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Commanded by Admiral Kaizoku. Allied with the Seventh Legion and JesseLowe/Iridia, and one of the dominant forces in the Eastern Inner Sea.

Mandate of Heaven Stats

Order of Battle

This should contain the entire organization of the fleet. I suggest splitting it into squadrons, each commanded by a Dragon-Blooded commodore. For ease of reference, go ahead and standardize the ships in each squadron; not to Kaizoku's ideal, necessarily, but to a uniform level of competence, complement, and equipment. Given the passage of four years since we last visited the fleet, I figure a typical trireme will be equipped with firedust projectors at the very least. You can probably have one entire 5-trireme squadron equipped with implosion bows or lightning ballistae, as long as you have the Essence-users to fire them. Likewise, you may have a trireme tender for each squadron; four years plus plenty of timber and the service of a few good shipwrights helps.

I figure the fleet should have the refurbished small ships from the Isle of Shadows; perhaps three trireme squadrons in total; a marine bireme squadron; and of course a First Age Light Warship and a Heavy Warship (with Underworld Case Mods). You might have another marine bireme squadron, as well. Further, you have a number of small craft.

As far as logistical support goes, you have the support of those Nellens merchants the Fleet absorbed. This includes a small number of freighters, mostly mid-sized ones. There are a few of the huge freighters, but most of Nellens' business was on a smaller scale. You may also rely on local merchants, if you feel it is safe. See also Bases, below.

Squadron Format (Still working it out; suggestions desired.)

First Trireme Squadron

Commander: Commodore Smackalot (Sail 4, War 4)


  • Halo (Trireme Tender, squadron flagship) (Captain Severius) (Sail 4, War 3)
  • Flare (Trireme) (Captain Primus) (Sail 3, War 3)
  • Zenith (Trireme) (Captain Secundus) (Sail 3, War 3)
  • Twilight (Trireme) (Captian Tertius) (Sail 3, War 3)
  • Sunspot (Trireme) (Captain Quartus) (Sail 3, War 3)
  • Corona (Trireme) (Captain Pentius) (Sail 3, War 3)


The Unconquered Sun

In the Eastern Theatre

  • Spear of the Sun -- First Age Light Warship. former flagship Unconquered Sun, formerly Scarlet Chanter when in the Realm navy. Commodore Kerrigan's command ship, with Soaring Razor Leaf as captain and gunner.
  • Nimbus Trireme. Trierarch: Kerrigan Wavecutter 5 officers 25 crew 170 rowers 25 Fangs Armed with Implosion Bow, Flame Projector
  • Corona Trireme. Trierarch: White Soul Weeping 5 officers 10 crew, all veteran Armed with Lightning Ballista.
  • Flare -- Trireme. Trierarch: Veteran Officer
  • Umbra -- Trireme. Trierarch: Veteran Officer. Lost in battle.
  • Dawn -- Marine bireme. Captain: Dancing Razor Leaf Crew 6 Veteran sailors 4 Blooded sailors 55 rowers
  • Zenith -- Marine bireme. Captain: Snarling Wolf Crew 6 Veteran sailors 4 Blooded sailors 55 rowers
  • Twilight -- Marine bireme. Captain: Crew 6 Veteran sailors 4 Blooded sailors 55 rowers
  • Night -- Marine bireme. Sunk. Some survivors were found and rescued.
  • Stormhammer Converted large yacht. Captain: Veteran Sailor. Crew 4 Veteran Sailors
  • Fortuitous Venture Blue-water merchant (set up as a trireme support ship). Captain: Veteran Sailor Crew 22 blooded sailors
  • Majestic Voyager Coastal trader. Captain: Veteran Sailor Crew 10 blooded sailors
  • Transforming Crane Blue Water Merchant, crewed by converted Realm merchant seamen
  • Resplendent Modesty Blue Water Merchant, crewed by converted Realm merchant seamen
  • Old Yeddim Blue Water Merchant, crewed by converted Realm merchant seamen
  • Wavesinger Blue Water Merchant, crewed by converted Realm merchant seamen

All four serve as loot carriers and supply ships for now.


Assume that most crew have an Intimacy to the Fleet, and may have ones to their commanders and perhaps the Admiral. I have removed most of the information here because I would rather it were listed among the squadrons above.

Fleet Equipment

This includes all the fleet's armament, plus miscellaneous equipment that is not assigned to any one person. Aside from unique items (such as Berengiere's cloak), it would probably be easiest to break this list up among the ships and squadrons.

  • 6 sailcutters
  • 4 ballistae
  • 8 fire projectors
  • 4 Light Implosion Bows (1 currently on the Stormhammer)
  • 2 Lightning Ballistae
  • 1 set of ashigaru armor
  • 1 set of jade hearthstone bracers
  • 2 Small Essence Cannons
  • Enough weapons and armor to equip another 100 or so marines.
  • Miscellaneous naval stores sufficient to keep the fleet ship-shape for a month.



