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Angel of Death

Name: Selina Miriana de Windia
Titles: First Facet of Damnation (given), Dark Angel (informal)
Alias: Aine Blackwater (Nexus), Culwyeh (Northern)
Age/Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Angel of Death

Theme Music:

Siberian Doll House (Stand Alone Complex) – Dark Angel
Laughter (Phantasy Star IV) – Shadow
Battle of Thorstadt (Rune) – Hyrokkin, demoness of the North

Exalted Type: Dragon-Touched Abyssal
Caste: Daybreak


Nature: Tyrant
Demeanor: Bravo

The assassin known as the Dark Angel, and whose true name is Selina Miriana de Windia, stands quite tall – approximately five foot eleven inches (178cm or so) – with most of her height contrasted against the backdrop of her straight, knee-length pale blonde hair. Stronger still as a backdrop are her black-feathered, majestic wings, giving her the appearance of an angel of the night. A slight widow's peak crowns her face – and overhanging bangs to either side frame it – but doesn't dominate it like the jaded turquoise eyes. The small nose and lips which would be pouty if she didn't always look quite so grimly disinterested in most of what she sees. Her nose and lips only underline the eyes, even being as good on their own as they are. The rest of her supple, lithe body presents the merest hint of muscle well-hidden beneath its mature curves and lines when she moves – though the pale skin is also marred by numerous even paler scars which crisscross her limbs and torso, most clean rather then jagged and uneven, having been inflicted by sharp blades. Her stance can be dangerous, unassuming (something she has tried hard to make well-practiced), or seductive – nonetheless over them all hovers a faint air of regal poise and confidence.

Her customary outfit is a legless, sleeveless black leotard of somewhat high cut at the hips, which forgoes shoulder straps, rather reaching up to her throat and encircling it with a collar made of an alloy composed of dark green jade and soulsteel. At the very front-center of this collar is set a brilliant emerald of respectable size (about a quarter of a palm's) that glows when the power within is activated, catching and throwing back all light in a hundred or more facets. The fabric of the leotard does not continue down her back from the neck, leaving the upper half of her back bare so as not to interfere with her wings. To go with the leotard, Selina sports thigh high black boots and long black gloves that reach past her elbows. Both are made of a dully-finished leather, so as not to catch much light. Her weaponry is sheathed to a similarly black-leather belt which rests on her hips.


Banner: Intermixed pitch black and grey with dark green edges and flickering lightning bolts. Iconic display is a ebon-black dragon.

Power: Selina can strenghten her anima, filling herself with the strong essence of the Underworld. If after an successful attack she would take health levels of damage, she can spend 5 motes to roll her essence, for each success, she subtracts one health level from the damage the enemy would have dealt.


Acute Sense

Being a Windian, Selina's sense of sight is particularly keen, enabling her to see over longer distances as well as notice finer details than would otherwise be noticed by a human being.

Anima Affinity

Mnemon's blood favors the Earth, but Selina's mother took after the Air aspect of the Dragon-Blood…and so does her daughter. The abilities of knowledge, book and spell alike, come easily to Selina, as does the pure manipulation of the very forces of the sky itself.

Born to Rule

Selina virtually radiates not only power, but majesty. Her voice is filled with the command of one destined to reign from on high. To her lessers, she is a dark mistress to be feared – and much more than that. She is their life. Her word is law. Her will is divine inspiration. Her orders are edicts for them to live and die by. Heeding what she states, they may yet live to experience her favor. Those who ignore her face not only her wrath, but a glance past the veils inside her mind and their fate…

Dragon's Scales

Due to her Mnemon blood, Selina has the ability to use her inborn magic quick as reflex, as all Dragon-Blooded do. Very few half-Terrestrials share this ability, especially ones who exalt as something else. The Immaculate Order has taken to referring to her as the Grave Dragoness for this ability, and have taken it into account when choosing to ask for certain missions – she is often asked to hunt down and kill other Anathema (typically Solars) who would not anticipate such an advantage coming from a non-Terrestrial, especially one with access to as powerful charms as she.

Enchanting Feature (Ravishing)

Selina is not merely beautiful, she is alluring in a way that begs for a lover's touch, whether she decrees it or not. Her body, her movements, often even the sultry nature of her voice, is enough to drive men (and some women) to distraction. Every hint received from movement or tone further implants the desire to make her writhe for them, and sometimes she attracts sexual predators as a result of this.

Flying Wings

Perhaps the greatest advantage of her Windian heritage is flight. The assassin is able to use this both to cover more ground than most, as well as avoid unpleasant paths.

Material Resonance (Jade)

Like many half-bloods, Selina prefers Jade artifacts. Unlike many half-bloods, Selina is able to bond with them as easily as any Dragon-Blood. Despite being an Abyssal, most of her wonders tend to be made of Jade, especially white and blue Jade, which she favors.



Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 3


Charisma 3
Manipulation 3
Appearance 5


Perception 4
Intelligence 3
Wits 4



  • Brawl - 3
    • Clinching - 2
  • Melee - 4
    • One-on-one - 2
    • Surprise - 1
  • Thrown - 4
    • Assassinations - 1
    • Energy Attacks - 2


  • Endurance - 1
    • Long-Distance Flying - 2
  • Performance - 4
    • Courtesan - 2
  • Presence - 5
    • Seduction - 2
  • Resistance - 2
  • Survival - 1


  • Craft - 1
  • Investigation - 2
  • Lore - 4
    • First Age - 2
  • Medicine - 1
  • Occult - 5
    • Exalts (except Sidereals) - 1
    • Sensing Magic - 1


  • Athletics - 4
    • Energy Attacks - 2
  • Awareness - 4
    • Spot Ambush - 2
  • Dodge - 5
    • Without Armor - 2
  • Larceny - 2
    • Organized Crime - 2
  • Stealth - 4

= Moonshadow

  • Bureaucracy - 1
  • Linguistics - 3
  • Socialize - 3


Artifact 4

The only material possession still remaining to Selina after her hurried exile from the northern city of her homeland, Dreamshard is aptly named. Forged centuries ago as the coming of age gift to a young Shogunate daimyo whose realm lay near the bordermarches, the rapier-like daiklave seemed to suit a fop firmly secreted in the midst of the Blessed Isle then a frontier lord. Of course, looks can be deceiving. Within the slender, elegant silver-wire-wrapped weapon resided a single thread of gossamer, partially dematerialized and forever subject to the grounding effects of Jade, always half immersed within a state of dreams. Because of this, the weapon may hit dematerialized spirits and fair folk, and kill the fair folk permanently, as if one of the few spirit-devouring charms of the Exalted have been used. It does this in such a way as to drain their essence in a measure according to their highest passions, and then drains their passions once it has devoured all the essence. The sword has a fearsome reputation among the fae, who can feel its presence and prefer not to fight its wielder if at all possible.

Artifact 3

While Dreamshard is a relic, Angeldust is new – a fresh weapon bereft of history but eager to inflict it upon those who oppose its wielder: pitch-black soulsteel head attached to a haft of darkened ironwood. Half a decade old (if that), the scythe's blade is Labyrinthine soulsteel alloy, that is: forged out of the soul of a nephwrack, albeit one of much less consequence then the truly ancient void-priests who reside deepest in the Labyrinth. Chimes of Nothing lies imprisoned within the curved blade, worked into the metal in a state of sorrow which his understanding of the Void gave him and the smith who forged him (rumored to be a deathlord) only further enriched. Occasionally the nephwrack makes himself known as two faint red dots of light in the middle of the blade. Selina has discovered an ability he imparts to the weapon, one which Black Spiral Dancer, the Midnight to which Angeldust formerly belonged, only just discovered during her fatal battle against the rogue Daybreak. Chimes of Nothing may cut the flows of essence, if the wielder so wishes to focus his sorrow with a few awakening motes, the edge it gives to Angeldust is so puissantly keen it sunders even the magic of the Exalted.

Artifact 1

The Wrapping of Sighs is Selina's one artifact which was made solely for her: she neither took it from a benefactor, nor from the cold body of an enemy. While the high-cut jet-black leotard accents her body and provides some mystical protection to her person, its primary purpose is to allow Selina to more easily channel the resonance she builds up through her daily lifestyle, most of which defies the edicts of the dead gods who are ultimately responsible for her current state. Made out of the grave-silk attiring the ancient Solar queen her essence once was in the First Age, Wrapping of Sighs culminates as a collar attached to the rest of the garment, a collar alloyed out of soulsteel, blue jade, and a faint touch of starmetal (something she wrested from the Gold Faction in exchange for a service). The garment does not cover the upper back when worn, as the rogue deathknight's wings would interfere with donning it.

Inheritance 2

Selina is the minor blood of a Terrestrial of not exemplary note. Her mother was fairly old for a Dragon-Blood, and somewhat powerful, but nothing like a House Matriarch. Selina's Dynast blood remains diluted, although she is sure that it is Mnemon's.

Manse 5

Rich as she is, Selina resides in Black Wood outside Nexus, a minor forest with strong elemental leanings. Her manse is the centerpiece of the place, with a bountiful harvest of essence flowing through it at any given time. The hearthstone of beauty it produces is particularly useful to her.

Resources 5

Utterly wealthy is one way to describe Selina – the money and holdings mostly gained through her years as an assassin. She gets money from many places, not the least of which are liquidated holdings from her contracts, when she is not forbidden to take from them at least. Selina's own holdings include a variety of businesses far and wide, enabling her to maintain her income even if a depression hits one market. She also has invested in salt trade, much to the consternation of certain little gods who thrive off of it. Several of them have died at her hands for daring to oppose her, and she has cowed a few greater gods into looking past her interference, by threatening both harm to them and their worshippers.

Whispers 1



  • Brawl
    • Dead Man's Grasp
    • Inescapable Iron Grip
  • Melee
    • Furious Blade
    • Savage Shade Style
    • Passage through the Steel Wall
    • Elegant Flowing Deflection
    • Fluttering Moth Defense
  • Thrown
    • Hungry Missile Technique
  • Endurance
    • Ox-Body Technique (-1x1, -2x2)
  • Performance
    • Haunting Inflection Trick
  • Presence
    • Elegant Tyrant's Majesty
    • Irresistible Succubus Style
  • Lore
    • Crypt Bolt
    • Shadow-Expanding Method
    • Icy Serpent Whispers
    • Drawing the Shattered Void
    • Oblivion's Hungry Maw
    • Withering Wisps Strike
    • Vindictive Castigation Method
  • Occult
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
    • Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
    • Spirit Sensing Technique
    • Through Dead Eyes
    • Corpus-Rending Blow
    • Soul-Eating Strike
  • Athletics
    • Raiton's Nimble Perch
    • Spider Pounce Technique
  • Awareness
    • Fivefold Sensory Excercise
  • Dodge
    • Flitting Shadow Form
    • Fivefold Shadow Form
    • Flickering Whisp Technique
  • Stealth
    • Concealing Distraction Discipline
    • Encounter-Banishing Gesture
  • Socialize
    • Passion-Unveiling Glance


  • Lore
    • Elemental Concentration Trance
    • Elemental Bolt Attack
    • Elemental Burst Attack
  • Thrown
    • Seeking Throw Technique
    • Whirlwind Shield Form


Razor-Feathered Strike

  • Supplimental
    • Furious Blade (1 mote per die added)
    • Savage Shade Style (1 mote)


  • Supplimental
    • Furious Blade (1 mote per die added)
    • Savage Shade Style (1 mote)
    • Corpus-Rending Blow (2 motes)

Void Consumes Her Children

  • Simple
    • Crypt Bolt (1 mote per 2L damage)
  • Supplimental
    • Soul-Eating Strike (5 motes)

Complex Magic

  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
    • Emerald Countermagic
    • Venom of the Heart
    • Infallible Messenger
    • Summon Elemental
    • Sting of the Ice Hornet
  • Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
    • Iron Countermagic
    • Shattered Void Mirror
    • Flesh-Sloughing Wave
    • Messenger of Culwyeh
    • Calling Hyrokkin


  • Virtues
    • Compassion **
    • Conviction ***
    • Temperance **
    • Valor ***
  • Willpower 8
  • Essence *****
    • Personal Essence - 23
    • Peripheral Essence - 53
    • Total: 76
    • Commited: 14 [Dreamshard, Angeldust, Wrapping of Sighs] = 62
  • Base Initiative 9
  • Soak
    • Natural 1L / 3B
    • Wrapping of Sighs 6L / 6B
  • Health Levels -1 ,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incapacitated



  • White/Green/Blue Jade Daiklave - Artifact ****
    • Speed: +10 (+3 from Jade)
    • Accuracy: +4
    • Damage: +4L
    • Defense: +4
    • Rate: 5
    • Minimum Strength **
    • Holds one Hearthstone
    • 6 Motes Commitment
Drains motes equal to the victim's highest virtue if it does even one damage, giving them to the wielder, and can hit immateriel beings. Fair Folk can be permenently destroyed in this fashion, similar to the Solar charm Ghost-Eating Technique (if the last of their essence is drained in this fashion). They are permenently killed whether they are dematerialized or not -- the weapon saps their virtues once their essence is gone. Fair Folk know both the source and the danger, and fear the wielder and cannot bring themselves to touch the weapon. Only Terrestrials or Abyssals/Solars of essence 4 or higher may wield it. In addition, for a payment of 1 lethal health level, 1 willpower, and 10 motes of essence, the wielder may do 2 + his essence of aggravated damage that bypasses armor and is unsoakable. It may only be parried by perfect parries, and cannot be dodged even by perfect dodges unless the dodge is similar to Duck Fate (i.e not rendered inapplicable).


