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It is a world of darkness, and an age of savage adventure...

The Age of Sorrows has come and gone, and left a changed world in its wake. The Shogunate's devastating war with the nations of doomed Autochthon has left the world without a single unifying force, as nations squabble and bicker for power, their magic and technologies expanding as they search for an edge that might bring them the power they wish for...

Behind the scenes, Heaven is in chaos; the Sidereals plot and scheme against each other, each faction hoping to bring their own forces to power, the unity that they once held a fading memory. Rogue Sidereals slip around the fringes of society, trying to hold a fragment of freedom burning in a world nearly devoured by crippling rules...

Moving like shadows through the world, the Lunars act as they always have; predators, defenders, and teachers, they are always a step ahead of Sidereal hit squads and magitech responses, reminding the world that people must stand on their own, either by helping them find their feet, or with fountains of blood...

The Deathlords plot and weave, sending their newest agents, the Abyssals, into the world, trying to usher the end of the Third Age almost before it begins, and send the world screaming into Oblivion...

The Fair Folk stalk, as they always have, pockets of the Wyld materializing and vanishing across Creation as they seek to evade the Defense Grid and tear apart the fabric of existance...

Into this come the Solar Exalted, a power not seen for almost 3000 years. The world stands on the razor's edge. Will they be the force to redeem the world, or bring it to ruin?

What stories will they report of your deeds?

What the Hell?

Ok, the explanation goes here. World of Steel and Glass is an alternate history for Exalted. Exactly where it diverges, and what happens because of it, is listed in the History section. What you're playing, and what you're doing, is below that. And yes, there is a lot. At 31,000+ words, this is easily my largest project to date.

History of the World

The First Age; From the Fall of the Primordials to the Great Contagion.
The Second Age; From the Wyldwar to the Ashen Crusade.
The Third Age; The rise of nations to the present age.

Technology of the World

FrivYeti/SaGPower | Power Sources]]
FrivYeti/SaGComm | Communications and Video]]
FrivYeti/SaGTrans | Transportation]]
FrivYeti/SaGProd | Mass Production]]
FrivYeti/SaGWeap | Weapons and Armour]]
FrivYeti/SaGComp | Computer Technology]]
FrivYeti/SaGMisc | Miscellaneous Technology]]

Nations of the World

FrivYeti/SaGDeheleshen | Deheleshen, The Empire of A Thousand Rivers]]
FrivYeti/SaGRathess | Rathess, the Children of the Dragons]]
FrivYeti/SaGChiaroscuro | Chiaroscuro, The Diamond Throne]]
FrivYeti/SaGLeague | The Western League, Pirates and Principalities]]
FrivYeti/SaGEstasia | New Estasia, Last Bastion of the Machine-God]]
FrivYeti/SaGPangu | Pangu, the Centre of Faith]]
FrivYeti/SaGBalmori | The Balmori Republic, Ashes of Victory]]
FrivYeti/SaGMinor | Minor kingdoms; The Fringes]]
FrivYeti/SaGBrass | The World of Brass Shadows; Autochthon and the Deathlords]]
FrivYeti/SaGHeaven | Yu Shan; Fractured Heaven.]]


  • Religions

FrivYeti/SaGImmac | The Immaculate Order]]
FrivYeti/SaGGoldDragons | The Gold Dragons]]
FrivYeti/SaGCelestines | The Celestines]]
FrivYeti/SaGMachine | The Cult of the Machine-God]]

  • Dragon-Blooded

FrivYeti/SaGHunt | The Wyld Hunt]]

  • Sidereals

FrivYeti/SaGJade | The Jade Faction]]
FrivYeti/SaGSteel | The Steel Faction]]

  • Lunars

FrivYeti/SaGPact | The Silver Pact]]
FrivYeti/SaGUnder | The Undercities]]

  • Mixed

FrivYeti/SaGGold | The Gold Faction]]


This game will be using most of my house rules, as well as some rules from my specialized setting. For ease of reference, they are linked here, along with the rules written just for Steel and Glass.

FrivYeti/HouseRules | House Rules]]
FrivYeti/SaGRules | Setting-specific Rules]]
FrivYeti/SaGAbilities | Ability Changes]]
FrivYeti/SaGMeritsFlaws | Merit and Flaw Changes]]
Background Revisions
FrivYeti/SagCharGen | Character Creation By Group]]

FrivYeti/SaGFire | Firearms Tables; both mundane and artifact firearms]]
FrivYeti/SaGVehicles | Vehicle List - mundane vehicles.]]
FrivYeti/SaGArtifacts | Artifact Changes and New Artifacts]]


FrivYeti/SaGSolarCharms | Solar Charm Changes]]
FrivYeti/SaGNewSolarCharms | New Solar Charms]]
FrivYeti/SaGDragonCharms | Dragon-Blooded Charm Changes]]
FrivYeti/HSSpiritCharms | Spirit Charm Changes]]
(Note: Future Charm modifications and new trees will come in as corebooks are finished.)


Each of the following links, which will appear very gradually, contains ever-expanding information on specific areas of Creation, organizations, and the like.

FrivYeti/SaGDeheleshenExpanded | A Thousand Rivers Under The Dragons]] - Deheleshen and the Riverlands.