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Sitting high in the mountains of the northwest, resting above the cloudline of a perpetually cloudy mountaintop lays the marble city of the Moonfolk. Seperated by the long climb up the apparently barren mountainside, hidden by the clouds and by religous order commanded not to leave from their mountain home they have lived there in isolation since before the Contagion.

This place was originally made by a pair of powerful lunar elders. With sorcery and summoned beings they constructed the city. With their charm and control over their people they took the best and brightest up into the city and then used spells, artifacts, breeding and charms to slowly make a new race of humans.

They charged there people to never leave, taught them how to worship the Goddess Luna and the Primordial Gaia, taught them to obey the Lunar's and to never depart from their mountain home. Then as a final working they turned the power of the manse found on that peak to make the sky above this place perpetually night time.

The City of the Moon

Its rather more like three cities. This mountain does not come to a single peak but rather to 3 close ones. Connected by bridges made with the imperishable techniques of the Old Realm, three small cities are on each peak. Each one devotes itself to a particular way. Though they have no records of when exactly the city was made, this use of three and what each city devotes itself too makes those who have considered it think that the city was made post fall, after the new castes of the Lunars came to be.

One of the three devotes itself to the warrior arts, another to learning and occult, and the final to the arts. The older architecture of each place is rather the same but the newer parts of each clearly show that the work was done by mortal hands and mortal hands that had been swayed by their upbringing and which city they grew up in.

Appearance and Culture

The people of the city are almost uniformly fit, slim with pale skin and light silverish hair. This is of course exactly what the Lunars were trying to achieve when they bred them, and without the influx of foreign blood there has been little change. Culturally they are all devoted worshipers of Luna and her Chosen. This shows up in what they view to be important in life, going so far as to follow the Way that the Lunars follow as well. That said they sort of have a caste system for themselves to mimic how the Lunar exalted are divided up. Each person after their entry into adulthood(16 years of age) choosing which city to live in and which way to devote themselves to. Before then they learn from all three in a very general educational technique that is much like schools in most cities.

Crime and Punishment

Crime is low and almost never needs to be handled by people other then those involved in the event. Honour and personal ability tend to solve the problem, with challanges easily able to be other then a test of arms which leads to no one group haveing some advantage. Of the most serious crimes a mob solution is found with a tossing from a bridge to the death below or the locking away into one of the few cells to await the return of a Lunar to handle judgement.




People of Note