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Romantically Challenged Circle

Hiram the UnbendingCircleRelay/B> - IanPrice

Earth Aspected

Hiram is a dedicated member of the Wyld Hunt with training in the Immaculate arts. He is the de-facto leader of his Circle, because of his level headed nature. He doesn't realize, though, that the women of his circle are vying for his attention. Especially...

<B>Romana the RedCircleRelay/B> -Miles

Fire Aspected

Romana has a firey temper and will go off on Hiram like a bullet when she is put under pressure, but loves the joy of the fight and learning new techniques (expecially but not limited to pleasurable ones). She comes on as strong and Hiram has yet to figure out she has a burning passion for him as great as the Unconqured Sun himself. Her arch nemesis of the Circle though....

<b>Ledaal Sulan - OhJames

Water Aspected

The only Dynastic member of the group, Sulan is a wry and beautiful woman with hair the somber green of ocean depths and eyes like tidepools, full of interesting glimmers and sparkles. She is calm and collected, slightly cynical but desperately romantic, and a glaring counterpoint to Romana's overbearing level of passion. She is an accomplished Water Dragon stylist, though not a monk of the order, and has a quietly intense dedication to her people and the Realm. Her love for Hiram is new and soft, but growing, and she already detests Romana on principle. But someone has eyes for Sulan, unbeknownst to her, her closest ally and confidant....

Cloud Glorifying HunterCircleRelay/B> - IanPrice

Air Aspected

This Outcaste proved himself to Sulan's house with heroic and daring feats, which nobody has ever heard of afterwards due to the embarassing nature of the events. It is only referred to as the "noodle incident." Regardless, Hunter gladly accepted a position as chef, courtier, and bodyguard in the Ledaal household, especially glad for the chance to get closer to the beautiful Sulan. Despite his charming wit, Hunter is too shy to make the first move. Especially when hounded by the daring sexuality of...

<b>'Cynis' Trajan - GregLink

Wood Aspected

While not actually a member of House Cynis, Trajan travels (without authorization) under its banner, reinforcing the stereotype as much as possible. Over the years, this practice at impersonating others has gotten him quite far, and he now skirts the edges of Dynastic society throughout the threshold, keeping his circle well-fed, and well-housed during their travels. Even when far from civilized lands, Trajan is notorious for managing to throw a fabulous party with only a wooded area and 2 hours notice. It was at one of these events that Trajan found that he wasn't the only member of his circle seeking the comfort of a more familiar gender. Now, he constantly worries about the unwanted attentions of ... (and so the circle completes)


Alright, obviously not too popular an idea, here, judging by the lack of activity. Assuming anyone's interested, allow me to propose an alternate format: we each create a MEMBER of the proposed circle, thus generating a complete circle by the end of the given relay. - DigitalSentience

To be honest, I just found this:) I got a couple Circles. I'll post one if I got time tomorrow or Saturday:)

Stuff. Blaque

I agree with DigitalSentience, let's submit a circle member each until circle complete and new theme begins. - Nikink
Is there really a need for a specific CircleRelay then? It sounds like a limited version of CharacterRelay, with "circle" in the theme. Resplendence

I think that this is a good Relay. I just got to it. If I can come up with a theme for a circle, I will post one. I think that one member each is better than each person posting an entire circle. - Seiraryu

I like the idea here, as you are forming a circle and not necessarily characters of a theme such as artist. One character should fill in for anothers weakness. Each person has the option of what to create. For example, the first character might be a Solar, so we could go with a perfect circle, one of each caste, or a circle of Solars, Lunars, and Dragon Blooded working together? 5 characters minimum to fill a circle, last person picks the next idea. And I think I have a decent idea, though some may shoot me for it... Bull of the North. Lets come up with an appropriate Circle for him. -Miles

Tada, I actually started it off. I'm following the starting theme despite there already being an example for that. - IanPrice

I'm willing to go along with it just for the fun of it. Good start. I have also archived the first example theme to make room and more visibility for this one. -Miles

Come onnnn! This relay could be so cool and fast-paced! It takes, like, ten minutes to bang out a couple descriptive sentences and think of a name! Come onnnnn! -- OhJames

Well, I was going to wait for the next relay to contribute again, but then you went all mock-wrath on me... c'mon, people! Don't make me do all the work! - IanPrice

Well, if Trajan is suitable (he's my first entry in any relay, ever), I'd suggest as another theme "A Non-Silver Pact Lunar, and his companions". The companions can be of any type desired, including further Lunars, but they're all united under the banner of their Non-Silver Pact Lunar Leader. Reasonable? -- GregLink

Seems fine by me. I like the concept lots, but I've never done anything much in this sort of relay either. You should post in all of the relays though, or at least more! It's fun, and some of the best ideas on the wiki are there (in my opinion, of course)
-- Darloth

Would have loved to see Cynis as the male lover of Hiram, and noone else in the Circle knowing about it, but quite good all. -Miles