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This is a shot at providing a conveniently cut-and-pastable calender (using the standard Realm system) for people's campaigns.

||||||||||||||Ascending Air|| ||||||||||||||Respendant Air|| ||||||||||||||||Decending AirCreationCalendar/B>|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||||||||||||||<b>Ascending WaterCreationCalendar/B>|| ||||||||||||||<b>Respendant WaterCreationCalendar/B>|| ||||||||||||||||<b>Decending Water|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||||||||||||||Ascending Earth|| ||||||||||||||Respendant Earth|| ||||||||||||||||Decending Earth|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||||||||||||||Ascending Wood|| ||||||||||||||Respendant Wood|| ||||||||||||||||Decending Wood|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||||||||||||||Ascending Fire|| ||||||||||||||Respendant Fire|| ||||||||||||||||Decending Fire|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||1||2||3||4||5||6||7|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||8||9||10||11||12||13||14|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||15||16||17||18||19||20||21|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||22||23||24||25||26||27||28|| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||CalibrationCreationCalendar/B>|| ||||||||1||||||||||2||||||||||3||||||||||4||||||||||5||

For more on Creation's systems of measuring time, look at FirstAgeLongCount and TimeinCreation.

Other Calendars

MetalFatigue's Excel Calendar -equalizes the calendar into 4 earthlike seasons of similar length.
Valdrax-Chu Calendar -based on a calendar saved from Exalted Compendium, color-coded to match the strange seasons described in 2nd Ed, with storm seasons and long growing seasons that could yield 3-5 harvests.


you know I found it odd that, according to the main book, the last half of summer, all of autmun and the first half of winter together only comprise 3 months out of the year. I'm inclined to think that what they meant was that, instead of having <b>Ascending Water being the coldest month and Decending Fire being the hottest month, they meant Decending Water should be the coldest month and Ascending Fire should be hottest. Anyone else have any opinion?

Agreed. --MF
I definitely agree. I also always thought that made very little sense. Sometimes I just don't understand what the writers were thinking ....
~ Shataina

Well, according to Exalted: the Sidereals, the Solars sorta made the seasons do whatever was needed back in the day. SOmething interesting with this calendar is that it has three solid seasons (late Water through early Fire) that youc an grow stuff in. I think it was to maximize harvesting potential and stuff as an in-game arguement. Also makes it so weather works nicely.

Though, as another note, weather might just act weird based on where you are. I see Harborhead really only having two seasons, the really dry one during Earth through Fire, while a wet one through Air and Water, much like the actual Serengheti and whatnot. Meanwhile in the North, probably everything except Wood and Fire are really effing cold, and stuff like that.

More stuff. Blaque

Hmm... Since I'm new to all this Wiki stuff I don't know whether anybody will read this, but I just build a nicer version (for printouts for example). You can find it here.

If somebody reads this I would like to get some feedback ^^ - Tikurion

Looks nice. The element symbols might be a tad too prominent if you want it to be more practical than decorative, maybe. Where did you find them, BTW? Resplendence
I found them [here] That URL was given in the offical White Wolf Forums (link to the topic) - Tikurion

I realize that this is a departure from canon, but I must say that it has never made much sense to me that the "season" of water contained the coldest month of Creation's year. Thematically, it just doesn't fit. Air would be a much better choice. Of course, that would require even more extensive calendar reform... -Suzume

I have a calendar in Excel format here. Not all of the text at the bottom is canon; in particular, I amended the temperature curve of the seasons (as noted above), and the names for the days of the week are my own invention. --MF

Nice work MF - works fine I think, and solves the "problem" of the short winter / long summer, even though I accepted the fact and integrated it into my Chronicle (did I play too much Vampire ^^ ?!). - Tikurion

  • There I fixed the format of the page. It looks SO Much better to me now. Of course if y'all don't like it I can change it back. ~StarHawk

Looks like Blaque's proposal earlier up was entirely correct. In 2econd Ed, the writers explain the long growing period so there could be three to five harvests. I'm convinced. Sorry, MF, but I'm droppin' your calendar after a few months of use because I believe in canon again. (This is because I haven't read any of the mechanics of 2E yet. That might destroy my faith again.) Also, here is my hot new 2nd Ed Calendar. Please enjoy!--UncleChu

Maybe (Probably) I'm just suffering under a delusion... but where does it say that the months are 28 days long? I always thought they were 24. That puts the Exalted year at roughly the same length as ours (24 * 15 + 5 = 365), meaning character ages were universal. -- Ketrus must have missed something major in the Core?

It said it in the Imperial Calendar sidebar in the Ex1 Core. The simplest way to deal with it is that a year is a year is a year. Rather than trying to recalibrate everything for years that are 25% longer. This, of course, means that there is a damn good reason why DBs get upset when their children don't Exalt. :)
Damn, you, sidebars, my eternal foes! -- Ketrus