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This page is for My Creation (R). It includes events from both JesseLowe/PirateMonkey campaigns and Heroes of a Wooded Land.

Reminder on the Creation calendar, 'cause I can never keep it straight: 28 days to a month, 3 months to a season (Ascending, Resplendent, Descending), 5 seasons + Calibration to a year (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, in that order -- non-canonical). 1 year = 425 days.


I'm a-usin' this: CrownedSun/Seasons

Phases of the Moon

  • Waxing Crescent -- 1-3 (3 days)
  • First Quarter -- 4-6 (3 days)
  • Waxing Gibbous -- 7-9 (3 days)
  • Full Moon -- 10-14 (5 days)
  • Waning Gibbous -- 15-17 (3 days)
  • Last Quarter -- 18-20 (3 days)
  • Waning Crescent -- 21-23 (3 days)
  • No Moon -- 24-28 (5 days)

Realm Year 763

Calibration: The Empress disappears.

Realm Year 765

Captain Kaizoku Exalts.

Realm Year 766

Monkey Exalts.

Realm Year 768

Ascending Water

7: Captain Kaizoku raids a V'neef treasure fleet within sight of the Blessed Isle
7-12: The Unconquered Sun sails west, badly damaged, pursued by a pair of Imperial triremes. The triremes are sunk by a bad storm on the 11th.
13: Captain Kaizoku makes landfall south of Lookshy and scuttles the Unconquered Sun. His crew scatters under orders to meet up in Lookshy in one month's time. Meanwhile, he, Monkey, and the officers of the ship head toward Lookshy with their booty, rowing up the coast in the ship's boats. (Campaign begins)
15: Kaizoku and Monkey arrive in Lookshy.
16: Party sails down the Yanaze on board the Unbridled Lament, bound for Nexus.
19: At twilight, the Unbridled Lament is attacked by river pirates under the command of the Ghost-blooded White Soul Weeping. Monkey learns why soak is good, but the pirates are easily defeated and White Soul Weeping captured.
20: The Mask of Winters declares war on the Marukani Alliance and launches an attack across their borders.
22: The Unbridled Lament docks in Nexus
23: Kaizoku and Monkey meet an auctioneer in the Big Market, Kustarto, and arrange for an auction of the plunder.
24: The auction, wherein K & M not only make boodles of cash, they also watch (the beginnings of) a duel between two deathknights and mug a hapless Immaculate for about a talent of jade. That evening, they meet the passenger of the mysterious black yacht. She turns out to be a would-be ally, and then they duel a master of Earth Dragon Style almost to the death and flee Nexus before the Council comes looking for them.
25-28: The PCs pursue V'neef Barada's squadron up the Yellow River.

Resplendent Water

1: Monkey and the purser pull off a raid on V'neef Barada's flagship under cover of darkness, making off with lots of goodies.
2-11: Everybody gets a little R&R in the small city of Tender.
12: Monkey, Captain Kaizoku, and White Soul Weeping pull off a quick raid on a First Age Ruin inhabited by hungry ghosts.
13: The crew of the Unconquered Sun begins meeting up in and around Lookshy.
14: Monkey, Captain Kaizoku, White Soul Weeping, and the Purser all travel to Great Forks on a three-fold mission. Monkey meets Little Mockingbird, Captain Kaizoku has his first experience with Great Forks bureaucracy.
15-16: Messin' around in Great Forks . Captain Kaizoku meets Minister Sumito on the 16th.
17: They rob Barada and get out of Great Forks.
18: Barada leaves Great Forks, bound for Port Calin.
19-20: Captain Kaizoku takes a quick jaunt through the edges of Walker's Realm to get his daiklave repaired, trading the soulsteel daiklave as the fee.
21: Captain Kaizoku hires a 50-man-strong mercenary company (the Raiton's Hatchlings) for two months at a rather low rate.
23: The Marukani Redoubt is besieged by the Supplicant of Plague.
27: Mask of Winters's unexpectedly powerful army under the Reducer of Cities deals a pyrrhic defeat to the Seventh Legion's Second Field Force and allied troops fifty miles southeast of Celeren. Both armies are badly battered, but reinforcements for the Reducer are on the way.
27-Descending Wood 6: Seventh Legion forces make a fighting retreat to Celeren.

