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Artifact Ideas

Not much to put here really...

Miscellaneous Ideas

I've got a thought for something to go in here. I'm just at a blank on how to describe it mechanically. A circlet of Blue and Black Jade, that can tear knowledge from the minds of others. I picture a DB sorceror lord buying up dozens of highly educated slaves to follow him around and when he comes across something he doesn't know, ripping it from the mind of a slave that does, generally turning the slave into a vegetable in extreme cases... The idea being usage of the device makes other people more ignorant, while lessening the ignorance of the Sorceror. A trade off that makes it only truly useful to callous bastards (and nice for heroic PCs to go on an adventure to destroy the 'evil S.O.B' B-)... but anyway, maybe more talented people than I can do something with that idea, as I say, I'm just stumped for mechanics of it... anyway.


It would have to be pretty powerful, but perhaps it would subtract dots of the target's lore skill, and add dots to your own lore specialities. Obviously, you could break the 3-spec limit with it. It would probably cost an xp point a shot, and be resisted though... Those are my quick opinions, anyway
-- Darloth