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This is a page devoted solely to Abyssals. Champions of the DeathLords, the Abyssals are perverted Solar shards. They spread death and destruction in an unholy crusade, and are fully described in Exalted: The Abyssals.

Abyssal House Rules

Abyssals by Deathlord

    • Broken Soul Mask : Day Caste, female. The faceless agent of the Realm of Skullstone, wearing a mask of consumed souls.
  • Eye and Seven Despairs
    • Blood Scavenger: (Canon) Caste unknown, male. Possibly deceased (so to speak).E:Ab, pp. 97-100.
    • Chorus at Midnight : (Canon) Day Caste, female. Manipulative. E:Ab, pp. 97-100.
    • Scar of Uproar : (Canon) Dusk Caste, male. Somewhat irrational. E:Ab, pp. 97-100.
    • Star of Dirt and Doubt : (Canon) A ghost. Presumably deceased (as it were). E:Ab, pp. 97-98.
  • Walker in Darkness
    • Shards of Basalt / Shards of Basalt to Her Army: Appears in CB:D, p.61 as a female of unknown Caste by the name of "Shards of Basalt." Presumably due to a misreading of the original text in which she was addressing her army, appears in E:Ab, p.105 as a male Dusk Caste named "Shards of Basalt to Her Army." One of Walker's military commanders.
    • The Iron Heart Killer : Dusk Caste, male. A brooding duelist, murderer and highwayman who sought to rob a Deathlord.
    • The Sickly Whore : Daybreak Caste, female. A temple prostitute of Great Forks, who carries the revelation of plague & disease.
    • The Minister of Unleavened Mercy : Day Caste, male. Walker's spymaster in Nexus.
    • The Ambassador to the Unfortunate : Moonshadow Caste, female. A young Abyssal tasked with breaking apart the alliances of the Scavenger Lands.


Abyssal Exalted are divided into five castes, mockery and perversion of the five Solar castes.

Abyssals/DuskCaste Abyssals/MidnightCaste Abyssals/DaybreakCaste Abyssals/DayCaste Abyssals/MoonshadowCaste