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Weapons And Armour

Some parts of Creation still use outdated weaponry, but the future is here, and it's powerful. Essence cannons, guns, and new types of armour are the norm, rather than the exception, and there's a lot of power in the new armies of Creation.

Archaic Weaponry

Archaic weapons still see use, but not much. Melee-wise, knives, staves, and brawling aids are still in use, but outside of the Exalts you don't see many swords, axes, spears or the like. Exalts, of course, follow whatever rules they want, and they have the raw power to make melee weapons stack up favourably against newer firearms; however, outside of the occasional anachronism, swords and the like are display pieces, nothing more.

Of course, those few mortals who learn the Terrestrial Martial Arts do so with mundane weapons, and in their hands, these weapons are deadly. Again, however, these are the exception, not the rule.

The same holds true, but to a greater degree, for bows and crossbows. Again, some Exalts learn these arts (fewer than learn melee tricks), but just as many learn to use newer Steelspitters, and the art of the bow is slowly dying out. Wood Dragon Immaculates are among the Dragon-Blooded who still learn archery, as do many Lunars and Solars, but firearms are the wave of the future even for Exalts.


Personal firearms are not uncommon in the Third Age. Pistols, rifles, even shotguns and assault rifles are produced, their availability dependant on the nation of their production. Ammunition, refined from the Firedust of the south or produced through thaumaturgy, is readily available. All military and police forces that want them have access to them.

As usual, Exalts are on the forefront of the development. Artifact guns, called Steelspitters, are produced for many groups. Jade, Starmetal, Moonsilver, and Soulsteel Steelspitters can be found; even a few returning Solars have started to create them. There aren't as many astonishing guns, as the First Age is long since ended, but their existance is definately becoming more common.

A subset of that is more powerful artillery; rocket launchers, howitzers, and similar effects. While delivery of such devices remains short-range, their destructive power is beginning to reach a level not seen since the days of the Usurpation.


Armour has made improvements, as well. New thaumaturgical processes allow the mass production of armours that can withstand greater blows with small penalties. These processes have even been incorporated into artifacts, making modern artifact armours superior to those that came before.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Fortunately for the world, the modern age has not progressed noticeably along the path to annihilation. While every nation retains a few bizarre First Age weapons, most were used in the two great wars, and the remainder are carefully stockpiled, as they cannot be reused. Most of these are unique and beautiful constructs, with very different methods of deployment and activation, and nothing in particular can be said about their capabilities that would even begin to cover them all.