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Hello! I play Exalted a great deal, and I'm going to be trying to decipher how to use this Wiki thing so I can post some of my resources. I hope you enjoy them!

A few demons for your viewing pleasure!



Here is an alternative setting I've been working on lately...




I'm having a hard time figuring out how to edit this thing - I wanted to make the link to my demon here, sort of my test-run. I wanna truncate the name I chose for it's page. I tried to do so, and somehow lost the link to it. I'm having a great start. :)

If anybody wants to help, I'd love that. ^_^

The problem was that the link name you typed in here did not use the same capitalization pattern as the one you made before. I find that the best way to make new pages is to add the link name to whatever page you want to link from, then define it.

So, for instance, you'd put a link toMaddy/LogathaSpinner on this page. Then you'd click on it, and enter the information on the new page that creates. Note the / slash; this tells the wiki thatMaddy/LogathaSpinner is a subpage of Maddy. It isn't really necessary to use subpages, but it is the de facto standard here. Subpages only go down one level. Thus, any link name preceded by a slash on a subpage of Maddy will also be a subpage of Maddy, not a subpage of the subpage.

If you do want LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows to have a shorter name, use the #REDIRECT tag. Make the new page name you want. Then edit it, but have the only content of the new page be #REDIRECT LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows. Then anyone who clicks on the new link you just made will automatically bounce to LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows.

What would probably be a better idea, though, would be to make a new subpage (likeMaddy/LogathaSpinner), then cut-and-paste all the text from LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows to that page. Erase everything on LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows, replacing it with #REDIRECT Maddy/LogathaSpinner. That way you'll have the content in a subpage of your home page, and any links to the old LogathaSpinnerLordofBlackshadows which may have sprung up will point to the correct place.

Hopefully this was helpful instead of overwhelming.


--- Thank you so much! I'll try to absorb all this stuff. Your help is invaluable to me!

PS: Also be aware that InCharacter/Demons exists.

Hi Maddy! I've added in a few alternative linking strategies for you to look at. ^_^ -- BrokenShade

--- I wasn't able to find them. :P Help?

--Hey Maddy! I think your Necromancy spells totally rock. Especially the "Aspect of Death" ones. Very balanced, IMO, they very much fit the style of Exalted. Great work! I just have a question about your demon Logatha, how come you gave her the Blessing charms? I'm not real sure on that. Otherwise, awesome contributions! Very nice.-- Gorol

Sorry I didn't get back to this page to see this comment when it was made, but thanks! I really enjoy your compliments. Logotha has the 'blessing' charms because in the plot I was running at the time, Anuhle worshipers were calling her up to bless them. It made them a little more formidable for the fairly experienced Solar circle I was running through it. <i>