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Chiaroscuro, city of glass, seat of the Tri-Khan and the greatest port of the Southern Threshold.

The introductory fiction in the Exalted corebook is located in Chiaroscuro.

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Getting There

Chiaroscuro is most of all a port city. By sea, it is the following (approximate) distances from these ports:

  • Arjuf: 2,050 miles
  • Paragon: 500 miles (including the distance upriver from the sea to Paragon)
  • Yane: 410 miles
  • Khrosal Fortress: 730 miles
  • Kirighast: 1,030 miles
  • Thorns: 2,220 miles
  • Mouth of the Yanaze: 2,780 miles (This route avoids Thorns and takes to deep ocean waters to do so)
  • Noble: 1,950 miles
  • Port of Dragon's Jaw (in An-Teng): 4,080 miles
  • Bluehaven: 4,900 miles

Note that, when possible, these routes follow the coastline, more or less, which is the norm for navigation in the Age of Sorrows.

By land, distances are as follows. (Not as the crow flies, btw)

  • Paragon: 600 miles
  • Yane: 490 miles
  • The Lap: 1,140 miles
  • Gem (Taking a circuitous route to avoid the Dune People and the Blue Silk Raiders): 3,000 miles
  • Khrosal Fortress: 790 miles
  • Kirighast: 1,90 miles

For those fortunate enough to fly, the straight-line distances from some of the other great cities of Creation are:

  • Nexus: 3,010 miles
  • The Imperial City: 2,080 miles
  • The Lap: 1,010 miles
  • Gem: 1,920 miles
  • Paragon: 520 miles
  • Cherak: 3,170
  • Rathess: 3,300 miles
  • Onyx: 6,600 miles
  • Thorns: 2,050 miles
  • Kirighast: 1,020 miles

For Sidereals and gods, Yu-Shan Gate 54 is also located in the city.

Government and Gods

Chiaroscuro is technically a tributary of the Realm. After the Great Contagion, it was settled by the Delzahn in RY 211 and is now ruled by their Tri-Kahn.

The City Mother of Chiaroscuro is Grandmother Bright.

Warriors and Defenses

The most notable feature of Chiaroscuro's defense are its huge firedust harbor cannons. These are described in Savage Seas, pp. 122, 123, and here.

The city's waters are defended by a navy described on pp. 80-81 of Savage Seas, and led by Admiral Nares.

Commerce and Trade

Put merchants, traders, interesting trade goods, and the like here.

The Guild Bank in Chiaroscuro is run by the merchant prince Abu Golden Sand. (Guild Banks are descripbed on p. 120 of Manacle and Coin.)

Local Color: Things and People

Campaigns and Other Appearances