weakening critical bits.

Captain Kaizoku turns to Monkey. "Now, we will have to dispose of the relics, which will also show that the raid was a success. In a public way that will infuriate a certain House. I have need for another ship as well, a 'clean' one that can deliver the booty we will be acquiring.

The rest of the crew is resting, a few sleeping on the sand, a few keeping watch atop the nearby dunes. You are lucky -- like a fox! -- in that you beached on a lightly-inhabited shore. No curious onlookers have seen you yet.

Monkey helps out, fire or no fire, with breaking the identifying parts, namely the hull part where the ship's name is painted and the prow.

Monkey [to Captain Kaizoku]: How big of a ship are we talking about here?

Monkey [to Captain Kaizoku]: As big as Sun? A bit smaller? Cargo barge? A fishing boat?

You say, "A blue-water merchant, as the first of the trading fleet. "

The cook, salvaging some driftwood and a burning brand from the Sun, starts a stew with the last of the fresh provisions. Everyone will be well-fed for the trek to civilization.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Eeep, impending explorer crash. Pardon me while I close the window and restart IE. BRB.

TonyC decides that saving the world takes priority over chatting and disappears.

TonyC takes a break from saving the world and wanders in.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Back.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Ach, man, switch to Mozilla.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Ah, but I'm using a netcafe's computer at the moment, since the one at home is currently being used for a FPS training session for an upcoming competition.

Captain Kaizoku eats only after the crew is served, in a circle with his top officers around a small campfire. "You will all stay with me, for the trip to Nexus" he says, meeting each of their gazes in turn.

The Storyteller [to Captain Kaizoku]: Make a Intelligence + Sail roll to figure out exactly where you are.

The Storyteller slaps his forehead

Monkey says, "Nexus? Not Lookshy? What are we going to do there?"

jetman rolled 6 dice on Int + Sail >>> {3, 3, 5, 9, 1, 8}.

The Storyteller [to Captain Kaizoku]: You have kept this to yourself, but you know that you are within mere miles of the shadowland called Mourning Field.

The Storyteller says, "Also, because I'm a doofus and forgot to mention it -- you also saved two of the ship's boats."

You say, "Precious artifacts from House V'Neef can't be traded well at Lookshy. And I plan to make arrangements with traders there to raise the price on the goods we've just looted... The Realm will find the cost of our raid contining to increase."

The Storyteller . o O ( Okay, one of the things I really hate about Exalted is trying to find a specific nugget of info in the books... )

TonyC [to jetman]: OOC: It might be a good idea to warn the crew to avoid the shadowland

TonyC [to Apollonian]: WW: Index? What a foreign concept! Is it good eating?

Captain Kaizoku pulls a stick from the fire and draws up a map of the area, showing the general directions for the crew to disperse in, so as to avoid grouping up and attracting attention, and has the officers spread it among them. Each route carefully avoids the Shadowland.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: No shit.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: What bit do you need to know?

Apollonian [to TonyC]: I'm trying to find info on Mourning Field.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Ah, found it!

The Storyteller [to Captain Kaizoku]: make a quick Intelligence + Lore check.

jetman rolled 5 dice on int + Lore >>> {7, 10, 3, 5, 8}.

Apollonian [to jetman]: The biggest danger of Mourning Field is not the hungry ghosts, of which there are few, but the constant patrol Lookshy maintains around its perimeter.

Captain Kaizoku passes the patrol information on, and makes sure the paths of dispersal steer well clear of the likely patrol area and any roads that it might cross.

Captain Kaizoku mutters "Even the dead can do as they please in this corrpt Age..."

The Storyteller says, "Right, so what do you do now? The rest of the night passes as peacfully as you wish, and you'll only encounter locals midmorning tomorrow, if at all. Of course, ships from the Realm may well be searching the coast within a few days... And if House V'neef can spare a sorcerer, you'd best watch for spirits and demons."

Monkey goes to sleep, and wakes up the next day all ready for a journey.

Monkey says, "Which way is Nexus?"

The proreus, who was born there, speaks up. He tells you that it's 30 miles to Lookshy, then six hundred miles upriver.

The Storyteller . o O ( damn thing ate my cool dialog. )

You say, "Our group of nine will head to Lookshy with all haste and secure rapid transit to Nexus from there."

TonyC [to Apollonian]: If you press the up arrow key, it'll cycle through what you've typed.

Captain Kaizoku takes a scrap of sailcloth and fashions a cloak to hide his armor and coat from easy view.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: THanks.

Monkey says, "Well, c'mon, slowpokes. The sun isn't going to wait for you."