Maintaining the fleet in its current state is a Resources 6 purchase every month, but is largely covered by fleet income, not the Admiral's purse. That includes feeding the crews, procuring repair material, replacement firedust, etc., etc. Naturally, fishing, foraging, and plunder can cover a pretty good bit of this!

Rahkamo Clan

Allied with the Solar Wind Fleet, the Rahkamo Clan of the Kamsa has a mere eight ships, coasters, and to top it off, they're not very good sailors. On the flip side, they're good raiders, with an intuitive understanding of hit-and-run tactics.

Ranks, Rates, Uniforms, and Insignia

All uniforms incorporate an armband of cobalt blue with a golden sunburst on it, worn on the left arm.

The line officer's uniform is similar to the Realm navy, and consists of blue trousers, black boots, and white shirt, over which is worn a white buff jacket with gold epaulets. Insignia is worn on the high collar. A cap is often worn. (Maybe. Can't decide.) A chopping sword or daiklave hangs from the belt. Exalted may wear artifact armor if they choose, in which case they usually have appropriate insignia worked into the armor.

Petty and warrant officers wear a similar uniform, but their buff jackets are cobalt blue.

Enlisted men (and women) wear trousers and blouses. They go barefoot in clement weather, but are issued warmer clothes for colder climes, these being coats, thicker trousers, caps, and boots. Caps and Coats are dark blue, trousers are blue or white, and blouses are white. Enlisted insignia is in the form of sewn patches on the armband, incorporating the sunburst emblem.

Commissioned and Warrant Officers

Commissioned officers are the command crew. They fill the positions of fleet and squadron command, trierarch, under officers, arms master, kubernetes, proreus, and lieutenants. On a trireme, most of these positions are filled by lieutenants save for the kubernetes, who is often a commander, and the trierarch, who is usually a captain. On smaller ships, the trierarch is often a commander or a lieutenant, and lower positions are filled by lieutenants and / or midshipmen.

  • Admiral of the Fleet -- no insignia (this is Kaizoku)
  • Commodore -- A golden sunburst with a corona around it. (Commands a squadron or a base; none of the latter yet)
  • Captain -- A single golden sunburst.
  • Commander -- Silver full moon disc
  • Lieutenant -- Enamel dragon figure. (Color varies by position currently filled; colors correspond to jade)

A warrant officer is a skilled worker who is not in the chain of command but is vital to the workings of the ship. Surgeon, purser, carpenter, weaponsmith, sailmaker, sorcerer-technician, and the like are all warrant officers, as are their Men and Boys. (Surgeon's Man, Surgeon's Boy, etc.)

  • Chief Warrant Officer -- A silver star with rays.
  • Warrant Officer -- A silver star.

  • Midshipman -- Enamel egg with silver wreath. A midshipman is a very junior officer, usually under the age of 20, who is in training for either warrant officer or lieutenant.

Petty Officers and Enlisted Men

  • Master Mariner (2 solid circles around sunburst)
  • Able Seaman (Solid circle and dashed circle around sunburst)
  • Seaman (Single circle around sunburst)
  • Landsman (No insignia)

Whether or not there is additional insignia for jacks, topsmen, and the masters thereof is up to you.

Booty From the Isle of Shadows


As noted above; plus the following:

Under Construction

  • A First Age Heavy Warship; 10% complete. In drydock at the Isle of Shadows.
  • A First Age Heavy Warship with Underworld modifications; 80% complete. In drydock at the Isle of Shadows.


  • 4 First Age Light Warships resting at the bottom of the Isle of Shadows' harbor.
  • About 20-30 smaller vessels of First Age construction, most no larger than a coaster or yacht; all at the bottom of the harbor. In some cases, salvageable only in that they can be cannibalized for hull materials.

Artifact Vessels

All of the following were found under a collapsed factory in the Isle of Shadows.

  • 2 Resplendent Dolphin Undersea Couriers From the Aspect: Water book. Both are in excellent condition.
  • 1 Chariot of Infinite Heavens. Requires a bit of repair work.

