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Uhm, hello. I'm a relatively new Exalted fan although I've never had the opportunity to play. I'm mostly posting things I've come up with. I make no guarantees whatsoever regarding quality, as I'm not entirely familiar with the rules. All of my content is for 2E.


These are the Terrestrial Exalts, obviously.

  • MoonSword/CathakCinaed - Cinaed is a Fire Aspect Dynast who is currently on walkabout in the East, trying to find a real truth for his life. In the meantime, he acts as a wandering do-gooder, righting wrongs, killing beasts, and generally earning his family a better reputation.
  • MoonSword/RagaraValeria - Made for the FrivYeti/Dragons campaign, Ragara Valeria is a young woman with a big heart and a bigger stick to hit you with when you break that heart.


These are creatures that I've either created or ported from other settings. Some of them are more for my curiosity than anything else, others were built and intended for serious use.

Charms and Spells

Setting Modifications, Maimings, and Creations

Have you ever had the urge to reach out, grab some aspect of the setting, and twist it so hard it finally bursts like a balloon and leaves behind something interesting? Yeah, me too. Here's some of the remains.