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My House Rules



When purchased, the Crafts Ability provides one Craft automatically, such as Crafts (Fire) or Crafts (Air). Each extra Craft may be purchased at the cost and training times of a specialty, at which point the player applies her full Crafts diepool to that Craft.

Using Crafts to create artifacts uses my artifact creation modifications.


Linguistics is a score from 0 to 5 which measures a character's skill with the written word. It may be used to "craft" speeches that act as exceptional equipment to a social roll, or may be rolled directly for written social attacks. All Linguistics Charms use a character's Linguistics rating instead of whatever other social roll is listed.

Characters may purchase languages for 3 XP each, as though they were specialties; characters who favour Linguistics purchase new languages at 2 XP each. A character may use her full Linguistics rating with any language she knows.

Generic Rules

<b>Unskilled Penalties</b>

Exalts take a -1 die penalty to Abilities that they have a rating of 0 in. Mortals take a -2 die penalty.


Speed cannot be reduced below 3 by anything except Instant-Duration Charms or Charms that specify the ability to reduce Speed below 3. Every point below 3 that Speed would be reduced by another effect instead increases Rate by 1.

<b>High Essence Characters</b>

In order to raise Essence past 5, a character must always complete a Motivation (or at least take a concrete enough step towards their goals to qualify as completing Motivation). There are no exceptions. This provides a mechanical reason for most powerful people to not have the maximum Essence allowed for their age category. It does not alter any existing NPCs.

<b>High Essence Charms</b>

There are no Charms past Essence 6. Instead, characters use the Elder's Insights. Sidereal Martial Arts always start at Essence 4 or 5, and end at Essence 5 or 6.


Cast Sorcery is a Speed 4 action. It does not create a second Join Battle roll.


Revised Combo rules can be found over here.


Rules for slight Virtue alterations can be found here, at the discretion of players who wish to take them.

<b>Size And Size-Based Strength</b>

I have made small revisions to size bonuses and strength bonuses.

Equipment and Artifacts

<b>Altered Weapons</b>

Shortswords: Speed increases to 5, Accuracy drops to +1.
Straight Sword: Speed increases to 5, Damage increases to +4L.


Short daiklaves and baneclaws are designed to function better if paired. A lone short daiklave or baneclaw provides only a +2 Accuracy or Defense bonus. A short daiklave or baneclaw paired with a different type of weapon provides a +3 bonus. Only paired together do they provide the full +4 bonus.

Hearthstone Bracers mostly have their Magical Material bonus altered, as follows: Orichalcum provides +3 damage, Moonsilver provides +2BFrivYeti/L soak that counts as armor but ignores armor-piercing effects (only effects that remove non-Stamina soak entirely remove it), Starmetal provides +1 to Accuracy, Defense, and Rate, and Soulsteel increases post-soak damage by 1 die, provided that any dice of damage are rolled.


Any one-handed artifact may be purchased as "paired". Paired artifacts are +1 artifact dot and +2 motes to attune instead of the normal costs.

Articulated Plate is Artifact 3.
Superheavy Plate is Artifact 4.

I use a altered set of rules for familiars.

Mass Combat

Area effect spells and weapons used in mass combat affect every soldier individually, rather than targeting single units.


My games uses my anima revisions for Celestial Exalts.

Charm Revisions

Martial Arts Charms

<b>Celestials And Terrestrial Martial Arts</b>: Celestial Exalts find that the Charms of the Terrestrial Martial Arts come more easily to them than to others. They treat all Terrestrial Martial Arts as having Martial Arts and Essence requirements one dot lower than usual (to a minimum of Martial Arts 1, Essence 1) for all purposes, including training times and Combo costs.

Solar Charms

<b>Elusive Dream Defense:</b>: This Charm is a perfect defense against any form of mental influence. That specific influence may not be used on the Solar again in the scene in which Elusive Dream Defense is activated.

<b>Fivefold Bulwark Stance</b>: This Charm is Simple.

