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Terrestrial Melee Charms

As thought of by the Nerdy Boyz

Whirling Ember Defence

  Cost: 2 motes 
  Duration: Instant 
  Type: Reflexive 
  Min Melee: 2 
  Min Essence: 1 
  Prereq: None.

As a flame radiates heat to all who come near, so can a Chosen of the Dragons intercept all incoming attacks. Spend 2 motes to re-roll any parry attempts. This re-roll must be taken, but can be used to negate a botch. Only one re-roll per parry is allowed.

Mana-Consuming Flame Method </i>

  Cost: 1+ motes, 1 Willpower
  Duration: Instant 
  Type: Reflexive 
  Min Melee: 5 
  Min Essence: 3 
  Prereq: Whirling Ember Defence, Stoking Bonfire Method.

The Dragon-Blood's weapon ignites with the purifying flames of Hesiesh, to consume utterly any purely Essence-based attacks. The Dragon-Blood must spend essence equal to that used to create the attack (minimum 1) and make a parry attempt using their Essence + Melee (+ Specialties + Weapon Bonuses), successes subtract from the opponents auto-successes (if any) first, then as normal from the attacks successes so long as at least one success is achieved, the attack is completely prevented, however, if the attack would have done more damage than double the weapon's base damage, the weapon is destroyed, if mundane. Artifacts are immune to this damage. Note, the attack must consist of Essence only, no physical components at all. This explicitely includes that Abyssal Performance Charm, Crypt Bolt, Sidereal Arrows Made from Whispers, Blazing Solar Bolts and the like, but not Phantom Arrows, Sidereal Arrows Made from Dinner-Plates, Lunar Log Arrows etc.

<i>Blazing Comet-Halting Prana</i>

  Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
  Duration: Instant 
  Type: Reflexive 
  Min Melee: 5 
  Min Essence: 4 
  Prereq: Mana-Consuming Flame Method, Portentous Comet Deflection.

At this level of skill, the Dragon-Blood may attempt to parry even the powerfully augmented attacks of the Anathema. The Dragon-Blood may make a parry attempt at a Difficulty of the opponents Essence, if even a single success is rolled, the attack is deflected.

<i>Thrashing Bonfire Technique</i>

  Cost: 2 motes + 1 mote per person
  Duration: Turn
  Type: Simple
  Min. Melee: 3
  Min. Essence: 2
  Prereq: Whirling-Ember Defense

The Exalt using this charm has learned how to use the wild thrashing movements of a raging fire to improve his ability to get his weapon in the way of an enemies attack. The Dragon-Blood spins and twirls his weapon in an unpredictable, shifting manner providing his entire body with protection. Sparks and heat-haze emanate from the weapon. It costs 2 motes to activate the Charm, which provides a cover bonus equal to the Exalt's Melee (+Weapon's Defence). For every extra mote spent, the cover bonus can be extended to include another person, to a maximum of the Exalt’s Essence, and all must be with a radius of (Melee + Essence) yards. The cover bonus stacks with that provided by a Shield.

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