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This is a page devoted exclusively to Infernals, both canonical and not.

Infernal Projects

  • IkselamInfernal is the original, brilliant "I want an Infernals fatsplat" project, started by Ikselam. Recently there have been murmurings of an open-sourcing of this project. Includes, currently, some notes on the Infernals' place in the world, the Yozis' plans for them, and so forth.
  • WillowsInfernal is FourWillowsWeeping's response to Ikselam's project; though he admired the above, his vision of the Infernals was very different, and so he began to define his own vision for Infernals implicitly, by writing Charms and related mechanics for them, as well as design notes for those. Like IkselamInfernal, this project has recently been opensourced for the community's pleasure.
  • DBSInfernalExalted is yet another take on the Infernal Exalted by DeathBySurfeit, drawing inspiration from the wonderful ideas in the first two in an attempt to methodically produce a balanced and exciting rules set for Infernal Exalts.
  • BoXPInfernals is a vision of the Infernals based on this RPGnet thread that attempts to corall them into Exalted's subjective morality gestalt. Organized by MUrielw but very much open-source.
  • Creatures/Oramus has one fan's theory of the identity of the Broken-Winged Crane and its place in the cosmology of Exalted. Tangentially related.
  • DevilTigerOfMalfeas is SJE's partially statted up write up of a Lunar Akuma Tiger Style Martial Artist.
  • InfernalInspiration -- Infernals in the Media
  • Characters/Infernals - an organizational page linking to infernal characters.
  • ArafelisInfernal - Musings on a different type of Infernal.
  • FrivYeti/GreaterAkuma - Creating more powerful akuma as the ultimate champions of Malfeas.
  • Dmccoy1693/InfernalProject - an aborted attempt
  • MeiRen/Infernals - and another
  • Mockery/Fifty Missing Shards - a different idea on what the Yozis did with their shards.

Canon Infernal Stuff