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Lunar Devouring Charms

Bottomless Stomach Method

 Cost: :   1 motes per days’ worth of food
 Duration:  Instant
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Stamina:   3 
 Minimum Essence:  2 
 Prerequisite Charms:  None

This charm allows the Exalt to quickly and efficiently consume enough food to feed himself for a number of days equal to a maximum of his Stamina rating at one sitting and thus be free of the need to eat for that many days. This charm is often used when it is necessary to travel light in hostile territory and one cannot afford to stop to gather food nor to carry it along. The Exalt will not be hungry, nor will he need to or even be able to eat until all of the days that he "ate ahead" have passed.

Bodily Consumption Prana (by voidstate)

 Cost:  10m 2w 
 Duration:  Varies 
 Type:  Supplemental 
 Minimum Stamina:  5 
 Minimum Essence:  4 
 Prerequisite Charms:  Bottomless Stomach Method

After winning a Clinch attempt, the Lunar stretches their jaws impossibly wide and consumes thier victim entirely. Swallowed victims receive the Lunars Essence + 1 for each concurrent round of exposure in lethal damage each turn as they are dissolved. This damage is only soaked with Stamina and Charms.

The swallowed victim is considered to be in a clinch and may try to escape with a clinch roll once a turn. The Lunar opposes this roll reflexively (it does not take up their action for the round) and gains a number of automatic successes equal to their Essence to the roll. Small weapons such as knives may explicitly be used in addition to brawling aids when attempting to escape and do their basic damage modifier in damage (soaked only with Stamina) to the Lunar even if the escape attempt fails. In this way a Lunar may find himself seriously wounded from a victim's attempted escape.

If the lunar activates any charm which allows them to digest inorganic materials such as Maw of the Furnace Rhino, the victim's equipment may also be damaged. It receives lethal damage equal to the Lunar's Stamina + Essence + 1 for each concurrent round of exposure.

Voluntarily coughing up the victim and equipment in a mangled pellet takes a dice action.

The stomach used to hold this charm's victim is partially created from Elsewhere, allowing a lunar to swallow victims of approximitely their own size. No more than one victim may be swallowed at any given time. It is clear when lunars have a victim inside them from the struggling and muffled screams from beneath their flesh. Note: A full sized human could easily be considered a full three meals and then some…

Perfect Omnivore Meditation

 Cost:   5 or 10 motes
 Duration:   One day
 Type:   Supplemental
 Minimum Stamina:   5
 Minimum Essence:   3 
 Prerequisite Charms:  Bottomless Stomach Method

This charm allows the Exalt to practice the ways of a true omnivore and safely gain sustenance from any source that a natural living creature of any kind does. These sources include, but are not limited to: tree bark, grass, hay, carrion, etc. Note that some sources of nutrition (such as grass or hay) may require that the Exalt eat a great deal to gain the nutritive value of a full meal, but as long as the food source is not outright poisonous, the Exalt may consume it without harm. For an additional 5 motes the Lunar may consume ANY substance at all as long as it is organic in nature.

Buffet Devastation Style

 Cost:   2 motes per week’s worth of food eaten, and 1 health level
 Duration:   Instant
 Type:   Simple
 Minimum Stamina:   5
 Minimum Essence:   3
 Prerequisite Charms:  Bottomless Stomach Method

A horrifying exercise in consumption, this charm allows the Exalt to consume enough food to last himself for 1 week per 2 motes spent on this charm, assuming such a volume of food is available. Until the number of weeks has passed that he character has “eaten in advance” for, he will no longer need nor desire so much as a grain of rice or draught of water nor will he be physically able to consume such even should he want to.

Maw of the Furnace Rhino

 Cost:  5 motes, 1 willpower 
 Duration:  One day
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Stamina:  4
 Minimum Essence:  4
 Prerequisite Charms:  Perfect Omnivore Meditation.

With this charm, the Lunar transforms their teeth into a diamond-hard substance and alters their digestive tract to an unnatural extent, allowing them to consume metals, stone and other inorganic and even poisonous substances and deriving nutrition from them. For the purposes of this charm one “meal” of minerals is roughly 2 cubic feet of stone or 1 cubic foot of metal. The Lunar may not eat Magical Materials with this charm.

