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Welcome to the page of Brokenness from Gamlain. This is where I keep all my stuff that hasen't been edited, playtested, or (often) even give more than, say, five seconds of thought. A great deal will start here. Some of it may even eventually get moved to other pages after I pour acid on it to wash the bits of Wyld clinging to the newly shaped away.

Right now we have the PermanentCharmsProject up here, where I try to make up fifty Permanent Solar Charms for twenty five abilites. Most of these charms were dreamed up in, oh, five seconds, so they are all likely broken. Still some of the ideas seem cool, and with some testing and possibly revision, may end up in my wiki Charms. Unfinished at current - I have two whole castes of abilities (Zenith and night) that I still haven't done charms for.

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