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The Five Corners Digest

From the desk of Meridian Blue, Chief Editor of the Five Corners Digest and Merchant Prince extraordinaire... The book you now hold in your hands is the single most comprehensive travel guide to Creation in existence. It is the compiled works of the foremost connoisseurs of culture and the most seasoned, veteran explorers the silver can buy. In this text you'll learn exactly why it's a terrible idea to salute a Metagalapan hawkrider, or which drugs are guaranteed to make your Great Forks orgy a success. And so, go forth into that vast world, armed with the knowledge given you by this invaluable text.

Written in incredibly small font at the bottom of the title page...

DISCLAIMER: All locations disclosed herein have been investigated personally by this travel guide's employees. Information may or may not be accurate as pertains to the day-to-day situans of areas such as political hotbeds, nations at conflict, and where natural disasters have occured. This travel guide takes no responsibility for any information which reveals it to be incorrect, false, or blatantly untrue and the producers of this book will not give a refund, in part or in full, for any condition whatsoever. Any complaints may be directed to the office of Meridian Blue, on Bludger's Street in the Nexus District, Nexus.

Travellers to the Five Corners

  • FiveCornersDigest/MeridianBlue - Chief Editor of the Five Corners Digest. Operates out of his lavish offices on Bludger's Street, in the heart of the the Nexus District, Nexus. Although mortal, Blue's vast experience as a merchant prince makes him the ideal head for such a Digest.
  • FiveCornersDigest/TrobeSaar - Travels in the Scavenger Lands, Eastern Threshold and the South East. Originally from Great Forks, Trobe is a minor Godblooded daughter of Emerald Canopy and specializes in the flora and fauna of Creation as well as it's people.
  • FiveCornersDigest/SusurantHeart - Traveling cook, who plays a good knife and fork. Born in Tuchara in the Realm, he visits various regions in whole Creation searching for new and exotic culinary delights.

FiveCornersDigest/KotorMelcath - The bumbling nephew of Meridian. Assigned to the distant islands of the west, Kotor has little in the way of writing skills and can't actually speak a word of Seaspeak.

FiveCornersDigest/SugarplumArches - This dazzlingly gorgeous Fae-Blood got tired of the barbarian lifestyle to which she had been born, seduced several noblemen, murdered them, and made off with their fortunes. Now she wanders the North in style, visiting all the best brothels and drug dens. Tends to forget that her readers aren't as immune to the Wyld as she is.

FiveCornersDigest/RiotofBranches - Son of a Scaveger Lord, and self proclaimed Professional Tourist/ Mobile Entrepeneur. He travels Creation to see the places others only get to read about...and then tries to sell as many of his father's wares as possible. Due to a sheltered and book influenced childhood, Branches is both naive and absentminded. Fortunately he is accompanied by his ever faithful and vigilant minder, Dirk.

Digest Chapters












  • Ok folks here's what needs be done. Each author in this guide must create a character, their persona for their in-character descriptions of regions covered in the guide. As you no doubt have guessed, I have taken the persona of Meridian Blue, egotistical, megalomaniacal, all-around nice guy Chief Editor for the Five Corners Digest. Try and imagine your writer's nature and write it as if you were writing IC fiction. Further more, we need to combine brainpans and devise a suitable template for each chapter, i.e. how to organize it, what should it be comprised of, and such. And of course, the bid for directions is on. It is perfectly acceptable for more than one person to take a direction, just make sure Person A's work meshes with Person B's work. -- Sigilistic
  • Everyone should add their character to the roster, short but sweet is probably the way considering we have no idea how many we'll end up with and we don't want to over-crowd the main page. In addition to regional information, it could be fun to do call-outs or special columns that focus on fun little tidbits like local legends, flora, fauna or such. I've got a few in mind for my work on the South East. Which I'll actually post tomorrow and this weekend. Stupid schoolwork keeping me busy!
  • Sounds cool Telgar. Any ideas on how to arrange this mess? -- Sigilistic
  • Great Idea, I've posted a character, hope the concept fits into the planning. Maybe we should organize it a bit like TheNexusProject; we have a Direction, say the East, than we have a region, say Sijan, and then we have various entiers about that region. Jiba
  • Maybe, we should think about the structure of the character descriptions. I think there should be some fiction (a short story; not more than five or six lines; maybe some kind of letter, in which he or she explains Meridian, why he or she wants to participate), an explaination of the Background of the proper character. In addition we should explain, how the character learned about the project and why he or she wanted to join the team. Maybe we should form some kind of appendix, where we offer the stats of the charcaters; maybe some STs would like to use them as NPCs in their games. Jiba

Maybe each entry should have a rating system, like some travel guide books do. Categories could include overall danger, overall fun, quality of food, hostility of weather, amiability of locals, hostility of flora/fauna, and a general "how much is this place worth visiting." The system could use a scale of (insert precious material here, example jade) (insert geometric shape here, example stars) number from one to (some number of great numerolgical significance to creation or Editor Blue). Naturally, the rating's values would be determined by the individual reporter and his or her own personal biases.-Ambisinister

  • What about making the rating system based on the 5MM's? Everyone would grok that. Soulsteel, Jade, Starmetal, Moonsilver, Orichalcum? Also, what type of places should be covered? Villages and habitations of sentient creatures, or even more exotic locales? -ImaginalDisc
    • I do not like the idea. Rating a place you have visited; this lacks the flair of travelogues like the ones, Marco Polo, for example writ, when he explored the east. I think we should simply describe where we are, how we feel about the place and who we met an what happend to us. The charakters could write letters to Nexus or keep a diary about the journey to be later published in the Five Corners Digest. Besides I am not sure, if mortals have an idea, about what starmetal is, while even the mere mentioning of soulsteel would deter most of them.

By the way: why did nothing happen to the idea for last year (or more)? I would not like to see the project dieing. Has anybody heard of the player of Meridan Blue recently? And what about you other ones? How about getting started? -Jiba

I hadn't ever noticed this before. I'm currently running a game in the West and I would love to contribute some of my islands, if that is allowed. So, I too would like to know if there is anyone out there. --BrilliantRain

It looks fun. Usurp the current editor in-absentia with social charms and continue the project!
-- Darloth

Terrifying Apparition of Glory!!! Okay, this is done. Well, feel free to add something, BrilliantRain, but keep in mind that this is an Intime-project, so an actual character should report about the islands. The idea behind the Five Corners Diggest is to provide players and storytellers with interessting new locations and expansion of existing ones from a unique perspective. It is part game, where you play a character or write stories about the journeys of a character (I think we should use journals or letters to the head of the diggest sitting in Nexus), part rule and background content (It could be a good idea to provide the characters with statistics, or descriptions of monsters, manses, etc). I will post the first journal entries of my character SusurantHeart or a description about what the Five Corners Diggest's intention is. I'll do that as soon as I can, but I think this week I will not be able (I have to work on my Dragonblooded campaign). I hope many others will join this project. --Jiba