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For ScrollAndSwordCircle

Caste: Sidereal, Journeys
Nature: Gallant
Concept: Flamboyant 'Trader'
XP: 46 unspent, 143 total
Player: Telgar


Used to be a Del’Zahn ‘trader’. More then half a bandit. Traded for firedust and gems, uses a firestick as his weapon. A friendly, sociable man. Knows a few Anathema that aren’t that bad, so leans toward Gold but isn’t declared factionally. Extremely foul-mouthed, a friend of the Magnate of Curses. Has frequent contact with Lunars because of his connections with nomads and barbarians. Generally considers them to be his ‘assignment’ even when they’re not.


This is the picture I'm using for Malik, thanks Resplendence


  • Esara Gia: Gia may be studious and stolid and annoying, but Malik likes her anyway. He's aware that she feels he is too impulsive, but doesn't mind that little foible of hers. Recently, Gia has been getting better and has even started to join Malik in his passtime of wager-making. Most recently he won an amborsia coin off her for liking a sugar-god's chair and she won it back, with interest, for eating one of the cubes that flaked off the god's feet, pure suguar of course.
  • Arkadi: Malik finds Arkadi's attitude a refreshing change from Gia's subtlty and Osprey's quietness. The former lawman is abrasive, sour and rude, so Malik gets along with him just fine.
  • Merciful Osprey: While the Easterner is dour, sullen and generally far more quiet then Malik, the two get along fairly well. Malik respects Osprey's intelligence and ability and likes the man, but continues his efforts to make him lighten up.
  • Former Circle Makes: Malik never liked Seandoran or Aria, so he wasn't terribly upset to learn they had accidentally been devoured by a drunken Celestial Lion. Learning that the Lion was tripped so he would accidentally swallow them, and the tripper paid by a dark, evil-looking figure, however, roused his anger.


Strength: 3, Dexterity: 4, Stamina: 3
Charisma: 4, Manipulation: 4, Appearance: 3
Perception: 3, Intelligence: 2, Wits: 3


  • Mercury
    • Endurance 3
    • Ride 4
    • Sail 1
    • Survival 3
  • Venus
    • Craft 1
    • Lingustics 3
    • Performance 3
    • Socialize 3
  • Mars
    • Archery 3
    • Brawl 4
    • Melee 4
  • Jupiter
    • Investigation 2
    • Larceny 4
    • Lore 3
    • Occult 2
    • Stealth 2
  • Saturn
    • Athletics 2
    • Awareness 2
    • Bureaucracy 2
    • Presence 4

Craft: Fate
Languages: Old Realm, Flametongue (native), Low Realm
Melee: Swords, Axes, Spears
Specialties: Archery - Flame weapons, Ride - Familiars


Essence: 3
Fu: 3
Willpower: 7/7 Paradox: 3

Compassion: 2, Conviction: 3, Temperance: 1, Valor 4.

Essence pool:
12 Personal | 30 Peripheral | Committed 5

Health Levels:



Ordained Bridle of Mercury	Simple		10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 experience
Breaking the Wyld Mortal        Simple          10 motes, 1 willpower, 1+ experiance
Spirit-Shape Companion		Simple		10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 experience
Yellow Path			Simple		2 motes
Glory Path                      Simple          8 motes
Heart-Brightening Presentation  Supplemental    2 motes per die
Shun the Smiling Lady	        Simple          7 motes
You and Yours Stance            Simple          10 motes, 1 willpower
Hot-Eyed Snake Whispering	Supplemental	1 mote per TN reduction
Cash and Murder Games           Simple          10 motes, 1 willpower
Any Direction Arrow		Supplemental	1 mote + 1 mote per die
Every Direction Arrow		Extra Action	3 motes per extra arrow
Harmony of Blows		Extra Action	8 motes
Impeding the Flow		Reflexive	3 motes
Presence in Abscence            Simple          5 motes
Impose Nature                   Simple          3 motes
Force Decision                  Simple          5 motes
Auspicious Prospects            Simple          1 mote
Creation-Smuggling Procedures	Simple		5 motes, 1 willpower
Sidereal Shell Games		Simple		1 mote + 2 motes per dot stolen, 1 willpower
Honorable Thief Spirit		Simple		1 mote per TN reduction


Wing Spreading Defense		Reflexive	4 motes
Bursting Into Motion		Reflexive	5 motes, 1 willpower
Soaring Assault 		Supplemental	2 motes
Gliding Combat Stance		Simple		4 motes
Phoenix Form			Simple		5 motes


The Gull - 2
The Mast - 1
The Messenger - 1
The Ship's Wheel - 2
The Shield - 1

Resplendent Destinies
The Gull - When travelling as the Gull, Malik lets his brown hair hang loose or ties it inside the hood of his cape. He wears worn clothes of sturdy but cheap fabric, mostly whites and tans, and carries his weapons close at hand. He speaks with anyone that looks friendly, and steals what food he needs rather then paying for it, if it seems prudent. His normally lean, trim body takes on a slightly gaunt appearance when he wears the Gull's Destiny.
Effect Points - 3
The Mast - Under the sign of the Mast Malik generally prefers heavy brown trousers and sturdy boots, sometimes a vest, but no shirt. He typically removes his broad-brimmed hat under the sign of the Mast. He speaks little and moves slowly, but takes care to mind his normally forked tongue. His muscles become more pronounced, as if he'd been doing a great deal of labor.
Effect Points - 2
The Shield - Rarely taking on this identity, as it's pretty close to his own, Malik carries his firewand and the Burning Wind ostentatciously on his belt, one hand hovering near the hilt of either at all times. His hair is braided to keep from his face and his smile has a dangerous edge to it. The scar on his right bicep is more noticable when Malik wears the Shield.
Effect Points - 2


