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I started trying to type up one of my NPC's today, then realised that the character sheet under FormatStandards/CharacterFormat would need me to do some boring formatting every time I wanted to type up a new character because of the missing skills, etc. So I thought I'd make myself a nice blank one that would just need bits removing rather than adding, and it should help my less HTML-able friends too. This is just a work in progress at the moment, I'll think about moving it somewhere more accessible when it's done.

Name:    Name Here
Caste:   Caste Here
Nature:  Nature Here
Anima:   Anima Here
Concept: Concept Here
XP: Left/Total: 0/0


Strength: x, Dexterity: x, Stamina: x
Charisma: x, Manipulation: x, Appearance: x
Perception: x, Intelligence: x, Wits: x


Archery: x, Athletics: x, Awareness: x, Brawl: x, Bureaucracy: x, Craft: x, Dodge: x, Endurance: x, Investigation: x,
Larceny: x, Linguistics: x, Lore: x, Martial Arts: x, Medicine: x, Melee: x, Occult: x, Performance: x, Presence: x,
Resistance: x, Ride: x, Sail: x, Socialise: x, Stealth: x, Survival: x, Thrown: x.


Abyssal Command: x, Allies: x, Ancestor Cult: x, Artifact: x, Backing: x, Breeding: x, Command: x, Connections: x,
Contacts: x, Cult: x, Familiar: x, Family: x, Followers: x, Grave Goods: x, Heart's Blood: x, Henchmen: x, Influence: x,
Liege: x, Manse: x, Mentor: x, Necromancy: x, Renown: x, Reputation: x, Resources: x, Retainers: x, Spies: x,
Underworld Cult: x, Underworld Manse: x, Whispers: x.


Compassion: x, Conviction: x, Temperance: x, Valor x.
Virtue Flaw: Virtue flaw here

Willpower: x
Essence: x
Essence pool: xx Personal / xx Peripheral

Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap


Skill here
Charms here


Combo Name
Combo Charms


Equipment here


Base init: x
Soak: xB/xL/xA
Dodge: x
Weapons here

Character Description

Character description here

Expanded Backgrounds

More details about backgrounds here.