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Domain of the Elemental Pole of Air, the harsh climate either kills or strengthens those determined to succeed. It is bounded by the Silver River to the East and the island of the Varajtul Cannibals to the West, but excluding the nation of Calin.

Cities and Nations

  • The Halls of Aentha A nation built into First Age tunnels deep under the glacier with a zenophobic view of the rest of the world. - Andrix
  • Cherak Realm-aligned city in the North.
    • Firespring A tourist attraction for wealthy Dynasts, Firespring is mystery due to its tropical climate, caused by any one of several choices given to the gamemaster.
    • Scarlet Fortress The easternmost city controlled by House Ferem, and an ancient Shogunate naval depot.
  • Gethamane
  • Ghedaran A floating city of clocks, ratmen Lunars, and ruled by a monsterous remnant of Bagrash Kol's once-glorious empire. It's specifically to make a bit of Steampunk Exalted until Alchemicals comes out, so it's pretty damn magitech-heavy.
  • Gorot, City of the Wall - A city built in the last bastion of a truly monolithic First Age fortification. Situated in the middle of the Northwest plains. - Odin
  • The Haslanti League - A collection of allied city states around the White Sea
    • Crystal - A writeup done for a Haslanti League-based game. May be a little more Magitek and Final Fantasy inspired than the norm, so STs may wish to tweak the setting. MelWong
    • Diamond Hearth
    • Icehome
  • The Empire of Kruzky - A mountain-ranging empire situated in the mountain range just west of Whitewall.
  • Lanyk - A small Realm satrapy
  • Pandora - A glacier-built city.
  • Sapphire Crown - A city surround a giant crystal blue fortress of the same name. Located on the South shore of the Northern Sea
  • Skipari - A city of civilized barbarians formed by two Lunars trying to defend themselves without Silver Pact support. Not finished at the moment. - SpicyMcHaggis
  • Snowguard
  • Solovan - A small town, home to the Twin Dragon Martial Arts Academy
  • Tideholme A Realm tributary state on the Northern shore of the Inland Sea, perilously close to Marama's Fell. - Moxiane
  • Whitewall
  • City of the Moon - An isolated mountain peak city in the northwest. - BogMod

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