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Previous Themes

The Forteenth theme was Curses

From the boils inflicted by the local village hag to the eternal Great Curse itself, there are million ways of making someone's life less pleasant through the creative use of magic. The essence of a curse is to debilitate, humiliate or torture ones opponent without destroying them - whether it be to make them more receptive to bargaining, to make an example of them - or just to make them suffer.

Parched Liar's Tongue - Terrestrial Circle Sorcery -- IanPrice
Cost: 10 motes

This is a curse for those who are caught in the act of lying. Of course, it would have to be a particularly bad lie to earn the ire of a Sorcerer who could cast this spell, but even the most innocent of white lies makes one a valid target if the Sorcerer has seen the evidence of the untruth. The Sorcerer must have the subject of this curse held securely, either by bonds or guards if not both, and hold a torch above the liar's head while proclaiming the circumstances of the lie to be punished to at least 10 witnesses per dot of Essence possessed by the target. Upon finishing this speech, the torch is placed to the lips of the victim, and his mouth and throat instantly become entirely dry. They will not moisten no matter how the victim drinks, though this condition will not kill. The victim cannot speak, and what is more, can no longer take dishonest actions. To attempt to do so requires failure on a Compassion roll with bonus dice equal to the Essence of the Sorcerer who cast the curse. Food and drink can no longer be smelled or tasted, though the subject's sense of smell is otherwise unaffected. An interesting side effect of this is a +2 dice bonus to any Perception rolls the victim makes to detect non-food smells within his food, such as poison.

This spell is guarded by the righteousness of Hesieh, and will not function if the "lie" witnessed by the caster was not, in fact, an intentional untruth. This spell punishes only traitors, not incompetents. Against a target not worthy of this wrath, the torch will gutter and die before reaching his lips.

Muzzle the Wolfhound - Shadowlands Circle Necromancy -- Paincake
Cost: 10 motes

A version of this spell dates back as long as Essence-users have had relationships with one another. This version was crafted by a vindictive Abyssal, spurned by a Mortal lover. It grips the flows of life within a body and causes, for all intents and purposes, the 'death' of sexual function. This spell calls for a simple opposed essence roll, (the caster benefits from + his temperence and - his compassion) and the victor has the satisfaction of knowing that, barring extreme medical means, the target of this spell will be rendered unable to perform the sexual act, and entirely unable to enjoy it. Generally cast on men, it works on women as well, preventing excitement in both sexes.

Benediction of the Flawless Spirit - Celestial Circle Sorcery -- Xarak
Cost: 15 or 20 motes committed

Any powerful sorcerer will eventually make powerful enemies - some of them no doubt sorcerers like himself. This spell was created as a means of protection against the more insidious forms of attack which such foes are capable of. While this spell is active, which can be for as long as the sorcerer keeps the essence committed, he is instantly aware of any attempt to curse him. Furthermore, any such attempt made by a being of lower than his Essence automatically fails; other would-be cursers must equal or beat the caster in an opposed Essence roll or the curse fails (on top of any other saving throws the target may be entitled to.) If this spell protects him from any curse, the user can optionally make it appear to the caster that his curse has succeeded, although in fact it will have no effect; a reflexive Intelligence + Occult roll at difficulty 5 allows the trick to be detected.

This spell can be cast on targets other than the caster. The cost increases to 20 motes, which are paid by the caster, and it is still the caster, rather than the target, who is aware of curse attempts.

For the purposes of this spell, a "curse" is any Sorcery, Charm or other magical effect which targets one or more specific victims (not a whole town or everyone in an area), has direct effects which last more than one day (indirect effects, such as lost health levels, don't count), and are detrimental. Negative uses of Sidereal Astrology count as curses under this scheme. However, this spell cannot protect against or detect "cursed" artifacts, nor curses which effect anyone who enters a certain area (such as Wyld mutation), and so on - it only works against things which target the caster personally. This spell cannot remove curses which are already in place when it is cast, although it does allow them to be detected. It does not, however, allow knowledge of the Great Curse.

The spell has no visible effects, but anyone using All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight etc. will be able to see that the target's head is surrounded by a spherical shell of silver-grey essence.

Manacles of Contrition - Labyrinth Circle Necromancy -- DeathBySurfeit
Cost: 25 motes

As this incantation begins, the necromancer designates the subject of his wrath. Moans, screams of pain and anger fill the air; they are the voices of all those the subject has harmed (intentionally or otherwise) in his life. The ground seems to shift and heave beneath their feet; at the culmination of the spell's casting, its rends apart to let a multitude of spectral arms through. These grasp and claw their way up through air and matter alike to wrap their fingers around the subject's heart, clasping tightly and wrenching downward.