The Storyteller says, "Any other business before we move on?"

Monkey starts heading straightaway towards Lookshy, not necessarily taking the best route.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Nah.

Captain Kaizoku gives a rousing, but short, sendoff to the crew, ending with "The Sun will rise again!" before turning to move on the path to Lookshy with a flourish of his cloak.

Apollonian [to jetman]: Don't forget the boats.

Monkey climbs up a tree to see if he can glimpse Lookshy from here.

Captain Kaizoku [Was]: that a sea route or a land one to Lookshy? Can the boats get there?

Monkey does not remember the boats.

Monkey would keep walking unless Captain Kaizoku calls him back.

The Storyteller says, "Sea route works -- you can row up the coast for a couple of days. If you go by land, how are you going to carry the relics, incidentally?"

Captain Kaizoku calls out in a booming voice "Monkey! We go by sea!" as he supervises the loading of the rare artifacts into the ship's boats.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: <snickers> Monkey doesn't pay attention to that kind of things.

Monkey turns around and runs back. "Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Captain Kaizoku merely asks "Were you planning on hauling a life-sized jade statue over all those miles?"

Monkey runs back and forth with the lighter things, generally trying to speed things up and being at best marginally sucessful at doing so.

Monkey says, "Bah, it wasn't that good-looking in the first place anyway."

Captain Kaizoku crosses his arms and taps a booted foot on the sand. "Regardless, it is worth a considerable sum, and will be put to a good use.

Captain Kaizoku . o O ( I have to excuse myself to eat... about 20 minutes? Sorry. )

The loading finished, the crew helps the officers shove off -- something many of them have longed to do at times, if you know what I mean -- and then disappears over the dunes, there not being enough space in the boats for relics, officers, _and_ crew.

Monkey says, "I never understand why the city people put so much value in a big ugly heavy rock. <shrug> A fast boat is much more elegant, and useful to boot!"

Besides, as one of them put it, "We'd rather be spreading the good news among the common folk than riding with a few rocks that every other pirate and patrol boat on the coast will be looking to lift."

Monkey sings a fishing song to pass the time.

TonyC [to jetman]: I don't know if this is going to be important, but are we in the same boat or are we split up?

Monkey goes to the prow of his boat from time to time to see if one can catch a glimpse of Lookshy yet. After someone loses patience with all this froing-and-toing, he'll plop down and sleep.

Scene Two: Lookshy Harbor

The journey to Lookshy is, thankfully, uneventful, though everyone's damn tired of rowing by the time you get there.

Master Jaff, on the other hand, is perched on the prow all-the-time, looking all important.

It has been two days since the raid, and you are fortunate that, on first glance, there are no Realm ships in port, either in the docks of Lookshy or anchored a respectable distance away.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Do we want to pause until David finishes dinner?

The Lower City sprawls out along the bank of the Yanaze, a bustling nest of traders and fishermen, travelers and the like.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Oh, yes. I hadn't noticed that. It'll give us time to discuss your character bio a bit.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Well, I can tell you Master Jaff wears a fez. What else do you need to know?

Apollonian [to TonyC]: A fez!? Whatever. Anyway, it looks like we're going to be focusing on the Eastern Threshold, not the West as I thought at the beginning of this. Could we retcon your background to make it a little more plausible?

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Not sure why this is necessary. Pirates go all over the world. During the golden age of piracy, some pirates have circled the globe. As long as Kaizoku has visited the western islands at some point in the past, I could easily be pressed in then.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: If you can tell me what part doesn't fit, I'll see what I can do.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Cause the western islands are approximately, um, nine thousand miles away from where you are now. The other reason is because instead of focusing on the Silver Prince as your deathlord nemesis I could use someone on this side of Creation.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Nine thousand miles is not a big deal. Bartholomew Roberts turned pirate in the Pacific islands, for example. As for nemesis..., what about that doppelganger?

Monkey . o O ( Wait, was it Bartholomew Roberts or some other big pirate? Drats. )

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Oh, I have plans for that guy.... yes indeedy. But if you're okay with the background as is, there's no need to change it.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: I ought to point out, though that the earth itself is less than 8,000 miles around.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: The Realm is bigger than the Earth? Heh, I never actually calculated that.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Quite a bit bigger, actually.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: In fact, after this raid, you guys sailed over a thousand miles to the shore in a straight line.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: If a western Deathlord breaks suspension of disbelief, hmmm, a DB fleet pressing available men during a resupply and killing the old and children....

