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Devouring the Beast (Charlequin)

Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
Cost: 20 motes

This spell allows an Abyssal to draw more than sustenance from the vile act of consuming another's flesh -- it allows him to draw upon the consumed's powers as well. To use this spell, the necromancer must slay a foe in combat -- though that foe may be man, animal, or any other being which leaves a corpse. Then, he must spend four hours carefully dressing and preparing the corpse, bathing it in aromatic oils, and preparing to feast. When this time is up, the caster then slowly and carefully consumes the body, leaving no part uneaten. When this is done, the Essence of the fallen foe channels into the necromancer's body, endowing him with the strengths of the deceased. For the week following this ritual, the spellcaster receives +2 to the consumed creature's three highest Attributes. In addition, during this time, he may take a single automatic success on a roll of any Ability the eaten foe had 4 or more dots in; the spellcaster may do this a number of times per day equal to the foe's Permanent Essence. No character may benefit from more than one instance of this spell at once -- performing the ritual a second time while it is already in effect causes the caster to become deeply ill for the remainder of the spell's duration.

Nature Reclaims the Land (Resplendence)

Terrestial Circle Sorcery
Cost: 20+ motes

If there is the slightest potential for growth where this spell is cast, things will grow – ravenously. Wood objects sprout leaves and twigs, twisting and creaking as they slowly remember life. All kinds of plants natural to the land spontaneously form, and together with other vegatation present beging to sprout and grow at a visible rate from wherever there is the slightest roothold. The growth specifically consumes the creations of civilization, tearing down all but buildings made of stone, warping wooden constructions and ruining plantations and gardens. Fungus and molds rot organic materials and rusts metal objects in a scene, unless they are quickly removed and cleaned. Except for the most barren places, any building affected by this spell will soon be overgrown, with a mass of roots growing through every crack and opening, molds and fungus covering every dark place, and grass and plants growing where there is light. Nothing useful will be left, unless unusually sturdy or protected through excellent construction or magic.

For 20 motes, a place within sight with a radius equal to the sorcerer’s Essence x 10 yards will be completely overgrown and destroyed in an hour. Smaller objects, wooden structures and such are destroyed within a scene. Every two motes above this adds another Essence x 10 yards to the radius, to a maximum of ten extra motes. The growth cannot penetrate magically warded places, Manses and such, nor can it affect completely artifical places. It can, however, affect places in the Underworld or Malfeas, but the growth would be strange indeed. Near the Wyld this spell becomes stronger but also more chaotic and aggressive.

Locust Scourge (szilard)

Celestial Circle Sorcery
Cost: 30 motes

To cast this spell, the caster must have an exquisitely made gemstone insect, no more than two inches in length, that costs at least Resources ••. The object is buried at dusk. The next dawn, uncountable insect-shaped automatons erupt from the ground in a radius in miles equal to the caster's Permanent Essence from the spot where the insect was buried. These creatures devour any organic material in sight. For the first hour after their appearance, they will be sluggish and slow-moving, but their speed and rapacity will increase as they begin to consume. Croplands will become deserts. Wooden houses will offer some protection, but will crumble by noon. Any living being caught in the area will take one health level of lethal damage every ten minutes for the first hour the automatons appear and one health level of damage every minute thereafter. Fortunately, the insects do not pursue creatures that leave the area. At dusk, the bloated creatures burrow back into the earth and disappear.

Inexorable Creeping Doom</b>

<b>Labyrinth Circle Necromancy
Cost:45 motes

This spell can see use in peacetime, though it's uses are found almost exclusively during wartime; for when massive forces come riding across the field of battle to find bloody resolution, this spell can tip the odds deeply in favor of the Undead among them.

The casting of Inexorable Creeping Doom requires the necromancer to be in such a position as to oversee at least the majority of his forces. The casting takes no less than an hour, and fails to function inside of the Underworld (though it will function in a Shadowland.) Over the course of an hour, all of the insects within several miles of the combat will be drawn to the undead forces; creeping over and under and around (and through, yerk) the undead marching under the necromancer's aegis.