  • Ally 2
  • Ally 1
  • Artifact 3
  • Celestial Manse 2
  • Connections (Threshold) 3
  • Connections (Destiny) 1
  • Familiar 3
  • Salary 3
  • Sifu 2

Expanded Backgrounds

  • Allies 1: The Magnate of Curses, who remains nameless and speaks only through intermediaries, is a good friend of Malik's. The two get along, sharing something of the same firey temperment and a love of inventive swear words. Malik is responsible for no less then 10 new curses working their way into the vocabularies of Creation and hopes to top 100 before he turns 60. The Magnate has placed a large bet against Malik being able to do so, and it has become their friendly competition.
  • Allies 2: Bright Ember
  • Artifact 3: The Burning Wind, level 3 Red Jade artifact
  • Celestial Manse 2: The Bazaar of Heaven, level 2 Solar Manse
  • Connections (Threshold) 3: Under the guise of certain Destinies, Malik keeps up his associations with many of the Southern tribes and folk, making sure they don’t forget him. He gathers information, and other things from them and offers Ambrosia-made items in return, carefully of course.
  • Connections (Bureau of Heaven) 1: Despite his irreverent phrasing, Malik does show respect to those who deserve it in tone and spirit if not in word. He has a very few friends in the Bureaus, specially that of Humanity.
  • Familiar 3: Only with the guidance of Mercury herself was Malik able to befriend and eventually ‘tame’ his Familiar, Forge. One of the famous Furnace Rhinos of the far South, Forge bears two horns of the finest Red Jade. An especially disreputable Outcaste Terrestrial was hunting Forge when Malik found him. After a short battle, the Terrestrial was dead and the Rhino had accepted Mercury’s yellow bridle.
  • Salary 3: Despite Gold leanings, Malik has avoided being classified as a true Gold so far. That, combined with his willingness to take on extra assignments in the wilds of the South, has earned him a higher-then-average pay packet for a young Sidereal. He enjoys it a bit too much, say some.
  • Sifu 2: So far, Malik’s sifu is authorized to teach him only a few Styles. Righteous Devil, Fire Dragon and Charcoal March of Spiders being the ones he is interested in learning, but hasn’t devoted any time to. Right now, his current methods of destruction are just fine.

Artifacts and Such

The Burning Wind
A short, heavy scimitar taken from the corpse of Sesus Andrea after the Dynast attempted to slay Forge, the Dancing Flame has become Malik’s personal weapon. The curved blade is marked with Orichalcum glyphs, spelling Old Realm words for strength, fire and victory. When Burning Wind makes an attack against an enemy, apply ½ the base damage (not raw) to every ally of the target inside 10 yards. This counts as an environmental effect and does Lethal damage. When an enemy attempts to parry Burning Wind, the sword rolls its own Accuracy pool and does its Base damage to the defender should it succeed. This attack can not be parried. Neither of these effects can be supplemented by Charms and neither counts extra attack successes towards damage. In addition, neither uses Essence Ping rules.

The Bazaar of Heaven (level 2 Solar Manse)
A small and simple residence by the standards of Yu-Shan, this bazaar is a riot of colors and patterns, with covered stalls and elaborate tents set up in a mind-whirling maze of brightly colored cloth. The paths between the various stalls and tents are cobbled in hunks of gold the size of a man's outspread hand. In the center of the Bazaar lays a small square surrounded by shops made of adobe stained with various colors and studded with brilliant gems and precious metals. These shops provide the eating, sleeping and secure storage of the Manse. The Hearthstone, a Thrifty Merchant's Stone, forms in the top bowl of an elaborate, multi-tiered fountain in the square's center. Only from above can the geomantic layout of the Bazaar truly be appreciated as the riot of color becomes a fascinating collection of symbols and patterns, converging on the center square.

Thrifty Merchant's Stone</b>

<b>Manse ••
Trigger: Appraising merchandise.

This multifaceted stone looks much like a chunk of pyrite, but shines much more brightly. It allows its wearer to instantaneously assess the fair market value of any material item placed before him. This assessment is totally objective; it does not take into account the local economic climate (although sweeping economic change across a vast portion of Creation would influence the estimate), or any sentimental value the item may have to a few specific people (although if an item has great historical value, it will be factored into the assessment).

Quick Combat Stats

Init: 7
Dodge: 4
Soak: 3/1
Accuracy 9
Melee Rate 4
Ranged Rate 1/2
Melee Def 8

Freebie Points (25)

Allies 1 - 1pt
Connections (Bureau of Heaven) 1 - 1pt
Salary 3 – 1pt
Essence 3 – 10pts
Wits 3 – 4pts
Valor 4 – 3pts
Presence 4 – 3pts
Socialize 3 – 1pt
Larceny 4 – 3pts
Archery 3 – 2pts
Specialites - 1pt
Fu 3 – 7pts
Charm Slots (2) sold - +12pts