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The Characters

  • MaHaSuchiV2 Creds to alohaloha at Exalted Compendium. I just cleaned it and added some Combos.
  • MortalFromHellV2 This is more an exercise in twinking stuff up real good then a serious charecter concept. Creds to Raindoll for this one. I just wrote him up and gave him a few extras.

Comeing Soon(ish)

-Favored Charms.

-Player Characters.

-Numerous Small Tweaks.



       There are many, many others who should be up here. This list will grow.
                                 * DaveFayram Maintains this Wiki. Thanks Dave.
                                 * Ikselam Amazing Fan Fiction, and Infernals.
                                 * FourWillowsWeeping Very creative, and Infernals.
                                 * BogMod Good content from many fields. 
                                 * EndlessChase More good content from many fields.

                                 * Mailanka Creator of the Famous Combat 101.
                                 * Raindoll Pokes holes in the game. Which is good.
                                 * Miedvied Is prodigious. Seriously.


I find that Charm lists that consist of "All Spirit Charms" or "Any and All Charms and Combos the Storyteller finds appropriate" are not terribly helpful. A list of favorite and commonly used Charms (with a note stating that the list is far from complete) would be infinitely more helpful. -Szilard

A valid argument, somewhat less so in regards to Spirit. Individual changes aside, there are simply to few combat oriented Spirit Charms to warrent a list of favorites, in most cases. However, I will endever to write a few up, and post em. Thanks for the comment. Also, Ma-Ha and FaFL will get some Combos up soon.

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