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Anesca Who Brings Justice

Anesca was raised by an inconsequential demon cult in An-Teng, which without a loremaster or even lore-competant was wildly inaccurate in its teachings. Carrying the normal beliefs of those who feel the usurpation of the primordials was wrong, it also tied in many of the beliefs of the immaculate order, falsely remembered many stories of the yozi, and believed in the elemental dragons as souls of the great titans. The cult was led by Anesca's parents, and shortly after they first worked up the nerve to make a human sacrifice to the yozi they were executed by a passing dragonblood who spent a couple of hours investigating. This ignominious beginning aside, Anesca grew up an orphan, quietly believing in the divinity of the yozi, the falsity of dragonblooded rule, and the need for vengeance. He spent his young life attempting to study the ways of the demon world with little success, but a single great moment of uncharacteristic bravery granted him the second birth of solar exaltation. He has obtained an ally in a pleasant and very trusting lunar sorceror, and a mentor in a third circle soul of Hegra. He now travels the southwest constructing manses specifically designed to act as a poison to the geomancy that is Gaea's flesh; should he ever do well enough to cause serious damage, he will no doubt be struck down quickly and decisively, and the same is true if his lunar ally were to learn of his true allegiance - already this friendship is slightly tested by Anesca's excessive use of summoned demons.

Enoch has promised that when he proves himself worthy, Anesca will be remade in the image of Hegra. Anesca works for this day with all of his heart.


Motivation: Avenge the yozi's suffering
Intimacies:TheHoverpope/Hegra,TheHoverpope/Enoch, architecture
Physical: 2/5/2 (8 experience for strength and stamina)
Social: 2/5/5 (4 bonus points)
Mental: 4/4/2 (4 bonus points)

Dawn: Archery 2, Martial arts 0, Melee 0, Thrown 0, War 3
Zenith: Integrity 3, Performance 3, Presence, Resistance, Survival 4(2 bonus)
Twilight: Crafts (Earth) 5 (2 bonus), Investigation 0, Lore 5 (2 bonus), Medicine 0, Occult 5
Night: Athletics 0, Awareness 0, Dodge 4, Larceny 0, Stealth 0
Eclipse: Bureaucracy 0, Linguistics 1, Ride 0, Sail 0, Socialize 3

Virtues: (FrivYeti's 6 virtue dots for solars rule)
Compassion: 1
Conviction: 5 (3 bonus points)
Temperance: 4
Valor 3
Willpower: 8
Essence: 2
Essence Pools: 15/34

Allies: 3 (Cheery benevolent 200 year old lunar sorceror)
Mentor: 4 TheHoverpope/Enoch)
Manse: 4 (4 bonus points) (Level 5 solar aspected Demense, theTheHoverpope/BrightestIsle)
Familiar: 2 Followers: 3 (The Mad Host)

Second Socialize Excellency
First Lore Excellency
Second War Excellency
Taboo Inflicting Diatribe
First Performance Excellency
Second Crafts Excellency
Third Integrity Excellency
Phoenix Renewal Tactic
Shadow Over Water
Friendship With Animals

Merits and Flaws:
Derangement (Glossolalia): 3
Unbidden Oracle: 1
Superstition (The Yozi Demand Sacrifice!): 3
Secrets (Infernalist trying to kill gaia): 3

Bonus point totals:
Attributes: 8 bonus points
Virtues: 3 bonus points
Abilities: 6 bonus points
Backgrounds: 4 bonus points

Experience: 170
Attributes: 8 experience
Abilities: 17 experience
War and Occult 4, 8 experience
Dodge 2-4, 9 experience Traits: 44 experience
Essence 3
Essence 4
Valor 2 and 3
Charms: 48 experience
Craftsman Needs No Tools, Bestial Traits Technique, King of Masks Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Celestial Circle Sorcery,
Spells: 40 experience
Private Plaza of Downcast Eyes, Emerald Countermagic, Summon First Circle Demon, Summon Second Circle Demon, Craft the Puissant Sanctum
Backgrounds: 9 (The mad host)
4 banked