As the vision fades, the subject sees the world in a new light - now acutely aware of the pain he has inflicted on others, he seeks nothing more than to prevent it ever happening again. He gains an effective Compassion of 5 for the purposes of determining what actions are viable for him, although he may struggle as much as he wishes against the compulsion put upon him. Note that Abyssals experience their own version of Compassion 5, becoming euthanisers instead.

This spell fails to function on anyone with an Essence higher than the necromancer.

Dissident Marking Weave - Man-Machine Protocol -- ArabianNinja
Cost: 10 motes
Clarity Minimum: 1

This Weave is a simple one, marking a Mortal around their Soulgem with the Tattoo to declare them of the Lumpen Caste. Often used in conjunction with the Soul Annexing Proceedure, this Protcol is used on captured rebellers agains the Great Maker.

When cast on Mortals, the Tattoo is permanent. When Cast on the Terrestrial Exalted, the Mark lasts for [Casters Essence]x2 days before gradually fading away. When cast on the Celestial Exalted, the Mark lasts for [Casters Essence] Days before fading. In all cases, bearing the mark on ones forehead cases -3 dice to all social interations, as the tattoos are garrish, and anyone who can understand Old Realm will see the markings denote a criminal of high calibur. Terrestrial Exalts who wear the Mark have their Anima flare at the 8-10 mark for the duration. Celestial Exalts who wear the Mark have their Caste Mark made Permanently Visable for the duration, which cannot be concealed. If for some reason a Mortal were to Exalt, the mark wears off immediately.

Essence Dampening Procedure - God-Machine Protocol -- ArabianNinja
Cost: 20 motes.
Clarity Minimum: 4

A protocol used to aid the live capture of dissident Automata and Spirits within the Great Maker, as well as impeding Essence channelers.

When Cast against Spirits or any form of Essence User with a single pool, their motes are immediately reduced to ([Essence]x3)+{Sum of Virtues}. When in this state of bound Essence, they may only use upto their Permanent Essence in motes per turn.

When Cast against any Exalted, their Essence Pool are immediately reduced to their Personal Pool, their periphial Essence bled of forcibly through their Anima Banner. While in this state of bound Essence, they can only use upto their Permanent Essence in motes per turn. Any attempts to use Combos, Sorcery, or Charms that require Willpower will incur an additional Willpower cost. Despite being their Personal Pool, any use of motes will cause full Anima Flare.

The Protocol will maintain itself on the target for [Casters Essence] Days, or aslong as 10 motes are commited.

Curse of Eternal Desolation - Solar Circle Sorcery -- Darloth
Cost: 60 motes

With three unspeakably horrible words, spat from her throat in a mangled torrent that leaves the sorceress parched and unable to speak loudly for a week, she curses her intended victim (who must be in line of sight at the time of the casting) to an eternity of fever, dust and desolation. For as long as they shall live, everything within a 10 mile radius is desolate. The crops wither, grass dies and is blown away in the unceasing and uncomfortable wind, and the ground itself becomes a cracked desert (or hard-packed frozen wasteland, whichever is more appropriate). However, as soon as the target has travelled more than 10 miles away, the land returns to the state it was in before they arrived.

Since their remaining in an area for any length of time ensures the certain death of any local animals and ruin of any settlements, the compassionate will need to move on constantly lest they cause irrevocable harm to those they meet (although then they bring their suffering to endless new victims.) Any who do not leave will usually be mobbed by desperate villagers or occasionally roaming animals, all of whom can somehow sense that the target is the cause of their recent woes. This curse can only be removed by a specific solar circle spell against it, or by adamant countermagic used during its casting. To maintain utmost anguish, even though the target will rapidly get hungry and thirsty, they need not eat or drink to live, although they will likely waste away to an emaciated husk barely capable of moving, as obtaining food and water (especially water) is very difficult under the conditions imposed by the curse.

Storytellers are encouraged to be creative with every form of environmental unpleasantness to make things as nasty as possible for the target, especially as they will never directly perish from any environmental condition, although all around them will. If it ever rains, then it must rain blood or oil. If the target is already in a desolate environment like a desert, then the winds should blow eternally causing a perpetual sandstorm capable of stripping the outer layers of flesh from unprotected skin, and in the far north, likewise, a constant blizzard. In the west, the sea is never still and the storm never ceases, while in the jungles of the south-east only those plants which are useful die, choked by an endless tide of dry weeds that suck all of the moisture from the soil and create a horridly humid atmosphere even as they ensure a drought.

