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"Exalted" uses 9 traits to define a character's basic capabilities. Add ideas for new uses for old Attributes, rearrangements of the old Attribute system, and the like here. This is not a page for Charms; go to Charms for that. This is a page specifically for non-Charm Attribute houserules.

Specific Attribute Houserule Pages

Note: when creating a new Attribute subpage, please include a brief note at the top explaining what the Attribute covers and what the page covers, as well as a linkback to this page. Template example:Attributes/Appearance.

General Attribute Houserule Pages



What about Willpower and Essence? Aren't they attributes too? Or is there another name for them?
-- Darloth

Willpower and Essence count as Advantages in Exalted terminology. They are also not like Attributes in that they naturally go above 5 (For Exalts anywyas with Essence), and tend to be rolled on their own or with other traits for magical purposes. They also tend to do things like determine difficulties to be resisted with, or dice-pool penalties or magics. And stuff. Blaque

Should we maybe make each of those attributes into either a sub-link or their own page? Like for optional rules, descriptions of what each level is or does, links to relivant other pages (like lunar and alchemical charms for example), discussions about related stuff, etc. Thoughts?

I'd argue for their own pages, and I've put in links to do so -- but not filled out the pages at all. -- JesseLowe