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The world of the Third Age is one of many marvels. These scientific and magical breakthroughs come with new Abilities and rules. They also require a shuffling of the character sheet.
The following are two new Abilities, with notes on how they function.

I am amazingly lazy, so the Ability description paragraphs are paraphrased from Demon: The Fallen, with only a few changes. Credit goes therefore to its writers.


The world is filled with fast-moving cars, and this skill covers driving a motor vehicle under both simple and difficult conditions. More skilled drivers know how to drive a range of motor vehicles and can perform stunts and dangerous maneuvers, give and evade chase, and similar tricks.
It is assumed that a character with Drive may drive all cars, vans, and motorcycles. A character may purchase 'specialties' to allow them to pilot planes, drive motorboats, or drive large transport trucks. These specialties have a normal cost, but do not count towards a character's three specialties or grant bonus dice. When purchased, they apply the character's full Drive score to the new vehicle type.
Specialties: High-Speed Chases, Motorcycles, Stunts


Sometimes the easiest way to deal with a problem is to shoot it. Firearms covers the use and maintenance of all firearm types, from pistols to assault rifles, and is used primarily for shooting purposes.
When Firearms is first purchased, you may choose to have it apply only to Archery, or only to heavy weaponry (such as rocket launchers and artillery pieces). Later, you may purchase either of the remaining two options as 'specialites', as with Drive, above.
Specialties: Maintenance, Pistols, Trick Shots


The Sail and Archery Abilities are removed, because they don't really have a place here.

Despite the technological level of Cities of Steel and Glass, the world is still the world of Exalted; Crafts, Lore, and Occult take the place of science and technology.

There are no new Crafts areas; most characters use Crafts: Air, Crafts: Fire, and Crafts: Magitech to maintain the World. Crafts: Magitech does NOT require Air or Fire - however, these may be required for direct hardware alterations, as opposed to simple maintenance and operation.


In all cases, Drive replaces Sail and Firearms replaces Archery.


(Comments related to things that were changed totally have been removed.)