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I cooked these charts up to aid with my own understanding of the rules, and then turned out to be pretty neat. Since I've done nothing but take and take and take from both this Wiki and, I thought I might as well contribute something back.

ComboChart - for when you want to make a combo, but you haven't wrapped your mind around the rules.

DamageGraph - Taken damage in combat? Print this up and go through it, you'll be amazed at how many things can happen.

Hope you enjoy!


These charts rock so hard you need two hands!!! You should link them to the newbie guide (ST, not wiki) on the content page. - Virgil

The damage graph is a thing of beauty. Thank you for posting this. - Cheyinka

Images so broken, RedThursday so sad :' ( ... I'd love to check this stuff out if someone could fix/replace the images. Anybody save the files?