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Current Active Compaign

I play in a game set just at the disappearance of the Empress. The party is a DragonBlooded, five Solars, and a Chosen of Serenity. The Wiki for that game is at

My character is Marag Tenquis, Chosen Of Serenity. Rather than trying to cross-maintain files, feel free to go take a look at Marag's pages at

Past Campaigns

In a previous universe, I played Sanche, a Dawn Caste based on the psychotic disciple swordsman in Dave Duncan's The Seventh Sword trilogy.

Contribution Areas

Playing a Sidereal in a mixed campaign is interesting. I'm learning some very interesting methods of keeping secrets, although the party did blow my secret early - I was passing as a Twilight, but the Zenith in the party kept praying to the Unconquered Sun for help, who would cause their anima banners to flare - leaving me pretty obviously as weirdshit.

Check out a tomb in Sijan at

Places I've recently contributed to



Gem of the Dolorous Tone by cordelia

Abyssal Manse: ••••
Trigger: Activation.

(Based on the Gem of the Virtuouso's Voice by ikselam).

The surface of this lenticular gray stone ripples visibly in response to nearby sounds. When attuned, it vastly expands the range and penetration of its bearer's voice. Mechanically, he adds one die to any Performance or Presence rolls involving use of the voice, and three dice where penetration, range, or projection seem important.

The stone also focuses essence channeled through the voice, increasing the effective range of Essence effects carried by voice by fivefold.

In addition to its normal effects, the bearer may, as a Simple action, issue a life-draining sibilant hiss. All living beings within Essence * 10 yds must make a successful Willpower roll or wilt in sorrow, taking one automatic health level of damage.