<b>Flow Like Blood</b>: This Charm is Reflexive.

<b>Tiger Warrior Training Technique</b>: This Charm requires only Fury-Inciting Presence and Any War Excellency as prerequisites; Rout-Stemming Gesture and Heroism-Encouraging Presence are removed from the prerequisite list.

Dragon-Blooded Charms

<b>Co-operative Charms:</b> Unless otherwise noted in the Charm text, all co-operative Charms may have a number of participants equal to the Essence ratings of the focusing character.

<b>Terrestrial (Ability) Reinforcement:</b> This Charm costs 1 mote per die, plus 1 mote per (Essence) targets. It boosts targets up to a maximum of the character's own rating, and the character may spend up to (Ability) motes in total on the effect.

<b>Essence Disruption Method</b>: This Charm is revised as follows: It is now a Simple action, and it cannot apply a greater penalty to the target's Essence expenditures than the character's Essence score. This is a manipulation of Essence effects, and not an attack.

<b>Defense From Anathema Method</b>: This Charm functions against all Celestial Exalts. It applies an external penalty to their attack rolls, rather than providing a DV bonus; this prevents it from being easily bypassed.

<b>Water-Graced Weapon</b>: This attack only applies a 1 tick penalty if it hits. Up to two penalties can be applied per flurry.

<b>Talented Improvisation</b>: This Charm allows a character to ignore all external penalties to Performance rolls, including penalties due to distraction, surrounding noise, or lack of proper instruments. Furthermore, the rest of the Performance tree removes the amazingly stupid requirement of having Specialties to use the Charms with specific instruments.

Lunar Charms

<b>Wolf Pack Training Method:</b> This Charm does not exist. It is replaced with 'training Knacks'.

Sidereals Charms

  • <b>Someone Else's Destiny: This Charm has the Combo-OK Keyword
  • Optimistic Security Practice: Once an opponent spends 3 Willpower, she is immune to the mental effects of this Charm. This Charm has the Illusion Keyword.
  • Elemental Vision: In addition to its effects, this Charm reduces the target number of any roll on which the Sidereal spends a Willpower for successes or Virtue dice when dealing with appropriate elementals by 1.
  • Excellent Implementation Of Objectives: This Charm is Combo-OK
  • Implicit Construction Methodology: This Charm costs only 15m, 1w, and 1lhl. It allows a character to craft objects without actually being present; he suffers a -1 external penalty to use his hands during this time, but can otherwise do whatever he wants for the entire crafting process. Furthermore, the character completes two days of work each day, due to the magic not stopping to rest; this multiplies with any other effects that reduce construction time, instead of adding.
  • Duck Fate: This Charm avoids any effect that the character wants, just like in First Edition. It has the Combo-OK and Obvious Keywords.
  • Avoidance Kata: This Charm has the Combo-Basic Keyword.
  • Shun The Smiling Lady: Someone whose feelings cease may pay 4 Willpower to continue to counter the Charm.
  • You And Yours Stance: Spending one Willpower allows a target to resist this Charm for one action. Spending 3 Willpower allows them to resist it for the scene.
  • Soft Presence Practice: This Charm is Permanent; it allows a Sidereal to spend one additional mote when activating a Charm or Combo to halve how many motes were spent for the purposes of them adding to her anima banner (round up). Motes spent on this Charm do not add to the character's anima banner.
  • Underling Invisibility Method: If the character takes successful hostile action against any target, that target considers them a threat and can perceive them normally.
  • Secrets Of Future Strife: This Charm permanently adds the character's Essence to her Join Battle rolls.
  • Blade of the Battle Maiden: This Charm is a Sidereal-only Charm. It has (Any Celestial Form Charm) as a prerequisite, treats as its Form weapons whatever weapons are Form weapons for the character's Martial Arts, and is replaced in the Charm tree by Crimson Palm Counterstrike. It cannot be used in armor, regardless of which Style it is learned from.
  • Life-Severing Blow now has Horrific Wreath as a prerequisite.