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Miscellaneous Technologies


Construction technology in the Third Age has advanced a great deal. With trace amounts of magical materials, construction automatons can build great skyscrapers and amazing buildings. Without the loss of the Shogunate, this technology has only advanced. The downtown areas of almost every city are filled with skyscrapers rising twenty, thrity, or forty stories, almost blocking out the sky. Even the suburbs typically have two and three story buildings, which tend to be well-insulated and warm. Typical materials for construction include reinforced steel, Chirascuro glass, and small amounts of adamant and jade.

Food And Drink

For the most part, food and drink remains relatively local; it's simply not worth the transport costs to transport many foods over a large distance when local equivalents exist. However, for those with the money, it is easy to get ahold of almost any food and drink. As usual, apply a +1 Resources cost to food from a different direction of the world.

Heating And Cooling

In the World of Steel And Glass, heating and cooling are relatively cheap and easy. While the poor have to make do with substandard systems, heating and cooling both draw directly off a city's Essence nets, and are therefore much easier to accomplish. Rural communities, of course, have to make do with whatever they can siphon off their Essence reactors.

The net result is that as long as you have a home, you are more or less guaranteed to be warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer. Of course, the exact definition of 'warm enough' and 'cool enough' are open to debate, and life in some nations (especially Chirascuro) can become fairly uncomfortable; however, citizens are not likely to freeze to death or die of heatstroke.


Medical technology had a certain amount of difficulty advancing in Creation. This is primarily because diseases are caused by Essence imbalances and spread by malevolent gods, as opposed to having direct physical causes. Because of this, technology does not really have the ability to improve medical conditions. Thaumaturgical wardings against disease and properly appeasing infusions still chase away disease, keeping medical capabilities above what they would be in medieval Earth, but general medicine is not really skilled.

Some medicines have advanced, however. Due to an increase in technology, surgery is at a modern level. Basic prosthetics are common for those who have lost a limb, and anyone with the money can get even artificial eyes, hearts, or fully working limbs. Surgery is relatively safe, and most people trust their physicians.