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This is the place for positing more information about challenges you are looking to do, or for setting things up. Once a basic challenge is agreed on in principle, you should set up a page for it and do things like sign negotiations there. This is more for connecting people to fight. Have fun.


Looking for something in particular? Tell us about it.

Ian, would you be interested in pitting your style against Snake? I no Snake expert, but I could run the opposition if you wanted. -- Wordman

Sure. I mean, I know mine will be somewhat more powerful, since I made it at a higher Essence (goes up to 5 instead of 3), but it would be good to get a feel for how much more powerful it is. - IanPrice

On toTrialBySchmendrick/SnakeVsWingedSerpent

I'd like to give my homebrew MartialArts/TwiningElementalDragon style a go at some point soon. -- Somori who still needs to finish off the formatting.
I'll take up that challenge, if you're willing to go up against the terror of Panic Monkey Style. If so, go ahead and make the page for our poor Schmendricks and we can discuss Signs. :) - FrivYeti
On toTrialBySchmendrick/TwiningElementalDragonVsPanicMonkeyStyle

I'd like to test MartialArts/ThirteenGoldenDragonsStyle against pretty much any celestial style, as I think it needs some tweaking to be useful. It's written for first edition though, and would likely work better under power combat.
-- Darloth

I want to pit Celestial Monkey style - 1e - against something, simply to see how well it would do. Power combat, for preference. - Molikai

Vermillion Spider. - willows
Vermilion Spider, Willows? I'm not familiar with it - your own style? And.. Is that a Challenge? :) Molikai
Yes and yes. I don't visit the wiki very often anymore, though, so it'll be a slow one. You have any specific terms you wanted to use? - willows
Neat. Guardian & Spear leap to mind, for maximum use of my pinnacle charm... Artifact armour & weapons, respectively. I'm open for any enviromental Mods you want to make: I feel fighting somewhere other than a featureless plain would be more... Interesting. For stunts, at any rate. Nice style, by the way - Just looked over it. :) I'm in no rush, I note. - Molikai
And.. It occurs to me: should we create a page ofr it now and commence formal negotiations, or would it be preferred if we wait 'till the current bout is over? - Molikai
Your bout is unrelated to Somori and FrivYeti's, so there is no need to wait until theirs is concluded. - TonyC
On toTrialBySchmendrick/VermillionSpiderVsCelestialMonkey

Looking to balance test my Carmine Mandala of Consumption Style. Avaible for both first and second edition. -Ambisinister

I need to test my MA style Flash God Style. Anybody up for the challenge? I think it has some kinks that need to be worked out. Any non-Sidereal MA style is welcome (though Celestial is preferred.) -Overshee (Contact me at moomoothecow at gmail dot com if you're interested, I've been known to forget about the wiki.)

I'd like to see if all the buzz I've been hearing about Terrestrial Hero Style is true - that, in point of fact, its capstone is as broken as the general populace seems to be taking it to be. Personally, I remain unconvinced, and only TrialBySchmendrick can resolve the matter! Ideally, my opponent would be using Five-Dragon, since I'm most interested in the balance of the canon styles, but if that doesn't work out, I'll try any Terretrial style.

(I'd also be willing to go up against Solar Hero, since I've been hearing that THS is better than SHS, which I frankly don't believe at all.) - Hapushet

I'd be up for running Five-Dragon if there are no other takers. -- Wordman
Sweet! Let's do it! - Hapushet
On toTrialBySchmendrick/TerrestrialHeroVsFiveDragon

School of Terrestrial Exalts seeking challengers to test their skills against both Masters and promising students of our school. (Since I'm pretty close to done, I'd like to set up some fights lined up for my Fifteen Cyclic Elemental Styles. I'm looking for fights involving single terrestrial styles with no Combos, and fights involving masters of three terrestrial styles and one Immaculate Dragon Path.) - IanPrice

I'm down. You pick what you want me to fight with. -- Wordman

I'm going to do them in order, so you'd be fighting Ascending Air first. If you don't want to pick a style, then I'd be happy to test against Five Dragon all around, since 5DS is a nice complete combat style. - IanPrice
5DS it is, then. Hey, all! If Ian is going to test fifteen styles in a row, he's gonna need some more challengers. Step right up! -- Wordman
Alright, Resplendent Air is out of the way. I'll take on Descending next, if you'd like. Any preference on First Pulse or Jade Mountain? I still like the idea of a fight between 3 of the Even Blade variants and all three of your earth styles at the same time could be fun. -Ambisinister
Having thought about it some more, I'd like to do First Pulse vs Descending Air. That cool with you, Ian?-A
Oooh, I have been waiting to see FIrst Pulse in action. - Hapushet, grabbing popcorn
I'd like that too. First Pulse vs. Descending Air it is. - IanPrice

For a change-up, I'd love it if I could see someone else run the style I've made up, while I try to beat up on it with a canon style. Any takers? - IanPrice

I've always got time, though you may be sick of running up against me!-Ambisinister
If only for variety's sake, I would like to give others the chance. But if no other challengers show up by tomorrow, I'll throw a page up there for us. I think I'll take Chaowin Registrophe's variant against Ascending Earth. - IanPrice
On toTrialBySchmendrick/AscendingAirVsFiveDragon
On toTrialBySchmendrick/ResplendentAirVsTerrestrialHero
On toTrialBySchmendrick/DescendingAirVsFirstPulse

I'd play anybody, I'd be willing to defend any published style. To be honest, I'd like to play every style at least once and I can't think of a better way to do it then here or TrialbyFire, which I'm also in to. Aincumis

I would be interested in playtesting my Thunder God Style against whatever style you choose to utilize. - Han'ya
What published Celestial Martial Art would you say Thunder God Style is most akin to?
Having not gotten my greedy mitts on Scroll of the Monk, I'd say Water Dragon Style, but it's a tenuous connection.
So would you set up a page then ~Aincumis
Actually I am a tad busy at the moment. If we could wait until next weekend, I could give you my full attention. If that's a problem, I'm terribly sorry.
Sure, whatever. I'll totally go with Water Dragon, I here it's good or something, but haven't ever actually played with it. ~Aincumis

Even fighting Han'ya I'd still fight anybody else Aincumis

He can do it easily. I'm no challenge at all. - Han'ya


If you have comments about this page, put them here. If you want to fight, use the section above.

I'd like to give this a shot, but I'm kind of unsure which style to test out. Can I put down 'most of them'? Consider them all fair game - I'd like to see some of the Sidereal ones in action, but I'm not sure how some styles would fare in a close environment. - DeadManSeven, linking like the cool kids do