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So, I'm finally createing a Wiki Page. *laughs* No content yet, as I'm doing this in a lull period at work, but there will be Charms, Artifacts random AlternateUniverses and a few things that are Broken. Yes, I occasionally cough up exalted ideas that are extremely broken. Can you tell I only play solars? :)

I'm Gamlain - I think. Who really knows, after all? :o I could just be a butterfly dreaming that I'm Gamlain, but you know this story allready. I'm an Exalted Player, GM and general scifi, Wuxia, anime and roleplaying freak, currently from central Texas; Old enough to know better, but I'll grow up enough to care the moment you pry the core books from my cold, dead fingers.

My favorite types of things in Exalted are Solars, closely followed by Fae, God Bloods, Wyld mutants, Dragon bloods and Dragon Kings, with Lunars, small gods and Abyssals following somewhere after that, and Sidereals (unfortunately for them..) showing up somewhere close to dead last on the list. Enough about me, on to Exalted subjects.

I tend to range all over the place, but you can probably plan on seeing lots of Solar Charms, odd, quirky artifacts, occasional fiction, alternate universe concepts, and one or two bits of Phillosophy showing up here in the future, probably includeing the thought I just had about the nature of Power that wants to be used and why the great curse isn't necessary to create a nearly demonic, corrupt solar deliberate in the first age.

I had this very interesting impulse to run a Relm Civil War Campaign. I think I'm going to. The great houses throw down to seize controll of the scarlet empress's relm - and the whole of creation is drawn into the vortex of this chaos. Players should sharpen their daiklaives, recruit their armies and prepare their plots - it's war, and you don't get to get out of it.


SolarBrawl/Gamlain - Three charms for the people who don't know the steps of martial arts enlghtenment - but can kill you just the same.

Storyofthequietbird - this is a childrens tale and parable in more than one campaign I've played in..but it is also more. This tale isn't false..

Eventually I need to explore the PostApocalypticness of Exalted some more, and such thoughts will go under that link when I get to them.

GamlainCreationRules will apply to most games I will run. There will also be some House Rules

The game is makeing it's way closer to reality - here's a few bits of flavor from it SongsoftheAge will be a story of PC Exalts in creation, and how it is they choose to save, conqor or destroy the world.

WandersofQuietBird is a page of story fragments from the perspective of my oldest Exalted PC, the source of that little myth fragment above; I've been told she's fairly interesting, in her own quietly heroic and or psychotic little way.

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I had a similar idea to your Pray for Light alternate history, though mine was less World of Darkness, and more a modern world descended from Exalted. The premise is that the Essences of the Exalted - including many good-but-not-yet-officially-redeemed Abyssals - participate in one last charge against the wyld in Creation's darkest hour, and manage to push it so far back that the world closes around itself, becoming the spherical planet and vast empty universe we know today. Of course, the wyld is coming back, and with it come the Essences, scoured of their caste and greatly reduced in power. I was calling them "Heroes." There were Sun Heroes, Moon Heroes, Star Heroes, and Dark Heroes. Resonance didn't exist yet because the Malfeans were still sleeping in the center of the world. I hadn't figured out where the Dragon-Blooded fit into the whole thing...

So, in Pray for Light, would WoD Mages be the spiritual descendants of the Sidereals? would vampires be degenerate Abyssals? Would the shapeshifters be tribes of potent Lunar godblooded?

OK, that's quite enough, now. Back to midterms... -Seraph

Pretty much the case, Re: Spiritual descendants. Also, the Kindred of the east Kueijin are the spiritual descendants of the dragonbloods (They can thank the Scarlet Empress and the Yozi, naturally). My idea is more along the lines of a heavily ass-kicking hunters hunted campaign, however: You're a newborn Solar in a world full of nasty things, with a supernaturally heroic nature. Instead of the 'Hunters' being outgunned by everything that comes after them, they are the biggest Bad@$$'s on the planet, who thou they may be outnumbered hundreds to one are never, ever outclassed. In a world where the Vampires told the mortals to pray for daylight - You've Come.

Of course, my brain renders that out in Action Movie Preview voice, so perhaps I just haven't watched Terminator 2 often enough recently. - Gamlain