Locust Appetite Deforestation Practices

 Cost:1 mote per 3 cubic feet and 1 Willpower
 Duration:One Scene
 Minimum Stamina:5
 Minimum Essence:4
 Prerequisite Charms:  Maw of the Furnace Rhino

By empowering his stomach acids and digestive system with burning Essence and hardening his teeth, the Lunar turns himself into a furnace of destruction. For the duration of the charm, any food that the Lunar eats is instantly destroyed upon reaching his stomach, providing no nutrition and taking up no “space” within him. Additionally, the Lunar may devour any orgainic or inorganic substance such as: Trees, rock, metal, carrion, etc. that will fit properly into his mouth or can be bitten into. The Lunar may devour 3 cubic feet of material per turn per mote invested in this charm in this manner. Attacks against creatures and sentients are not enhanced by this charm, this charm provides only the raw ability to consume, to devour animals, people, enemies, etc. with this charm they must be in a state defineable as food (i.e. dead). The Lunar may spend up to their Stamina + Essence in motes on this charm.

Refining Stomach of the Furnace Rhino

 Cost:  5 motes (committed) 1 Willpower
 Duration: 2 weeks
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Stamina: 5
 Minimum Essence:  4
 Prerequisite Charms:  Maw of the Furnace Rhino

Upon Learning this charm a Lunar may forego the Nutritional benefits of devouring metals with Maw of the Furnace Rhino and instead dedicate six “meals” of metal to being refined into a “horn” that will grow from the Lunar’s back over the course of the two weeks of this charm. The “horn” will be roughly 3 chopping swords worth of metal and will be refined and pure metal of it’s type The 10 Motes for this charm are committed until the “horn” has finished growing and is harvested (extracting the “horn” from the Lunar’s back causes 2 L of unsoakable damage)

 Quality of the metal produced depends on what is consumed:
 Low to mid quality ore: Good Quality Metal (normal weapon grade)
 High Quality Ore or scrap metals: Exceptional Quality Metal (exceptional weapon grade)
 Exceptional Quality scrap: Perfect quality metal (perfect weapon grade)
 Exceptional or Perfect Metal is used for making exceptional or Perfect weapons but does not make the 
 actual process of making exceptional weapons easier.

Transcendent Furnace Rhino Digestion Meditation

 Cost:  15 Motes (committed) 2xp
 Duration: 1 month
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Stamina:  5
 Minimum Essence:  5
 Prerequisite Charms:  Refining Stomach of the Furnace Rhino, Buffet Devastation Style

This Powerful Charm allows the Lunar to generate Magical Materials within their bodies and grow them as a “horn” on their back. The Lunar must devour 3 “weeks” worth of meals of the appropriate base substance to generate this material. These “meals” have no nutritional effect and regular food must be consumed as well. The motes remain committed to this charm until the “horn” has been harvested after it’s 1 month growth cycle. (Harvesting the horn causes 2L of unsoakable damage) The "horn" will contain roughly 2 daiklaives worth of Magical Material. (or 4 dots of Artifact construction) To produce Magical Material the following must be consumed:

 Jade: Mine tailings or scraps from Jade forging, or raw Jade Ore
 Orichalcum: Gold
 Moonsilver:  Silver from a Wyld area (Bordermarches are best)
 Starmetal: Not possible unless the Lunar has a method of devouring a Little God and actually knows the 
 secret of Starmetal
 Soulsteel: Not possible unless the Lunar has a way of devouring ghosts and acquiring Labyrinth ore

Internal Alchemy Shapeshifting Prana

 Cost:  Varies
 Duration:  Instant
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Stamina: 5
 Minimum Intelligence:  4
 Minimum Essence:  4
 Prerequisite Charms:  Perfect Omnivore Meditation, Wondrous Lunar Transformation

This Charm allows the Lunar to transform food in his stomach via an Essence charged metabolism into doses of various medicines and drugs, the lunar may either allow them to take effect normally or extract them from his blood to be used by others. Extracting the drug from the Lunar causes 1L unsoakable damage per 2 doses extracted. Additionally , if this drug is not extracted within an hour of being produced, it becomes useless as it is metabolized by the Lunar. The Lunar must, if he is going to create a blood-potion of a substance, either know how to make it (via the science of Alchemy for instance) or have sampled the substance in question and experienced it’s effects.