When coming into close combat with opposing forces, the insects will set to swarming the opposing enemies; feasting on their flesh hungrily, and draining life-nourishing essence as they do so, before returning to their undead hosts to deposit this flesh and energy. In mechanical terms, on the second round of combat, the opposing forces all take one health level of unsoakable lethal damage (or the opposing commander automatically takes an unsoakable health level of damage, if using Mail and Steel). On the third round of combat, the Undead (or their leader, if using Mail and Steel) each heal one health level of damage (lethal included, though aggravated will not be healed through this method.) This is repeated for the remainder of combat; damage occurs to the enemy on each even-numbered round, and healing occurs on each odd-numbered round (except round 1; at least one round of damage must occur before the undead can begin healing.) The above assumes the spell is cast on round one; if it is cast prior to the beginning of combat, then damage occurs on round 1 and every odd round thereafter, and healing occurs on round two and every even round thereafter. (I just made all that sound so much more complicated than need be.)

The spell ends after several hours, usually long after the end of the battle. All of the insects involved fall dead at the conclusion of the spell, and casting the spell again is impossible until at least twenty-four hours have passed, or some other magic has been used to replenish the amount of insects in the area.

The Frenzy Grounds (TedPro)

Void Circle Necromancy
Cost: 60 motes

Used as a gruesome and unpleasant means of expanding the domain of death.

When this power is used, five black marble altars appear in Creation, with symbols corresponding to the five Underworld elements (blood, bone, prayer, ghost flame, and jade). Each is a stone block, six feet by three feet by three feet, weighing several tons. The five altars mark territory - anything inside the shape described by these altars becomes part of the Frenzy Grounds. If a non-Abyssal Manse is intact and functional within the Frenzy Grounds, the Frenzy Grounds are disrupted and have no power. Otherwise, the area within is plunged into cannibalistic frenzy.

All sentient beings who spend at least a day within the Frenzy Grounds will feel an incredible urge to eat the flesh of recently dead sentients. Anyone inside failing a daily difficulty 2 Temperance roll will crave the flesh of sentients, and will do anything necessary to consume one. Those affected gain a +2 to their effective Valor, as hunger makes them bold. Those affected will retain the rest of their personality, and will pursue the need for fresh cannibalistic meat as appropriate to their personality. Some may work together, some may prey on the sick and elderly, some may seek out enemies.

Within the Frenzy Grounds, anyone whose corpse is consumed will always become a hungry ghost under the control of the Necromancer. The Frenzy Grounds are also highly predisposed to becoming shadowlands - deaths within the Frenzy Grounds transform a place into a shadowland much more quickly than usual.

Earth's Death Rattle</b>

<b>Solar Circle Sorcery (TedPro)
Cost:10 motes

A short-sighted, last-ditch maneuver, Earth's Death Rattle consumes the power of a Manse or Demesne forever in exchange for temporary power. When the spell is complete, the Manse or Demesne is completely destroyed - the energy of the place is released into the Sorcerer's body. For each level of the Manse or Demesne, 50 motes of Peripheral Essence are generated. This will almost certainly put the Sorcerer far above their normal maximum. This power is extremely unstable - if the Sorcerer does not spend Essence or use Sorcery every round, the excess energy (above normal Peripheral Essence pool) explodes in opalescent fire, causing lethal damage equal to the number of excess motes remaining to the Sorcerer and a similar amount of bashing damage to anyone within five yards of the Sorcerer. This Spell can only be used on the grounds of a Manse or Demesnes after the Sorcerer has been on the grounds continuously for at least five days. Forever after, the grounds of the Demesne become weak in Essence, and will become barren of normal life over time. The geomantic energies which fed the Demesne are blocked forever, and will eventually be routed elsewhere.


I've been trying hard to think of anything cool here, but I've failed miserably. Consumption spells feel exclusively Abyssal to me, for some reason. How about scrapping this theme and moving on? It's been well over week since the last update. Resplendence

Consumption need not be Necromantic... What about a spell summoning a horde of insects intent on devouring everything in their path... or a spell that allows the consumption on things normally inedible? I'd write stuff up, but have no time. -szilard

I'm writing up a charm or two in this theme on my UserPage if anyone is interested, although they're by no means finished yet
- Darloth

Just got to this page from a link on LiveJournal, and added a new spell. Hope it works and is okay. -TedPro

The Frenzy Ground seems underpowered for a Void Circle spell, to me. -- Miedvied

You think? Okay, I upped the power a little. Raised the Temperance check to difficulty 2, and the hungry ghosts are under the control of the necromancer. -- TedPro

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What is the name of that last one, "Earth's Death Rattle;" or "Screams of the Earth?" It says one thing in the title, but another in the description. - Sparrowhawk

- Oops. It's "Earth's Death Rattle" - TedPro