Descending Water

1: Walker in Darkness's caravan leaves Nexus
3: Reinforcements under the Graceful Student of Sorrow rendesvous with Reducer of Cities. Inexplicably, the combined force stays encamped.
6: PCs ambush the caravan and Monkey promises to meet the deathknight Ambassador to the Unfortunate again as friends. They gain the third piece of the puzzle.
The remnants of the Second Field Force reach Celeren.
14: Captain Kaizoku's small squadron reaches the mouth of the Yanaze and docks in Lookshy.
15: Captain Kaizoku makes his proposal to the General Staff.
16: Juggernaut begins to move toward Celeren. It will probably arrive on the 26th or the 27th.
18: The small squadron sets out to capture a few more ships.
17: Lookshy's evacuation fleet sets out for Celeren. It will probably arrive on the 25th or the 26th.
20: The squadron captures a few more ships: 2 triremes and a blue-water merchant. Present day.
21: Payday for the Raiton's Hatchlings.
Barada's fleet arrives in Cherak.
22: The Stormhammer and Nimbus dock in Celeren. Monkey and the Captain foil an assassination attempt and kill the Abyssal assassin. When the Captain makes a propaganda move with the assassin's body, they end up in a fight with the Reducer of Cities. That night, Monkey borrows a Seventh Legion warstrider and steals the Reducer's warstrider.
White Soul Weeping on board the Corona reaches Lookshy.
23: Monkey and Captain Kaizoku make plans to hijack the skyship that's preventing the Sky Guard from helping with the evacuation. They're a bit surprised when the skyship shows up without bait, but take advantage of the moment. After a gruelling battle with the Impeccable Craftsman on the bridge of the ship, the captain crash lands it in the hills between Pasture and Port. Searching through the skyship, they encounter and battle the Thief of Crows, capturing her despite severe wounds on the Captain's part.
White Soul Weeping leaves Lookshy on the Corona, bound for Celeren with the rest of the Captain's crew.
24: The Fortuitous Venture and Majestic Voyager<i> arrive in Celeren. Kaizoku and Monkey raid Ash Rose Island (Session 16). The Thief Of Crows agrees to work for Kaizoku until Celeren falls, in exchange for her life and freedom. That night, Kaizoku lays a trap for the Graceful Student of Sorrow, and Monkey succeeds in killing the Abyssal sorcerer.
25: The Lookshy evacuation fleet arrives early in the morning. Thanks to the efforts of the PCs and the Seventh Legion, the evacuation proceeds smoothly, denying the Mask of Winters of a wealth of new subjects.
27: The evacuation fleet arrives in the Lookshy Naval Redoubt, offloading most of the refugees. Captain Kaizoku recruits a dissatisfied Dragon-Blooded sorcerer-technician, Saji Hisato. White Soul Weeping and the <i>Corona meet the rest of the Solar Wind Fleet here.

Ascending Wood

1: Barada's fleet begins anti-piracy operations in Cherak waters.
2: The Solar Wind Fleet arrives in Lookshy and spends a few days in port, refitting. Kaizoku and Monkey spend some time recruiting and are able to swell their officer corps a bit. New recruits include Norio (accompanied by Kace), Onyx Blossom, a pair of mortal scavenger lords, a black-balled Lookshy Dragon-Blooded, and an unattached Dragon-Blooded with a severe case of wanderlust.
7: The Solar Wind Fleet departs Lookshy, bound for the Cherak coast.
19: The fleet beaches near the Manse of Despair and deals with that mess.
21: Captain Kaizoku's contract with the Raiton's Hatchlings expires. Doesn't matter, he's won them over...

Resplendent Wood

4: The Solar Wind Fleet defeats Barada's Red Squadron in battle and rescues the Rahkamo clan of the JesseLowe/Kamsa.
5: CK and Monkey recon Scarlet Fortress.
7: Kaizoku and Monkey raid Scarlet Fortress.
28: Monkey and Kaizoku meet with Nellens Mirar and conclude a tentative arrangement whereby she will give him information on the movements of V'neef and Ragaran merchant ships -- and naval vessels if possible -- and the Solar Wind Fleet will refrain from preying on Nellens shipping.