 Soft Drugs and simple mundane medicines: 2 motes per dose, negligible food cost
 Hard Drugs or Poisons : 5 motes per dose, 1 days worth of food cost
 Exotic Drugs: 10 motes per dose, 3 days worth of food cost
 Alchemical Potions: 15 motes per dose, 1 week of food

Maiden Tea is priced per a Hard Drug Exotic drugs include: Hallucinogenic Woad, Rasp Spider venom, Ice fern Spores and Ghost Flower The Lunar may pay 3 exp per blood-potion produced to become utterly immune to it’s effects (i.e. must buy immunity to Heroin, Court Poison, etc.) Note: regular use of this charm to produce Age Staving Cordial within the Lunar’s body will extend his lifespan by 25 % (to roughly 4000 years)

Wondrous Anagathic Bodily Transcendence

 Cost:  None/ 25 motes 
 Duration: Permanent
 Type:  Special
 Minimum Stamina:  5
 Minimum Essence:  6
 Prerequisite Charms:  Internal Alchemy Shapeshifting Prana

After learning this charm, the Lunar’s body takes on fantastic anagathic properties, increasing his lifespan by double it’s previous amount ( to roughly 8000 years) and gives him the ability to change some of his blood into a type of high powered anagathic drug that can be given to others. Each dose of transformed blood costs 25 motes to create and 1L unsoakable damage to extract. This wondrous drug must be taken once a month to have it’s life doubling properties in full effect upon a character. Additionally , if this drug is not extracted within an hour of being produced, it becomes useless as it is metabolized by the Lunar.


Great charms! Especially the Bodily Consumption Prana. :p - Voidstate

 *Do you mind that I included it here? it just fits SO well ;) - MadGreenSon

All good ideas, except BCP which is crap ;-) One comment, some of the Essence requirements seem a bit high. I reckon Bottomless Stomach Method should be Essence 2, and Buffet Devastation Style should be 3. An Essence 4 charm, imho, would allow you to eat enough food to last decades - they're pretty powerful. Otherwise, great work, especially the "Furnace Rhino" charms! -- Xarak

 *goood points, I changed it to fit, and Thanks! --MadGreenSon

Hmm. This is a whole buncha charms devoted to eating! I'll go through and give you a charm-by-charm assessment. Overall, these are good but rough-draftish. They need refining.

  • Bottomless Stomach Method - I'd say this would be easier to keep track of if you instead rated it at 1 mote per meal. "Meals per day" is subjective and ill-defined. The wording also makes it sound like whatever you eat in that one sitting is enough meals for Stamina Days. Which is likely not the intent.
    • I redefined it as 1 day's worth of food, sound good? MadGreenSon
  • Locust Appetite Deforestation Method - Wow that's a really long name. This needs revision. Not sure how, not sure what system, but it needs fixing. If you have that Charm on and then use Bodily Consumption Prana, you instantly kill anyone you can get an attack on. That's a bit much.
    • This one explicitly cannot be used for killing, I spelled it out further though, just to be sure. MadGreenSon
  • Bodily Consumption Prana - Too wordy! Also, Stamina+Essence damage in Health levels every turn, soaked only with Stamina? That's insane man. That's going to be like 5 health levels a turn for high-stamina victims. Getting automatic successes on your roll to hold the target is a bit much, and why only small weapons? This is Exalted, you can swing a daiklave inside someone's elsewhere-stomach just as easy as a knife.
    • Not my charm to mess with... MadGreenSon
      • I agree on it being too wordy. Hope you don't mind MGS but I have edited it down. It's now simpler to swallow someone but does less damage. And it's Essence 4 now and based on Stamina like the others. Having looked at esence 5 charms in Sidereals last night I think it's better at 4. Oh, and feel free to edit away, MGS, it's your cascade. - Voidstate
  • Perfect Omnivore Method - Nothing really needs changing here.
  • Buffet Devestation Style - Why not just fold this into Bottomless Stomach Method? You really need two charms that do the same thing?
    • it's a matter of scale and choice, you don't always need the big gun. MadGreenSon
  • Maw of the Furnace Rhion - Good, simple, effective.
  • Refining Stomach of the Furnace Rhino - Too expensive. 5 motes committed with maybe a WP cost to use. Or an XP cost of 1. I'd lean toward the WP however.
  • Transcendent Furnance Rhino Digesting Method - WAY too expensive!!! 25 committed motes?! For a MONTH?! That's insane. Beyond insane. 10-15, MAYBE. And this definantly needs an XP cost of 1. I'd also reduce the amount of 5MM created to 1 daiklave.
  • Wonderous Anagathic Method - Permanent Charms generally don't have costs included. This may be seperated into two charms, the first producing an elixer, the second making the change permanent for the Lunar. The second should be 6/6 or maybe 7/7.

Does eating things with Locust Appetite Deforestation Practice add them to your Heart's Blood? Since they're destroyed upon reaching your stomach, I'm not entirely sure. Ben-San

    • No, anything consumed with Locust Appetite Deforestation Practices will either be dead, inorganic or plants, and thus would not qualify for Heart's Blood even if not destroyed on contact with the stomach. MadGreenSon