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This is my User Page.

Hey, my name's Christian. I'm Canadian, in my twenties, and boy howdy do I love Exalted.

What motivated me to finally get a login for this wiki is the Trial by Fire and the Trial by Schmendrick things, though I've been a huge fan of the whole community, especially FrivYeti, for a long long time now.

Some Random Thoughts

There are:

The Animal Styles

  • Snake Style
  • Tiger Style
  • Mantis Style

We need a Crane, a Bear, a non-Celestial Monkey and about five or ten other styles. I think the Animal styles should be prevalent, Solars AND Lunars both favored styles of this nature, so why do we only get three? Where's Tyrant Lizard Style? Scorpion Style? Octopus Style?

The Magical Beast Styles

  • Celestial Monkey Style
  • Water Dragon Style
  • Earth Dragon Style
  • Fire Dragon Style
  • Wood Dragon Style
  • Air Dragon Style
  • Ebon Shadow Style
  • Righteous Devil Style
  • Hungry Ghost Style
  • Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style

We need a Phoenix, Unicorn and Griffin Styles ... some of those sound like they're likely designed for Fair Folk, but we need others like 'em. Others based off Demons or Gods would be perfect as well. Perhaps Solar or Lunar practitioners or admirers of the Immaculate Dragon Styles (or the Sidereals that invented them) would design Solar Dragon or Lunar Dragon style, which would synergize with Solars and Lunars like the Dragon Styles do to the proper Aspects.

The Virtue Styles

  • Art of Forceful Deceleration
  • Art of Meditative Discussion
  • Art of Relentless Persuasion
  • Art of Victorious Concession

Should there be a Willpower style to complete the cycle of 5? Should it be Sidereal level? The Adamant Art of Willful Perseverance?

The Color Styles

  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Style

I desperately want styles for all the other divisions of the Bureau of Destiny. There should be a Golden Barque of Heaven Style, a Crimson Panoply of Battles Style, a Cerulean Lute of Serenity Style, and a Forbidding Manse of Ivy Style

The Hero Styles

  • Solar Hero Style
  • Lunar Hero Style
  • Black Messiah Style

There should be some other hero styles. I like the idea of the ValiantMortalStyle, i think Mountain Folk, Fair Folk and Dragon Kings should all have their own iconic Hero style.

Other Wacky Styles

  • Dreaming Pearl Courtesan
  • Laughing Wounds Style

I know this is where all the crazy ideas I have trying to think up martial arts is probably gonna end up.

So, in conclusion, a list of martial arts I must find/make/comission/bribe the Yozis for

  • Cerulean Lute of Harmony Style
  • Forbidding Manse of Ivy Style
  • Crimson Panoply of Victory Style
  • Golden Barque of Heaven Style
  • Tyrant Lizard Style
  • Octopus Style(on the wiki for 1st Edition)
  • Bear Style (on the wiki for 1st Edition)
  • Shark Style (on the wiki for 1st Edition)
  • Wolf Style (on the wiki for 1st Edition)
  • Crane Style (teflonshugenja's ResplendentCraneStyle should do in a pinch)
  • Scorpion Style (FrivYeti I think has one)
  • Eagle Style (on the wiki for 1st Edition)
  • Drunken Monkey Style (combining both my want of a drunken master Celestial style and a Monkey style that isn't Celestial-Monkey)
  • Ascending Phoenix Style (Seelie)
  • Descending Unicorn Style (Unseelie)
  • Solar Dragon Style
  • Lunar Dragon Style
  • Heroic Mortal Style (Which I think should just be FrivYeti's ValiantMortalStyle)

If I had THOSE added to my list of martial arts, I would be a happy camper


Cool, I get a special mention! ;) Welcome to the Wiki, and I hope you can jumpstart the Trial; although I'm too busy these days to take part, I will watch with interest. - FrivYeti

Hello! Friv Monsieur Yeti is a good welcome wagon, but I'll jump on to say hello too. It's good to see new blood. - Paincake