Descending Wood

6: The Ragaran merchant ships Gaojing, Silver Cloud, and Yongji sail from Cherak bound for Pangu. Their cargo is primarily grain and dried fruit.
The Solar Wind Fleet intercepts the three Ragaran ships and empties their holds, releasing them to sail on and spread the word of the new threat to Realm shipping.
11: The V'neef merchant ships Fallen Bull, Ghost Lute, Poet, and Bright Harmony sail from Scarlet Fortress bound for Sion. Their cargo is primarily stone, grain, and wine.
13: The Solar Wind Fleet intercepts and plunders the Fallen Bull's convoy.
15: The Solar Wind Fleet docks in Onde Cliffs and -- after suitable bribes -- sells most of its cargo and warehouses two tons of granite.
16: The Ragaran ships Swift Maiden and Fair Skies sail from Firespring bound for Sion. Their cargo is primarily passengers -- patrician tourists and pilgrims.
17: The Ragaran merchant ships Transforming Crane, Resplendent Modesty, Jinjiang, Wavesinger, Old Yeddim, Pride of Montak, Nova Mas, Bodur, Traveler's Oath, and Wind of Virtue sail from Cherak bound for Pangu. Their cargo is primarily cloth, grain, stone, iron, copper, and jade. They are escorted, but the escort is unknown.
18: The Ragaran merchant ships Bull, Taicang, and Hesiesh's Luck sail from Cherak bound for Sion. Their cargo is primarily whale oil and bone.
19: The Solar Wind Fleet intercepts the Transforming Crane's convoy, destroying the escort and capturing the lot. A sorceress escapes via Stormwind Rider. The fleet and its prizes set out for Marin Bay.
The V'neef merchant ships Chastity, Mandarin, Lucky Mastiff, Haishi, Mela's Grace, and Meiling sail from Cherak bound for Sion. Their cargo is primarily cloth, and wine.
20: The V'neef merchant ships Heavenly Boar and Gatabandar sail from Cherak bound for Pangu. Their cargo is wine.
26: The Merchant Fleet, under Barada, catches up to the Solar Wind Fleet and its prizes, who have been delayed by eristrufan fogs. A battle ensue that results in the destruction of most of this portion of the Merchant Fleet and a few of Kaizoku's ships. (Notably the tender Unconquered Sun.) However, Kaizoku and Monkey kill Barada and Kahlun and capture Barada's flagship, a light First Age warship. The battle is quickly followed by a terrific storm that sinks the Night the Jinjiang, the Nova Mas, the Wind of Virtue, and half the small ships of the Rahkamo clan. Kaizoku deduces that the storm is the Creation echo of a storm in the Underworld.
28: As the sun sets, the Solar Wind Fleet enters Marin Bay's harbor with its remaining prizes, just in time to avoid the dangers of being at sea during Calibration.


Day 1: The officers of the Solar Wind Fleet attend a Calibration dinner party. Kaizoku and Monkey meets Suda-in-disguise. Suda informs Kaizoku of the result of her investigation concerning the puzzle pieces, but the chat was interrupted when news arrive that Marukan Redoubt has fallen and been turned into the shadowland. Kaizoku is invited to an officer meeting to discuss future plans.
Day 2: Night turns to horror when Marin Bay is suddenly turned into shadowland. Monkey and Kaizoku chase and chastise the apparent perpetrator, Venos Hydros. When cornered, he reveals that he is a Day Caste Abyssal serving the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water and he has killed Hydros earlier. Kaizoku, helped by Monkey, defeats him handily, but the deathknight manages to escape.

Realm Year 769

Ascending Air

The Solar Wind Fleet recruits the Kamsa to Iridia and the two Solars sail to the Halcyon Port of Summer.
Under Suda's tutelage, Kaizoku trains at the Halcyon port. Meanwhile, Monkey circumnavigates the Blessed Isle. The various recruitments and training takes approximately 4 months.

Resplendent Earth

3: The Unconquered Sun sets out for Chiaroscuro.
7: The Unconquered Sun arrives near Chiaroscuro, and Akbar, Suda, Monkey, and Kaizoku head toward the city, spending a night in an olive grove nearb the gates.
8: The party enters Chiaroscuro and finds lodging at the Inn of the Brilliant Dawn. That night, they begin working their way up the Chiaroscuran social ladder to get the information they need.
9: Thanks to Akbar and Kaizoku's social expertise, Suda is able to get access to the records of the Kahnate, and the party prepares to set out into the desert.
10: Heroes set out into the desert.
11: Sessions 33-35 (The Lion of Near)
18-19: Session 36-37. Shen joins the crew.

Descending Earth

5: Shen and Suda arrive in Edge-of-the-eye.
12: The Unconquered Sun arrives in Edge-of-the-eye, and leaves for the Isle of Shadows.



Realm Year 773

Present Year