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Production in the World of Steel and Glass is in advanced stages. Through Essence engines and specialized automatons, the people of the Second Age have access to many mass-produced wonders.

Mass Production: Devices

Most mass production is done with Manse-factories; rather than redirecting Manse energy towards general power services, it is reworked into a small Essence generator that powers onsite automatons. The automatons are supervised by a few trusted mortal workers, but mass production mostly uses machinery.

Because of this, most small and simple objects are easily produced and remain low-cost. Most costs are based on higher-than-average material costs and the general costs to keep the Manse-factories running. Automatons are capable of most feats of construction, although Essence costs are far too high outside of Manses to justify them, as a rule.

Mass Production: Artifacts

Artifacts constructed from the Five Magical Materials function somewhat differently. No factory has been designed in the current Age capable of working Magical Materials. Instead, great workshops exist, where Exalts and thaumaturges work together to craft powerful wonders.

In game terms, characters with the proper Backing or Connections have easy access to Shogunate workshops for the purposes of artifact creation. Artifacts ranging up to Level 3 are common, and even 4s are not unheard of, although Level 5 artifacts remain outside the scope of all modern craftsmen (outside of a few Celestials who are not likely to share their art).

Mass Production: Automata

Automata have one disadvantage when compared to humans: they break. A fairly large repair industry exists in most major nations, and many of the smaller ones, and training as a repairman is not uncommon. Most automata require Crafts: Cybernetics and Lore at 2 in order to work maintenance, at 3 for repairs, and at 4 or 5 for design. Please note that these automata are extremely basic; they can understand and reply to speech, but they are limited to their fields, and have absolutely no external drive or capability to improvise or adapt. They are focused entirely on their orders, to the best of their extremely limited understanding.