Apollonian [to TonyC]: That works... I like that. Indeed, if you call it a V'neef trading ship enslaving your village, it fits nicely.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Fleet was on their way back to the Realm when they met some pirate (probably not Kaizoku) and were destroyed. Monkey cast adrift for a few days, exalted when the sharks start taking bites, and Kaizoku noticed the glow as he sailed nearby?

Apollonian [to TonyC]: Sounds good. Do you want to go with that?

Captain Kaizoku . o O ( Back. Sorry for the delay. )

Apollonian [to jetman]: It's cool.

The Storyteller . o O ( I'll repeat the last few descriptions )

The journey to Lookshy is, thankfully, uneventful, though everyone's damn tired of rowing by the time you get there.

The Lower City sprawls out along the bank of the Yanaze, a bustling nest of traders and fishermen, travelers and the like.

Towering above it, the Upper City casts a wary and alert eye across the river, its First Age weaponry ensuring peace within sight of Lookshy's walls.

The Storyteller . o O ( What do you do now? Your men have almost certainly not reached Lookshy yet, as it'll take a couple of days more for them on the land route. )

TonyC [to Apollonian]: I don't think Monkey, being a backwater boy, would be able to identify V'neef and at the point it's unlikely he knows Low Realm, thus, no idea what the fleet crew were saying. Also, OOC, I prefer a different (sub)house than Kaizoku's Enemy. Hmmmm, pick your 2nd favorite house as the slaving fleet and tell me Monkey recognized the House emblem/banner when it's appropriate?

The Storyteller . o O ( You could continue up river in the boats, hire a ship, stop for supplies -- whatever. But you'd best be careful about the treasure. )

Captain Kaizoku looks upon the city as the boats approach. "First, we find secure lodging, then a vessel that is going up to Nexus. Mr. Purser, find crates suitable for the artifacts, along with the least-pleasant food you can find to pack in them."

Captain Kaizoku . o O ( 600 miles would be a bit much to row... )

TonyC [to jetman]: Obviously, we sailed, rowing only to dock.

Apollonian [to TonyC]: OBVIOUSLY House Cynis -- Monkey was such a pretty boy that they had to grab him, and the first mate of the ship you were on was all set on "training" you. How far he got before the Cynis pleasure barge got smashed by pirates or righteous Godly Wrath is up to you.

Captain Kaizoku turns to Monkey. "Can you comport yourself properly in a city? I recall the last time, and you swinging on a monument.

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Ewww. Sounds like a very good vendetta. Let's.

Monkey says, "But it was so tall! I just had to see what the view like from there."

TonyC [to Apollonian]: I knew that Appearance 4 is going to bite me back. :)

You say, "When we secure a ship, you can swing from the masts to your heart's content. Though try not to get into contests with the rigging crew. They do tend to fall a bit more than you do."

The boats slide into a small, out-of-the-way slip in the fishing section of the docks. You're surrounded by the quiet creaking of boats and the stench of rotting fish. It's the middle of the day, so the only boats and people around are those too worn to go out. A pair of old fishermen look up from the net they're working on and eye you briefly.

Monkey says, "Fine. But can I at least check the marketplace out?"

Master Jaff makes some noises that could be interpreted as disapproving.

The proreus, kubernetes, and the surgeon volunteer to stay with the boats, while the surgeon and cook mention that they need to pick up supplies.

The Storyteller [to Captain Kaizoku]: What do you want the officers to do, then? You can talk fairly freely without fear of being overheard.

Monkey jumps out of the boat. "So, inn first, right?"

Monkey turns to one of the old men, "Hey, where's a good inn? Good food and no fleas!"

Captain Kaizoku steps out of the boat. "Mr. Kubernetes, find a worthy buyer for the ships as you wait. Mr. Cook, you will help Mr. Purser find suitable produce to disguise our... items, along with getting the needed supplies. Master at Arms, you will find a secure inn. Mr. Monkey, you're with me."

Apollonian [to jetman]: By the way, feel free to name and describe your officers at any time....

Captain Kaizoku [to The Storyteller]: I'm just glad that traditon lets me call them all by position, as I haven't come up with any names yet...

Monkey appears next to Captain Kaizoku. "Sure, where are we going?"

TonyC [to jetman]: Man, it's tiring playing a hyperactive guy. :)

You say, "The marketplace, to liquify some of our other... goods, and engage in a bit of trading."

Monkey runs toward the other fisherman. "Hey, old man, where's the marketplace?"

The old-timer says nothing, but gestures with a callused hand up a cobbled street nearby.

Captain Kaizoku plans to keep an eye out for examples of the silks and other rare bulk goods seized from the raid, with the notion of buying even more up to raise prices, as well as buying a less conspicuous suit.

