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Creation is a big place, and it helps to have a gazetteer. That's what this page is for. Link references to canonical places, your take on canonical places, and (most importantly) the places you've added to the world.

Creation Itself

The five directions: North, South, East, West, and Center, plus those bits in between.

The North
Domain of the Elemental Pole of Air, the harsh climate either kills or strengthens those determined to succeed. Bounded by the Silver River to the East and the island of the Varajtul Cannibals to the West.
The Northeast
At the juncture of Air and Wood, the lands of the Northeast support evergreen forests, cold prairies, and hardy frontier kingdoms living in the shadow of ancient empire. Bounded by the River of Tears and the Blackwater River.
The East
Fields grow into trees, trees grow to the sky until the Sun can no longer be seen. The Elemental Pole of Wood rules the land, hiding secrets waiting to be discovered. Bounded by the River of Tears and the Summer Mountains, but also including Calimport west of the River of Tears.
The Scavenger Lands
In the East, the Scavenger Lands are large and diverse enough to have a section of their own. Fierce and independent, these lands brook no interference from the Realm. Centered on the Yanaze and Yellow Rivers, from the Noss Fens to the Inland Sea east and west, from the southern border of the Kingdom of Halta to the northern border of Harborhead north and south.
The Southeast
Between Fire and Wood, the Southeast of Creaton is dominated by jungles, ruins and lakes. Few live in the region today, but once it harbored many great kingdoms. Bounded to the north by the edge of the jungle where the Arczeckhi Horde and the Karala dwell and to the south by the Summer Mountains.
The South
Fire rules the sands. The hardy peoples make their living in gems or trade, but seldom wander from the paths their ancestors used, for the dunes can kill even the most prepared. Bounded by the jungles of the East and the coastline of the Inland Sea and the West, where lies An-Teng.
The West
Depths, only scarcely broken by islands cresting above the water. Those that have made a life here have adapted to the endless water surrounding them, learning a trade to secure a place upon Trading Ships or pirate vessels. Bounded by the western shores of the mainland and the Blessed Isle.
The Realm
Paragon of Creation, home of the Elemental Pole of Earth, the source of reality. Terrestrial rule keeps all in order, quells the spirits and teaches the common man. Composed of the Blessed Isle and the nearby islands.
The Depths of Creation
A vast subterranean wilderness dotted with Mountain Folk outposts and the lairs of ancient, nameless terrors, the Depths are a wonder, or horror, rarely seen by surface dwellers.
Miscellaneous Locations
Places that could fall anywhere in Creation.

Worlds Beyond Creation

Both world and Primordial.
Somewhere other than where you are, no matter where that is.
The demon realm.
The Underworld
Need I say more? Domain of the DeathLords and the Neverborn, where spectres roam.
The Wyld
The realm of the Fair Folk.
Yu Shan
The Celestial City, where the Incarna themselves dwell.

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