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Here is the list of Sidereal Strategies. Please add or comment! -Clebo

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Sidereal Strategies

1. Dance of Freedom, 
Multiple Brawl attacks, with
Unobstructed Blow (unblockable attack that ignores armour soak)
Defends with
Defense of Shining Joy (persistent dodge with performance)
To reduce the cost of the attacks, have the Freedom Dancer supplement only one out of many attacks. Defenders can only guess which attack is supplemented by Unobstructed Blow.
Author: Clebo
2. Masterful Dance of Freedom, 
Multiple Brawl attacks, with
Unobstructed Blow (unblockable attack that ignores armour soak)
Defends with
Defense of Shining Joy (persistent dodge with performance)
Serenity anima power
Helped by
Joy in Adversity Stance
To make the strategy more cost-effective, Unobstructed Blow is only used once and then only when Joy in Adversity Stance and Defense of Shining Joy can fuel it.
Authors: Clebo and Ikselam
3. Invicinble Sword Princess, Sidereal Style 
Normal Sword Attacks,
supplemented by Meditation on War and Orchestration of Conflict as needed
Defends With
Impeding The Flow
Activates Joy In Adversity Stance ASAP
Warning, very dangerous against PCs without perfect/unblockable attacks.
Author: I don't know, but its a fairly standard strategy - Epsilon
4. Innocent Bystander Style, 
Normal attacks (mirror opponent's ability choice), with
Sidereal Shell Games (Dex + opponent's combat preference)
Methodology Of Secrets (vs. targettype)
Defends With
Defense Of Shining Joy (use Performance)
Enhanced with Hot Eyed Snake Whispering, Heart Brightening Presentation, and/or Serenity anima power
Optimistic Security Practice (increase soak, low essence attackers spend 1 wp per attack)
Minimum Legal Defense Competence (Sword Resplendent Destiny Power, one parry/dodge at full pool)
Supplements With
Underling Invisibility Practice
Shield Of Mars (transfer damage from self to an opponent)
Hero's Iron Skin (Shield Resplendent Destiny Power, +9 to L/B soak for the scene)
Requires no charms, or even dots, in any combat ability, although Melee can help. The biggest benefit of Sidereal Shell Games is depriving the enemy of their dice pools. On the down side, this requires three Simples to power up.
Author: cordelia
5. Whirling Dervish Dancer, Sidereal Style 
Normal Sword Attacks, with multiple attacks up to the max weapon rate
supplemented by Violet Bier of sorrows form, Blade of the battle Maiden (up to +10attack dice)
Defends With,
Joy In Adversity Stance
Defence of shining joy (scene long persistant dodge using performance)
Enhanced with Hot Eyed Snake Whispering
Author: Eldmar


"Defenders can only guess which attack is supplemented by Unobstructed Blow" -- isn't Charm usage generally obvious? -- Raindoll

Depends on your ST, really. I consider it good form to announce if an attack is augmented (if not necessarily specifying what it's augmented by), but others disagree. _Ikselam

Oh, I never thought of the charm's appearance like that. Ah well. Ikselam, I like your improvement. But, please make another verion, so the strategies are intact, and not full of possible variations which again makes things mentally encumbersome for the ST. I'll make another version. -Clebo

Note that depending on your ST< Joy and Adversity Stance and Impeding th Flow don't work together. You have to have a chance for it to kill you for it to of been a threat. Impeding the Flow eliminates that chance and in the end, that threat. Stuff. Blaque

I think that Blaque is correct, even in the RSB quotes, you can find this. However, if you disregard her ruling, then there is nothing in the Sidereal hardcover that prohibits this. -Clebo

As written, whether or not JiAS triggers depends only on whether the attack was intended to harm, and whether the attack was powerful enough to do harm. What defense you use can't change after the fact whether the attack itself had the potential to harm you: if knowing ItF means that no blockable attack is "powerful enough" to harm you, then JiAS would never trigger, regardless of whether you used ItF. (By the way, RSB doesn't say that ItF doesn't work with JiAS. She tends to choose her words carefully, so this is almost certainly intentional. Certainly, it wouldn't be an unreasonable houserule, but that's not the same as saying that's how JiAS works.) -- Raindoll

Hi there! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh. I have no problem that Joy in Adversity interacts with Impeding the Flow or even Seven Shadow Evasion. I just thought that there is nothing wrong in disallowing it, and refer to the above quote either. -Clebo

Er, sorry if I sounded a bit prickly. I agree that disallowing JiAS from working with ItF is perfectly reasonable and even desireable from a game balance standpoint. I guess I just get a bit excited over the One True Interpretation of the rules. -- Raindoll

See Discussions/IdentifyingCharms for details of the house rule that "Defenders can only guess which attack is supplemented by Unobstructed Blow"