  • Soulsteel Scythe - Artifact ***
    • Speed: +8
    • Accuracy: +3 (+1 from Soulsteel)
    • Damage: +10L
    • Defense: +1
    • Rate: 3
    • Minimum Strength **
    • Holds two Hearthstones
    • 5 motes Commitment
Can sever charms and spells. The ability to ‘cut’ a Charm or Spell can be activated reflexively at any time, but doing so takes your action for the turn. Extra action Charms and pool-splitting apply normally to this ability. In order to successfully destroy a Charm or Spell, you must make a normal Dexterity + Melee attack against the caster you wish to disrupt, though you need only to see the target, not to be in melee range. They are allowed to dodge, parry or otherwise defend. This ability inflicts no damage. If the attack roll succeeds, then a number of motes equal to the Minimum Essence of the Charm or Spell you are attempting to destroy are spent. You and the caster engage in a resisted Strength + Occult roll. If you win, the Spell or Charm is destroyed. If the opponent wins, the Charm or Spell proceeds normally. Spells are treated as Essence 3 Charms. Only Spells of the Terrestrial and Shadowland Circle and Charms with a Minimum Essence of 3 or lower can be destroyed with Angeldust’s power.

Wrapping of Sighs

  • Starsteel/Blue Jade/Soulsteel Leotard - Artifact *
    • Soak 5L/3B (2L/2B from Soulsteel)
    • No penalties
    • 3 motes Commitment
    • Holds one Hearthstone
Lowers the difficulty of Resonance Manipulation to 6.

  • 8 Exceptional Throwing Knives
    • Accuracy: +2
    • Damage: +3L
    • Rate: 3
    • Range: 15 yards

Jewel of Nature's Blinding Beauty

Manse •••••
Trigger: None.

This multifaceted gem is a deep forest green, and feels warm to the touch. When attuned, it causes its bearer to become radiantly lovely. The power doesn't actually alter the bearer's appearance in any way, but nevertheless will cause even the most homely of people to shine with healthy, vibrant beauty.

Mechanically, the character receives three bonus dice to any Appearance roll. In addition, those viewing her will be so moved by her beauty that they may find it hard to even think of harming her. The strength of this effect depends both on the character's Appearance score, and on how much of her body is exposed. If her face and body are completely obscured, as by armor and helm, the power does not function. If only her face is showing, any hostile action taken against her suffers a +1 difficulty penalty. If she is wearing light but modest clothing, offensive actions suffer a difficulty penalty equal to half her Appearance (round up). If she is wearing revealing or scanty clothing, the difficulty penalty is equal to her full Appearance. If she is completely unclothed, the difficulty penalty is equal to her full Appearance, and those wishing to act against her must first pass a Conviction check at a difficulty of half her Appearance (round down). This check is made every round.

If the character takes hostile action against anyone, that person halves (round down) all penalties inflicted by the Jewel of Nature's Blinding Beauty for the remainder of the scene, and need not roll Conviction to act against her if she is nude.

Characters with Appearance 0 receive no benefit from this stone's special power, and blind characters are not affected by it.

Legendary Killer

Experience Total: 340
Experience Left: 258


  • Abyssal
    • Irresistible Succubus Style Cost 10
    • Shadow-Expanding Method Cost 10
    • Icy Serpent Whispers Cost 10
    • Drawing the Shattered Void Cost 10
    • Oblivion's Hungry Maw Cost 10
    • Oblivion-Channeling Method Cost 10
    • Inescapable Iron Grip Cost 12
  • Elemental
    • Elemental Concentration Trance Cost 10


'Passage Through Steel Wall' is a Melee charm by Haren
The Lore Charms for Crypt Bolt can be found Here

Selina's Spells

Calling Hyrokkin

Cost: 20 motes
Duration: Until Sundawn

Only those of the blood of the Great Dragons may learn this spell. When it is used, this blood ignites within her body, the power of legend within her soul coming alive. Her skin shrivels, becoming old, rugged and strong, bones hardening to labyrinthine Onyx. The Necromancer increases her Strength and Stamina by 4, her Dexterity by 2, can soak lethal damage with her full Stamina, and ignores any and all wound penalties while in this Form. Her fingers harden into claws, and her teeth become all crooked jagged and sharp, both laced with essence - they become natural weapons that deal lethal damage. Her claws and fangs are laced with essence, with a kind the Necromancer’s personality. All five terrestrial elements act exactly like the Dragon-Graced Weapon Charm, always active - and the void acts like the Soulsteel Magical Material bonus. No Celestial elements can mesh with such a dark practice.

Unfortunately, it has drawbacks, as the Necromancer becomes as a beast - she halves both her Temperance and all of her Social Attributes(rounding down), and any and all botched virtue rolls provoke atavistic surges of Fight or Flight. A Sorcerous version of this works much the same, but allows the use of the Celestial elements as their Magical Materials instead of Void. This spell permanently changes those that bring the blood out – the dragon is forever their anima, their soul, and they receive the equivalent of a difficult 5 Lunar tell to spot, in their draconic nature.