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Thought it might be worth having a page where people can put email addresses, online contact names, ICQ numbers etc if they want to and don't mind being contacted for Exalted chat/questions/etc.

CrownedSun - Email:, and Founder of #WoD on mIRC (

CorlanDashiva - msn and email:, sometimes on mIRC ( #WoD) as CorlanDashiva

Garden - email:, MSN:

MidKnight - Email:, AIM: MidKnightX, MSN:, ICQ: 7700719. Other places as well, just those are always available.

Quendalon - email:, AIM: firebranch

Tjcoonrod - email:, Yahoo IM:Tjcoonrod, PM me here on this forum Or PM this forum


email: -- AIM: kirindave