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A Thousand Rivers Under The Dragons

The Eastern lands of Creation are home to the greatest military power of the Third Age: Deheleshen. Here, the last true vestige of the Shogunate holds sway, and Creation would do well to remember it. Those who come into contact with Deheleshen find it a powerful nation, always ready to dictate terms, a military autocracy that holds true to traditional ideals of the power of the Terrestrials. Mortals rarely aspire to high positions in the nation, and the power of the Dragons unites everyone against the threats that the nation faces.

But the Riverlands are a changing world, and Deheleshen is attempting to stand firm on shifting ground. With the rising power of Rathess and the Deathlords, and the threat of war between the remnants of the Shogunate, not to mention the return of the Anathema, can Deheleshen stand firm? Or will it be swept away?


This Wikibook covers the nation of Deheleshen, first of the Nation-Books of Steel Glass. It will cover the organization, culture, society, and military of the Riverlands, going into detail on life in Deheleshen and the dangers that this life entails. In particular, it will examine life as an Exalt in the East, and what player characters can expect. Finally, it will close with a few of the common artifacts used in the region that are seen less-often elsewhere in the world.


Prologue: Across The Thousand Rivers
History Of The Nation
The Prefactures Of Deheleshen
A Map of Deheleshen, with notes
Deheleshen - The Capitol
Relanass - A Sample Prefacture


Prelude: Earth Stands, Water Flows
The Government Of Deheleshen
The Houses Of The Dragon-Blooded
Religious Observances
Life For The People


Prologue: Fire Burns, Wood Grows
Military Organization
Life As A Soldier

Heresies And Enemies

Prologue: Sun Rises, Moon Sets
Heresies And Secret Societies
Enemies And Spies


Artifacts And Technologies
Charms Of Deheleshen