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Dragon Blooded Lore

    • Inspired by Moxiane's DB Lore charms and an extension of the same.

Elemental Focus Mastery Techniques

Cost: None
Type: Special
Duration: Permanent
Minimum Lore: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Razor Method, Elemental Whirlwind Prana, Elemental Lance Prana, 
 Elemental Heart of Fury

Having achieved true mastery of his elemental powers, a Dynast who learns this charm further refines his control. This Charm may be bought in one of three forms, each with it’s own effect:

  • Thunderous Dragon Assault Technique: Refining the efficiency of his Elemental Bolt Attack the Dynast may now do 4L damage for every mote invested in this charm.
  • Massive Devastation Burst Prana: Increasing the scope of his Elemental Burst Technique, the Dynast may increase the damage radius by one yard per mote invested. Total motes spent on the charm still cannot exceed the normal allowable amount.
  • Burning Vortex Annihilation Technique: The Dynast’s mastery of the Dragon Vortex Attack is now so potent that he may increase it’s damage by paying 1 additional mote per extra 1L damage desired. The Dynast may not spend more than his Stamina + Essence in this way.

This charm may be purchased once at Essence 4 for one of the techniques and additional techniques may be acquired with further purchases of this charm at Essence 5 and 6 respectively.

Overwhelming Fury of the Dragons Attack

Cost: 1 mote per [Essence] L damage
Type Simple
Duration: Instant
Minimum Lore: 5
Minimum Essence: 6
Prerequisite Charms: Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Razor Method, Elemental Whirlwind Prana, 
 Elemental Lance Prana, Elemental Heart of Fury, Elemental Focus Mastery Techniques, Elemental Scourge Prana, 
 Elemental Splinter Attack, Elemental Focus Mastery Techniques x 3

The Dynast’s elemental power knows few equals outside the Dragons themselves, once he learns this charm, he becomes capable of projecting blasts of pure, coruscating elemental power. For every mote the Dynast spends on this charm the blast will inflict his permanent Essence rating in piercing Lethal damage. The attack has a range increment of 50 yards x the character’s permanent Essence The attack can be made with either Athletics or Archery, whichever the character prefers. The character cannot spend more essence on this charm than his Essence + Stamina