Artifacts and Materials

  • About a ton of jade in various forms, all five colors. Most of this was found under the collapsed factory above; the rest was found throughout the harbor or was already in the fleet's stores.
  • Over a hundred pounds of orichalcum, moonsilver, and starmetal, all fused into a great lump and embedded in a wall. It looks like some kind of weapon went off near the storage area. It will take a fair bit of work to get the material out and separated. Most of it is orichalcum.
  • A fair number of First Age arms and armor, found scattered throughout the harbor city:
    • 14 jade artifact weapons; half are daiklaves, the rest vary.
    • 11 jade artifact armors; 4 reinforced breastplates, 1 superheavy plate, 3 reinforced buff jackets, 3 fully plate.
  • The blackened bones from the tomb
  • The cloth cloak of Berengiere's making.
  • Armor of the Air Dragon, in need of repair.
  • A couple of hearthstones (Air 2, Earth 3) linked to manses on the Isle of Shadows.
  • A complete scale's worth of ashigaru armor and associated weapons; this was found in a barracks sealed against the dead and marked with warnings that the Great Contagion lay within. However, one of the Auspex's ghosts scouted it using magic once Razor Leaf eliminated the death-wards, and found it safe. The Admiral probably ought to perform some sort of sanctifying or funeral ceremony in the barracks, though, just to be on the safe side.
  • 3 jade Universal Weapons (from Outcaste)
  • 3 light Essence Cannon
  • 2 medium Essence Cannon
  • 4 lightning ballistae, disassembled, in one of the factory-cathedrals. They look like they were in the final stages of construction when the port was abandoned.
  • 5 sufficiently intact Light Implosion Bows
  • 1 Heavy Implosion Bow
  • Shogunate-era common Warstrider converted into an drone. Needs repair.
  • A hell of a lot of spare parts and materials for First Age weapons and maintenance. All are of the non-perishable variety, of course.
  • One working First Age drydock
  • One almost-working First Age drydock (in need of tools)
  • Several First Age workshops in varying levels of disrepair.
  • One nearly-intact factory-cathedral of the Shogunate era.
  • One rather less intact factory-cathedral of the pre-Usurpation era; it looks like it was used for parts for the other factory-cathedral
  • Ruins of a third factory-cathedral which will take time to excavate.

Manses & Hearthstones

  • All three factory-cathedrals in the port are manses.
    • Shogunate-era: level 3 Water manse. The Auspex has the Hearthstone (A Gemstone of Spoken Languages); both she and Leden are attuned to it.
    • Usurpation-era: level 4 Abyssal manse. Currently dilapidated and unable to produce a Hearthstone. It was probably once a Solar manse; once brought out of shadow, it could be again. In any case, it needs an architect and several months worth of work to bring it back online. A Terrestrial architect, unless amazingly skilled, would only be able to patch it up to a level 3 manse. It's also possible that a skilled Celestial architect could restore it not only to level 4 but also force it back to being a Solar manse; this would help bring the Isle of Shadows back to full Creation status.
    • Ruined: A level 4 Lunar demesne. The manse would need to be entirely rebuilt, a project of 9 years undertaking.
  • The Defense Grid Node, a hidden manse in the western part of the harbor. Level 3 Sidereal manse, fully functional. Unfortunately, it's also locked up tight with First Age security measures. None are lethal, but they will take much thought to penetrate -- or the access codes. These are probably buried somewhere in the Imperial City's musty archives, and perhaps in the mind of the ghosts of the Dragon-Blooded who once commanded the port. (And, of course, in the archives of Yu-Shan, but Kaizoku and Monkey don't know that.) Suda doesn't know about this manse, since she left for Lookshy before you found it.
  • The Library. Hidden until Monkey had a hunch and followed up on it, this is in the Twilight area (naturally). Level 2 Air manse, intact but needs a couple days of tidying up before it's back up to snuff. The currently inactive Hearthstone is a Savant's Lens.
  • The Beacon. Outside the port, still intact, this level 3 Fire manse stands on a bluff near the entrance to the harbor. For some reason, it is continually shrouded in mist and rain. The Hearthstone is a Ashes to Bonfire Gem.

Spells and Knowledge

Since the Admiral is looking in particular for spells, the searchers keep an eye out. So far, they have found the following:

  • Two copies of the Black Treatise
  • Three copies of the White Treatise
  • A book of Terrestrial sea-spells (found in the Library). Contains Calling the Gulls With Beaks of Steel (Outcaste) Invocation of the Living Ship (Outcaste) Keel Cleaves the Clouds (Outcaste) Lightning Whip Smites the Waters (Outcaste) Viridian Mantle of Underwater Journeys (Savant & Sorcerer) Water's Chilling Grasp (Savage Seas)
  • A notebook with the spell Travel Without Distance carefully transcribed and explicated.
  • A book of charts from the First Age; tantalizingly, it focuses on the far West, regions now lost to the Wyld.

Mundane and Miscellaneous

  • A quite large collection of papers, books, charts, and the like, ranging from simple diaries to detailed (and incomprehensible) technical plans. (Saji is torn between tinkering with the new artifacts and cataloging this stuff.) Almost all are in Old Realm or various dialects thereof. Many come from the Library manse. I'll probably use the Library Background from the PG to describe this, but I don't have the book on me at the moment.
  • A really thorough search of the harbor will probably bring in several jade talent's worth of mundane items, from raw materials to useful things, to art. It seems that the Speaker for the Sea did not pillage the harbor very much.