Oblivion Gift - Void Circle Necromancy -- Paincake
Cost: 70 motes

The caster takes a small, meaningless gem and whispers to it his target's dreams and hopes and desires, the essence of their soul. He proceeds to walk to the brim of the Mouth of Oblivion, places the stone on the edge, and of its own volition is casts itself into the emptiness. This curse removes any Destiny Background the target might have had. It also grants them the background: No One of Consequence at 5 points - Destiny, and their life collides at nearly every turn with fateful occurences which will ensure that they remain a farmboy and live a happy* inconsequential life on Tatooine or never realize that they are indeed the One and remain pleasantly entrenched in the Matrix. However, if the target somehow manages despite ALL possible odds, to circumvent and rise over their unDestiny as it were, (buying off with XP or roleplay or storyteller fiat the "No One of Consequence" background) they gain the background Doom at 5 points. We are talking Doom; a finality, a reckoning, a fate. They have taken a shattered Weave and forced it back into place, but the Maidens' plans refuse to be altered so readily. The cost of consequence in the big scheme of things is nothing less than a spectacular, world-shaking, amazingly flashy yet still doomy end. So mighty that the Neverborn themselves will tremble at its echoes in the emptiness.

  • This curse is a cruel choice; The target, in the deepest part of his soul, has this knowledge placed: if he stays out of the ruckus of Reality, his life will not only be pleasant, but good, happy, and fulfilling. It will not be spectacular, but his life has surety where others' lives will never.

Me likey-likey the Dissident Marking Weave, ArabianNinja. You really ought to archive your contributions to the Relay in one place, because you've got a real talent for Protocols...DeathBySurfeit

Thanks for your appreciation DBS, and as for archiving all contributions, its already done, just hit up my user page :D. I even added the Protocol Sub section to the spells area on the Wiki-Content page, cause Alchemicals deserve some love too. Admittedly, I would love others to make some Protocols too. - ArabianNinja, who loves his monopoly and the attention ^_^.

Having just read Promethean: the Created, I got this idea for a Necromancy (or perhaps a Protocol, but ArabianNinja is going to gut me if I were to ruin his monopoly) that inflicts Disquiet-like effect to the target... In the initial phase of the curse, animals flee and friends become suspicious, and in the final phase, air and Essence refuses to enter the victim's system, reality runs away from the target leaving him in a well of Wyld and... stuff. But, well, I just can't measure how that would work mechanically. >_> - sssssz, who is too lazy to think for himself or start writing it out.

That sounds like an aweome curse, and while I wouldn't mind someone taking a stab at protocols, what you're describing is very certainly necromancy, or maybe even Solar Circle, depending how you flavour it. - ArabianNinja

Ideas on the Promethean inspired curse:
  • Malediction of Eternal Exclusion: Solar Circle Sorcery that brands someone as enemy of Creation, turning them slowly into a Raksha.
  • Necrotic Antipathy: Shadowlands Circle Necromancy that makes a person seem dead, causing social penalties with the living but negating some penalties with the dead.
Other things are possible too, those two would simply fill slots in order that haven't been filled at this point, and popped into my mind in those forms. - IanPrice
Would you mind if I gave Malediction of Eternal Exclusion a try? or would you prefer to do that one yourself. - Malikai

Just added a quick errata to my protocol. - ArabianNinja

Decided to have a little fun with our curses! Enjoy everybody. - Paincake Who loves the idea of air and essence abandoning a person, not to mention the curse that makes you a freakin' raksha!

Essence Binding curse protocol thingy, hope ya'll like it - ArabianNinja

Ahhh, curses. Finally. Exalted was sorely lacking in proper curses.
-- Darloth much appreciates the wiki fixing this terrible drawback

I'll give this relay till the end of the week, if no-one decides to post a Solar, and/or Void circle spell, I'll archive it and choose a new theme. - ArabianNinja, who wishes to avoid stagnation.

I have no idea -where- I pinched this idea from, but it's certainly not mine. However, in the interests of adding more spells to the relay, I post it here. If the author reads this wiki, feel free to assert your own choice of themes.
-- Darloth is not sure whether it should be 10 miles, or 25 miles, or 25 mile diameter. Distance is hard.

I am taking suggestions on theme
-- Darloth

Self improvement/augmentation? I think torture and perhaps each of the Five Elements in turn would be good ideas too. Paincake

Five Elements would be funky, cause there'd be some neat ideas for Protocol fun using the Auto-Bot elements. Also, that void circle curse roxxors my boxxors. - ArabianNinja

Then call it the Ten Elements, the five normal Creation elements and the five Autocthonian ones. - MoonSword
I have chosen to go with this idea... mostly ^_^
-- Darloth hopes it works