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Merit and Flaw Changes



Mutation: The character may not purchase a size-based Mutation under any circumstances.


Jack of All Trades: This Merit costs only 2 pts for Exalted.


Priest: The 7-pt version of this Merit is completely disallowed. Buy Mentor or something.

Destiny: This Merit runs counter to the way the Loom of Fate seems to work. Especially not the 'only mortals with Destiny get Celestial Exaltation' bit. This Merit is disallowed completely.

Lucky: This Merit costs 2 pts per 'Lucky' dot, rather than 1 pt. Sidereals pay only 1 pt for the first two dots.

Taint's Warning: This Merit may be purchased, at +2 pts, to trigger only in the character's mind.



Vice: This Flaw may be a Merit or a Flaw, depending on whether the Storyteller considers it to be advantageous to the character to have it. Either way, it reduces a character's Virtue by 1 pt for every point spent or gained. Vice may also raise a character's Virtue for unpleasant situations (for example, having increased Valor only for responding to insults). A character may have one Vice per Virtue, but may not have more than 3 total points of Vices.


Dark Fate: Like Destiny, this Flaw is prohibited.

Beacon of Power: This is a 2 or 5 pt flaw. As a 2-pt Flaw, the character's Personal Essence pool is halved (rounding down), and the extra points are placed in her peripheral pool. As a 5-pt flaw, the character's entire Personal Essence pool is placed in her Peripheral pool.