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= The Shadows of the Stars in the Underworld =

As all things are in creation, so they are in the underworld. While the light of the stars cannot be seen, their shadows can, and such is the darkness of the undeworld that even their shadows are some of the greatest lights. When the Calander of Setseh was used to make the skies move, the stars came to life, and the first stirrings of change entered the Underworld. It is by these stars that rule and control over the Underworld is maintained, because without these destinies for the ghosts to cling to blindly, and do what they say as their souls were used to in life, there would be nothing to rule by but power, and chaos results; thus by introducing chaos in the random movements of the stars, chaos is deferred, and progress can be made in the lands of the dead.

Standard House, new houses

 The House of Trials
 "   The Mast             The Storm  
 "   The Messenger       TheStarsShadows/TheThief
 "   The Captain          The Stowaway  
 "   The Ship's Wheel     The Rushing Current  
 "   The Gull             The Vulture  
The House of Misfortune
 "   The Peacock         TheStarsShadows/ThePluckedHen
 "   The Ewer            TheStarsShadows/TheUrn  
 "   The Pillar           The Chasm  
 "   The Musician         The Liar  
 "   The Lovers           The Betrayer  
The House of Failure
 "   The Quiver           The Target  
 "   The Gauntlet         The Bleeding Hand  
 "   The Spear            The Wound  
 "   The Banner           The Rebellion  
 "   The Shield           The Feint  
The House of Untouchables
 "   The Key              The Gravekeeper  
 "   The Guardians        The Murderer  
 "   The Treasure Trove   The Dragon  
 "   The Sorcerer         The Charltan  
 "   The Mask             The Rapist  
The House of Dismemberment
 "   The Rising Smoke     The Falling Ash  
 "   The Crow             The Eye  
 "   The Haywain          The Bowels  
 "   The Sword            The Arm  
 "   The Corpse           The Head  


GoldenH made these because he didn't like that mine, TheDarkHouses, weren't evil reflections of the Sidereals' Constellations...ya know, maybe we should just list these on the same page, with GH's as alternate names? - Telgar

Well I don't really feel like competing, and also I have no intention of making charms. The charms should work under the image of the constellation, and with different concepts for the houses, then the dark charm lists simply won't work together. I think it's best to leave yours for your thing and mine for an alternative if people don't want dark sidereal charms and things like that. - GoldenH

Some of these constellations are hard to visualize. What does a rebellion or a feint look like? - Quendalon

That was my problem with Telgar's Fallen Man. - FourWillowsWeeping

The Fallen Man could be sprawled at an odd angle with a sword through his head. :) - Quendalon

Well, the Rapist is kinda harsh, but it fits, and I generally don't pull punches when I find something that fits. Rebellion and Feint are actually easier to conceptualize as relations rather than images, and then to put these same relations on the images and see what you get. This is the advantage of doing it as reflections instead of new concepts; start at the creation image, apply a modifier, then you get the ending image. It requires understanding of how things work in creation, but then, all things in the underworld do. Of course, somethings have broken relationships (such as the House of Dismemberment) but in these cases I have tried to keep it as visual as possible. (The eye, for instance, would be a circle with a dot where the pupil should be and a line of stars going away towards the head, the optic nerves from being torn out of the eye.

The Rebellion therefore looks like The Banner torn into two. Feint is harder, but I suggest since I didn't use the Sword, we use the sword here, only the mirror image (seeming to swing the other way)

Any other ones you're having a problem visualizing? - GoldenH

If anyone's interested, I have another version of the CalendarofSetesh I'm working on. In my view its less of a negative version of the Loom of Fate, and more.... well you'll see. Comments would be greatly appreciated. - Glamourweaver

I love the names for constelations of the underworld stars. Could you write some "Sripture Of The Maiden" stuff for them? Sindaen

If I get inspiration, I promise I will. But I have none at the moment. Sorry! - GoldenH