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The year of our dude 2021 and I'm back here again after waaaaaaay too long, hoping to spark up my neurons with Exalted Essence.

I'm still on my DB/Abyssal/Alchemical bender though.

(aAlso I have completely forgotten what wiki formatting I knew, lol.)

Let's see what happens ...

Just another fledgling Exalted ST (or player), having managed to acquire every hardback and a few other tidbits without ever managing an actual game. Which, unfortunately, leaves me with the distinct feeling that I have a rather tenuous grasp on how the mechanics of Exalted actually work; never mind how to balance mechanical rules.

It happens to all of us, I suppose ... I'm working on it.  ;)

After a rocky start -- mainly due to the "Big Red Book" being just so bloody dry, in my opinion -- the Dragonblooded have managed to take first place in my twisted little heart.

(The gods bless Aspectbook: Fire, for it made me see the light ...)

Other than elementally-charged sociopolicial demigods with more complicated marital schemes than the Fujiwara, I'm especially interested in Abyssals, raksha --

And Alchemical Exalts, for now I can run that Megaman X campaign that calls to me ....

The Scarlet Dynasty

Taichara/RealmMeritsAndFlaws. A handful of traits for Dynasts of all kinds.

Taichara/AspectMarkings. Just what it says -- some ideas for Dynast Aspect marks.

Taichara/DynasticBreeding. Various observations, and an attempt at crunching the odds when Dragon-Touched are factored into the mix; based on the tables in E:DB, with bits from the PG and E:tA.

Taichara/ShadowDragons. A few ideas for Dragonblooded aspected to the Elements of the Underworld. Thematics only at the moment; work in progress.

The Workshop

Taichara/Adamant. An attempt to creat some kind of "unified concept" for some of the various glasslike substances found in Creation, and a draft for adamant as a Magical Material within Creation. Because it's just that cool  ;)

Taichara/ExoticMaterials. Gossamer, quintessence and ambrosia as raw materials for crafting. Effects, Resources cost, and other thoughts. Work in progress.

Other Things To See

Taichara/AlternateElements. An alternate take on Creation, using the "traditional" five "elements" of Five Phase Theory. Sort of. ;) Very much a work in progress.

Taichara/FunkyPlaces. Manses, Demesnes, Freeholds, and whatnot. Just a few, but they're growing ...

Taichara/AnimeInspiration. Manga and anime series just waiting to have a nice home in Creation.

Things To See ... Someday

Taichara/RealmThaumaturgy. Rituals, alchemical preparations and enchantments favored amongst the savants of the Realm and Dynasty.

Taichara/TheStoneOfHeaven. Detailing further properties and elemental effects of jade, and the use of jade talismans as Essence storage devices.

.. and who knows, I might even get brave enough to write up someTaichara/Charms ...

Ebon Seraph of the Final Judgement. New Deathlord! (hey, why not?)

... and some Little Gods which have been slowly gestating in my hindbrain  ;)

TheTaichara/RandomSlushpile holds my (incoherent) thoughts for characters, objects and abilties that rattle through my mind on occasion. Not being especially strong on mechanics at the moment, I will refrain from actually trying to stat anything ...

Alas, if only I can find more time ...


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