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Quendalon's Necromancy

The Shadowlands Circle

The Labyrinth Circle

Call the Black Storm

Cost: 15 or 30 motes

Upon casting this spell, the character raises her hands above her head, sending a flare of black lightning up into the sky. A rumble of thunder follows, and clouds gather into an impenetrable overcast in a matter of seconds. This spell precipitates an underworld storm; a torrential rain of black water falls from the sky, mingled with blood, ice, and other assorted debris. Black and violet lightning flares through the sky. The storm encompasses a one-mile radius, and lasts for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s Essence, after which the clouds disperse within moments. If the caster spends 15 motes to cast the spell, exposure to the storm inflicts damage equivalent to a severe sandstorm (see Exalted, page 244). Alternatively, for a cost of 30 motes, the storm is much more destructive, shot through with dazzling white lightning and spatters of acid; this inflicts damage equivalent to a supernatural ice storm. The necromancer has no special immunity to the effects of the storm. If the spell is cast in Creation, only the lesser form can be used for a cost of 30 motes; in this case, the rain and other debris vanishes completely after the storm ends.

The Void Circle

Corrupted Jade Nativity

Cost: 50 motes

This potent magic ensnares the immortal spirit of one of the Mountain Folk and binds it into a mass of jade, from which it is reborn as a corrupted mockery of its former state. This spell may only be cast at the Well of the Void. There, the necromancer slays a living Mountain Folk in a ritual that lasts for eight hours, and spills its heart’s blood upon a nodule of flawless black or white jade at least four feet in diameter. The jade nodule shivers and cracks, and the newborn Mountain Folk crawls from the debris to abase itself at the feet of its maker.

A corrupted Mountain Folk is a rough creature, crude of visage and misshapen of limb. Its skin resembles jade rather than flesh, and the darkness of the Void lingers within its eyes. Its nature depends upon the will and skill of its creator, who may attempt to determine its Caste as per the Jade’s Egg Hatched Charm (from Exalted: the Fair Folk, page 271), rolling Intelligence + Occult rather than Intelligence + Craft (Sculpture). On a botch, the spell fails and the Mountain Folk’s soul is swallowed by the Void. Otherwise, the creature thus created has the statistics of a newly created character of the appropriate caste, and may gain experience in the normal manner.

Each of these corrupted beings forever bears the mark of its maker’s Essence. It serves her with perpetual, unswerving loyalty. If the creature is killed in the Underworld, its soul will return to its creator, following her intangibly until bound again into jade; this may be done with another casting of this spell, without the need for a living sacrifice. If the creature is slain in Creation, it will return to the jade beneath the Imperial Mountain to be restored to the usual existence of the Mountain Folk, but it retains the necromantic taint. If the newborn Mountain Folk ever enters a shadowland, it falls once more under the necromancer’s sway. It takes three rebirths in the normal fashion before this taint completely fades.