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Dala the Ice Skinned

The lunars learned long ago that if they are to survive in the wyld, they must build their defenses, form impermeable barriers between themselves and the chaos. Some of them, though, did not have their tattoos and their charms ready when they first encountered the Wyld. And some of them perhaps are not so interested in their barriers being impermeable.

Dala is something of an eccentric among the lunars, a mistrusted lunar who hunts alone and stalks the wyld for power and wisdom. He has singlehandedly fought off invasions of the fair folk that Creation never heard about, and he has fought with the fair folk against inscrutable enemies that creation wouldn't understand. These efforts have not left him untouched, and he is somewhat mad, as well as bearing mutations from before he was tattooed. Dala the Ice Skinned is a medium (250) experience Full Moon lunar being written up in myTheHoverpope/CasteBookFullMoon.


Motivation: Protect creation from the Wyld.
Totem: Osprey
Caste: Full Moon

Physical: 2*/5*/3*
Social: 1/5*/3
Mental: 5/5/2

archery 5, awareness 1, dodge 1, integrity 1, investigation 1, larceny 1, lore 1, *Martial Arts 5, Occult 3, performance 1, presence 1, resistance 3, stealth 3, *survival 2,

Virtues and Essence:
Compassion: 1
Conviction: 2
Temperance: 5
Valor: 2 Willpower 7

Graces: Staff 1

Backgrounds: Artifact 3, Allies 2, Heart's Blood 2,

Charms and Knacks:
Prey's Skin Disguise
Deadly Beastman Transformation
First Intelligence Excellency
First Dexterity Excellency
Golden Tiger Stance
Instinct Driven Beast Movement
First Manipulation Excellency
Armor Forming Technique

Thick Skin (Dala's skin is naturally partially made of crystals of ice)
Fragile (Dala's bones are, unfortunately, also ice.)
Tirobhava Oath: Oath of Dala - I will use my mind as a weapon of truth against the Wyld. (Glorious Hero Form [Intelligence and Perception] x3)

Bonus Point Expenditure
2 Points conviction - 6bp
Perception 5 - 4 bp
Manipulation 5 - 3bp
Martial Arts 4,5 - 2 bp

250 Experience Expenditure:
Essence 3, 4: 45
Archery 4,5: 14.
Instinctive Dexterity Unity:10
Flawless Dexterity Unity (In Beastman Form) to +3: 16
Flawless Intelligence Unity (In Beastman Form) +3: 16
Terrifying Beastman Alteration 10
Wasp Sting Blur (10)
Twin Fang Technique (10)
Mask of White Jade (10)
Form Fixing Method (10)
Harmony With Reality Technique (10)
Disharmony Through Chaos Method (10)
Eagle Fish Transition(10)
Staff grace 2,3,4,5: 30
Beguilement (16)
Spite Summoning Malediction(16)