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A solar craftsman with more than a touch of abyssal - The Craftsman
You know what are overly common? Solars. Here's one.TheHoverpope/Tamahagane
Hayyoth, second edition. Hayyoth
Black-Sun Emissary - Night caste for a hypothetical upcoming game
TheTheHoverpope/Apostle Who Has Passed Through Midnight To Day - Powerful redeemed abyssal
TheHoverpope/Dannithe, the Man Bearing Six Talents - Biomagitech obsessive solar, Apostle's ally
TheHoverpope/NicolauTorhemata, Solar Inquisitor
TheHoverpope/BoyRiverTam - solar martial artist; upgraded for experience


TheHoverpope/YasuYukio -clever sidereal for FrivYeti/Bagrash
TheHoverpope/YasuRyuko - another option for FrivYeti/Bagrash
TheHoverpope/TheArchetypalBlade - He is what he is.
TheHoverpope/Dalli the Whisperer
TheHoverpope/ManeshoZathi - Sidereal savant
TheHoverpope/CherryBlossomDoll - sidereal performer, FrivYeti's Power Ceiling rules
TheHoverpope/SingingHarborBreeze - Sidereal in the west
TheHoverpope/ThunderousSarra - War captain of heaven's troops
TheHoverpope/UnderworldWanderer - Sidereal ally of the mountain folk
TheHoverpope/WitheringTana - sidereal assassin



TheHoverpope/TakeshiDaialla - Shogunate era sorceror/martial artist
TheHoverpope/DjenusBaran - Dragonblood demon-summoner
TheHoverpope/YoungManSif - Martial artist - starting outcaste


TheHoverpope/HeavenVoicedAlesa - Tree-singer totem lunar, Apostle's ally
A lunar- with no killing power whatsoever, as a point.TheHoverpope/InkBlackenedWings
TheHoverpope/Suka, rat-totem city lunar
TheHoverpope/DalatheIceSkinned - wyld-touched mad lunar prophet TheHoverpope/StrengthofMany - My take
TheHoverpope/GrandfatherFrost - my take
TheHoverpope/HeavenlyGracefulRazor - Lunar for my current campaign - Friv, stay away.
TheHoverpope/MercifulTalon - high compassion lunar martial artist
TheHoverpope/FollowerOfHonouredPrecepts - Lunar samurai
TheHoverpope/RellaUntouchable - Lunar dodge monkey TheHoverpope/Coldeyes

An evil Circle I'm making for reasons that totally are not about writing.

TheHoverpope/Anesca, who Brings Justice - infernalist manse architect
TheHoverpope/Eko, TheFangshield - Army raising educator
TheHoverpope/HundredPassionsSlave - Eko's lunar bodyguard
TheHoverpope/HeresiarchMaskedBytheDamned - An abyssal with a history

The Dead

I made a deathlord. A first try at that whole field of endeavor.TheHoverpope/TheWright

TheHoverpope/TheStabfulPrototype - Abyssal design for murderpractice

Bad Guy Team

The boss fight team for my western game.
-TheHoverpope/TheWindSong - Adorjani exalt
-TheHoverpope/HarbingerOfNoGlories - high power abyssal
-TheHoverpope/RagaraPellasa - Helltech wielding dragonblood martial artist
-TheHoverpope/CrafterofMen Malfean exalt with some she who lives in her name - malfeas attacks, she who lives in her name weapon.
-TheHoverpope/SharpEdgedToy- dual axe-wielding malfean amalgam, withTheHoverpope/Asciona, second circle demon, riding
-TheHoverpope/ProgenitorofPatricidalIntent - apostate alchemical colossus.
-TheHoverpope/LamaBarrelli - zuratha akuma'd lunar martial artist
-TheHoverpope/PurebloodDeshi - Dragonblood martial artist zuratha akuma


TheHoverpope/Rana, the thaumaturge


TheHoverpope/GreatPeregrine - big bad falcon.