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Rules can't cover everything. Inevitably, confusing, ambiguous, contradictory or just plain missing rules arise, and judgement calls need to be made. Sometimes, a better understanding of the rules helps. Other times, you just have to wing it. In either case, often talking it out on the wiki can help. This page exists to collect various rulings that come up for whatever reason. Often some other wiki page will need to digress into a rules discussion and when that happens, you can divert such discussion to a new page here, rather than clutter up the original with it.

Be aware that people may approach ruling discussions for completely different reasons. Usually, people who post to them will care about one or more of the following to greater or lesser degrees:

  • What do the rules actually say?
  • What do the rules intend to say?
  • How should the rule work?

Some will care more about one of these than the others, sometimes to an almost religious extent. Other people will be exactly the opposite. Others might care about them all. So, when joining these discussions, realize that "the point" of them is actually to discuss all three of these. Someone out there will care about each of them, even if you don't.

Second Edition Rulings

First Edition Rulings

Rulings-related pages

Prior to the creation of the Rulings page, there was no real place to ask rules questions in general, so a few scattered pages popped up in various places. These are listed here: