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TheHoverpope/LittleOffice - Level 3 Sidereal Manse in Yu-Shan
TheHoverpope/GemBoundCaverns - level 5 demnse/3 manse under Gem
TheHoverpope/ThePrivateWorld - Level 4 manse in the east
TheHoverpope/FrozenCouncil - Northern level 4 manse, air aspect
TheHoverpope/BastionsWarManses - a template for a series of manses to be built through the south
TheHoverpope/TheNamesake - Glorious Bastion's capital. Unless Friv makes me change the name.


TheHoverpope/StoneofBrassCircumscribed - demon summoning stone, variable 1-5
TheHoverpope/LoversConcordance - level 2 coordinating stone
TheHoverpope/MindWarmthStone - A solar aspected hearthstone that enhances intimacies - level 2
TheHoverpope/MindLocusStone - Earth hearthstone that improves specialties - Level 2
TheHoverpope/HeartsTrillion - A Sidereal hearthstone enhancing virtue channels, level 3
TheHoverpope/StoneofWrathfulMight - valor affecting hearthstone


TheHoverpope/WhiteJadeDomains - A template for a solar circle redesigning the wyld
TheHoverpope/LightReturning - level 4 solar demesne in the south TheTheHoverpope/BrightestIsle - a level five solar demesne in the deep southwest

The Corrupting Asylums

Designed byTheHoverpope/Anesca Who Brings Justice, these manses are designed as powerfully infernal geomantic constructions to be blights on the flesh of Gaea; he wishes to make her suffer a portion of the pain of his master's master, Hegra. All of these have manse and hearthstones designed; some also have mutations.

TheHoverpope/TheDenoftheWoodLice, a level 1 southwest wood manse
TheHoverpope/FieldsofDespair, a level 1 southwest wood manse on a level 3 demesne
TheHoverpope/BlazingFleshCavern, a level 2 southwest fire manse
TheHoverpope/FateBrokenCave, a level 2 southwest Sidereal manse
TheHoverpope/TheMountainsRegret, a level 2 southwest earth manse
TheHoverpope/WeepingSpring, a level 2 southwest water manse
TheHoverpope/IncomparablyGlorifiedFuturesPalace - A sidereal manse in the south, level 3
TheHoverpope/TheEndofLoveHome - Water aspected manse in an-teng, level 3
TheHoverpope/VitriolicFountain, a level 3 western water manse


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