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A hekatonkhire is the sort-of-dead remains of a Behemoth. (Hekatonkhire : Behemoth :: Malfean : Primordial) They may also be the dead souls of a Malfean or spawned from the dreams of the dead Primordials.

(Hekatonkhire is both the singular and the plural, and is sometimes spelled "hekatonchire." The name originally referred to the "hundred-handed" giants of Greek myth.)

Necromancers can make use of these creatures, both in soulforging (to create Oblivion's Panoply; Book of Bone and Ebony, p. 101) and through the Void Circle spell Summon Hekatonkhire (Book of Bone and Ebony, p. 143).

Known Hekatonkhire

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Building a Hekatonkhire