Monkey thanks the fisherman and runs back to Captain and points, "Marketplace's that way."

Captain Kaizoku starts to stride briskly in that direction. "Are you clear on the plan, Mr. Monkey?"

Monkey says, "Sure, I am. We go to the market, gets lots of liquid, and buy clothes."

You say, "Perhaps just enough grog to calm you down first in that case..."

Scene 3: Lookshy Market

The marketplace is a busy square, rimmed with stone shops and covered in tall tents. Traders and their customers mill about, a constant rumor of bargaining, bickering, and buying filling the air.

Monkey pauses and looks down at himself, "Nothing wrong with my current clothes though. It's hardly ripped at all."

You say, "And who do people think of when they see such an outfit Mr. Monkey?"

You see more than a few people in military garb, a quiet reminder that Lookshy is and always has been a garrison town. You're sure that at least a few -- that woman fingering the green silks of a Southern merchant, for example -- are Dragon-Blooded.

The cook and the purser make for the food shops at the southern end of the market, while the surgeon veers toward an apothecary's stall near the western entrance, whence you have come.

Monkey says, "Why, people like us, of course. Pi-, oh wait, you told me not to use the p-word around them. <looks at the Dynasts>"

The Storyteller . o O ( They're not Dynasts -- they're Outcastes. But they're not too fond of pirates, either. )

The Storyteller . o O ( So what do you do? )

Captain Kaizoku slides his fingers towards the hilt of his daiklave, hidden beneath the sailcloth cloak, and narrows his eyes at the woman in question. Pulling in his anger, he says "That's right. Famous ones, at that. So we need to not look like that now Mr. Monkey. In here." He guides Monkey to the first mid-level tailor that he sees, taking in the clothing of his old life as he searches for something non-descript and severe, with a suitable cloak for himself. "Find something different" he instructs his mate.

Monkey says, "Something different?"

TonyC [to jetman]: You have no idea.

The tailor is a huge man, almost as wide as he is tall, but his nimble fingers are quick with a needle and thread. He's working on a coat -- military cut, of course -- as you enter, but puts it down and stands. Monkey disappears for a moment.

The tailor bows low and says, "What can I do for you, gentle sirs?"

Monkey appears back.

Captain Kaizoku is well-used to Monkey's chatter, or perhaps worn smooth that it just rushes past him. "Yes, something different than what you have on." he says under his breath. "Greetings!" he says to the tailor. "I am seeking a new suit for myself, and one for my companion... Perhaps in the style of that coat you have there?"

Monkey says, "Where's your changing room? Can I just try a couple of them on? He's paying."

Monkey disappears back.

The tailor measures you quickly with his eyes, and mutters to himself as he calculates with his fingers. "I believe I have something, yes, something that will do. How quickly do you want it, gentle sir? You have the look of a man with demands on his time."

Captain Kaizoku nods quickly in return. "Indeed I do, so I would like it this very day. Top jade for top work in the best time is what I wish, and discreetly as well."

The tailor bows again, a bit deeper as you flash the jade. "Very good sir. I believe that -- " he turns and waddles over to a rack behind him and pulls a pants and blouse combination off the wall -- "this might suit you." It's a cobalt blue, with gold trim, with luxurious colors yet an understated cut. The overall impression is one of tasteful wealth.

Meanwhile, you can hear Monkey trying on clothes behind the screen set up for that purpose. Mr. Jaff is perched on the screen, and appears to laughing... "That's... kind of drafty," you hear Monkey mutter to himself.

Captain Kaizoku replies in a pleased tone "Indeed, and a traveling cloak to go with it? One suited to the north? And something for my associate?" He looks to see what Monkey is up to.

The tailor waddles around the counter to Captain Kaizoku. "If you'll permit me, sir, I must take your measurements. I believe that will fit you with only a few minor cuts." He carefully and quickly measures you with a length of thread, and goes to work on the blouse.

Monkey steps out from behind the screen and does a little pirouette. He's in a stunning little green number, with a high collar and long sleeves. The dress is slit up the side, exposing some well-tanned leg. It's... very feminine.

Captain Kaizoku lifts his arms up, turning his body to conceal the hilt of his blade from prying eyes. "And what is the news of the day? I have just arrived and..." he trails off at the sight of Monkey in drag. "Not your color" he says thinly.

The tailor looks up from his sewing and says, "Oh, very good choice. I can let you have that one immediately, if you like. I'm afraid the lady cancelled her party on me."

Monkey looks a rather comely young woman, though it's obvious he doesn't realize this. Yet.

The person in the green dress nods, "You're right." Turning to the tailor, "Do you have this in red?"

Captain Kaizoku rolls his eyes slightly, but lets it go. It is something different. "And perhaps something for the... lady to wear for travel as well?"

TonyC [to jetman]: Bah, I think the "You have no idea" bit I said clued you in too much.

The tailor nods. "Certainly, sir. If you'd care to look at the rack over there" he points with a thimbled thumb "-you'll find as nice a collection of coats and cloaks for travelling as you'll see anywhere, if I may say so."

jetman [to TonyC]: Well, I thought Monkey was just pretty enough to pull off cross-dressing, actually. Though the idea of women passing as men for piracy is a common one, I thought a moment later.

jetman [to TonyC]: And I'm not sure if Monkey knew the difference between boys and girls anyway...

TonyC [to jetman]: Hey!

jetman [to TonyC]: Well, Goku didn't, and Luffy seems oblivous, so... :)

The Storyteller . o O ( If you spend any more than twenty minutes looking at coats and such, the tailor finishes the alterations and can sell you the suit on the spot. )

Monkey says, "No red? Oh well."

Captain Kaizoku strides over to the rack and makes a couple of quick selections. "Quite well indeed. The finest selection I've seen in months." he says, paying the rate and putting several more bits on the counter "For discretion about my indescreet companion."

The Storyteller . o O ( No, but there's a fetching yellow one that might work. )

TonyC [to jetman]: I object and point at Gohan and Goten as proof. :)

Monkey . o O ( Maybe the yellow? )

Monkey . o O ( Nah, I don't feel like changing clothes again. )

Monkey . o O ( By the dragons, Lookshy people sure wear complicated clothing. )

Captain Kaizoku once out in the street, looks over Monkey. "Is this a Charm, or have you always hidden the truth?" he asks, showing a bit more surprise than he let on in the shop, his usual iron control slipping a bit.

Monkey says, "Huh? What do you mean?"

Apollonian has disconnected.

Captain Kaizoku . o O ( Ooops. )

Apollonian has connected.

The Storyteller . o O ( Grrr. )

Monkey scratches his head, looking confused.

Captain Kaizoku looks Monkey up and down. "Passing as a man when you seem to not be."

Monkey misinterprets Captain Kaizoku's meaning and defensively says, "Hey, I'm seventeen, and by the custom of my village, I'm not a kid anymore as of last year!"

TonyC writes down Age: 17 on character sheet.

Captain Kaizoku points to the low-cut section of the dress and asks after taking a steadying breath "Do the men of your village have those? Or most of the crew on the ship?"

Monkey says, "In my village? Mostly we wear breeches, unless it's raining, at which point we put on the ponchos."

Monkey explains, "This much cloth on one person is wasted extravagance. Not to mention it's not practical. I don't think I can rig a sail wearing this."

Monkey says, "Feels nice though. Very light. What's this fabric's called?"

Captain Kaizoku puts his palm on his forehead a moment. "Are you a man of your village, or a woman, Monkey?" he asks with resignation. "Didn't anyone explain the differences?" continues the uptight captain, astounded at the talent his first mate has to exasperate him in new ways. "Silk."

Monkey looks puzzled. "A man, of course. Women have breasts. You didn't know? Oh wait, you cover your chests all the time, so maybe not. Back in our village we usually go barechested, except when it's cold and rainy."

Monkey says, "Silk, eh. I'll remember that."

Captain Kaizoku lets the subject drop. "Just keep a lookout for trouble and follow me..." he says tightly, looking for the commodities brokers to put the next phase of his plan into effect.

Monkey says, "So, where's the inn? Oh shoot, the fisherman forgot to tell me. I'll just go back to the dock and ask, shall I?"

Captain Kaizoku shakes his head. "We'll find a better inn than any fisherfolk can provide. We need one suited to storing our... goods, if we don't sail out today."

Monkey says, "Oh, okay. I don't remember which way the dock was anyway."

Monkey cheerfully says, "So it all works out."

You say, "You should consider staying with me once the time on the spell is up Monkey... you're not safe on your own."

TonyC [to Apollonian]: Hmmm, given Monkey's behavior, obviously the Cynis factor ordered everyone away from Monkey so he can be presented to his patron untouched.

Monkey snorts. "I'll get better yet, thank you very much."

Captain Kaizoku can't help but reply archly "The sun will move backwards across the sky before that happens, I think."

Monkey says, "Bah, then I'll push it -- Hey, those are amphorae being unloaded. Didn't you say you're looking for liquids?"

Apollonian has disconnected.

TonyC [to jetman]: Hmmmm.

On to Session 2: Bargaining

Note: This session ended abruptly when the GM's connection died.